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WTF? little white worms eatin my seeds!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Professor Gr33n, Oct 7, 2008.


    Buddeee Member

    I have just had this problem now. They were a couple of seeds from a good bag. It was not even 24 hours and they germinated fine in the paper towel. But a few days after they were put into soil, I found that they were cover in these tiny white worms (~1mm). The little buggers ate my seeds!

    highway42O Well-Known Member

    I had them too I think.. they were so small I could only seem them moving all over the seed.. about 25 of them in and coming out of and eating the tap root.. I don't see any flying or anything but I do see spider mites so think they might be spider mite larva.. either way this is enough for me to get all new soil and clean everything.. WW3 has started!!

    heatscore94 Member

    Does anybody know if these fucking worms (i found today on one seed that never spouted) will in fact kill off other seedling that have sprouted (few inces tall)?? do they affect the plats only in this stage or can they be a problem through out the plants life??(like will they fuck up a plant a foot tall to full grown??)

    Gomziel Member

    Its fungus gnat fly larva. U probebly use soil with coconut in. Make sure to dry the soil for a few days in the blistering sun untill its complitly dry. I also saw ppl pot the soil in a bowl in the microoven but i didnt done that. The larva feeds on tiny fungus that live in any wet organic metter which decay. It also likes seeds and seedlings roots. Check wikipedia about the fly and means to avoid it. They ate 20 of my seeds in one infestation once. And damn good strain. It does not come with the seeds themselves, no metter where u got them. A wondering fly gave u a present. Make sure to dispose the soil or totaly dry it for few days. Dont let them into your grow room.its not the hardest bug to get rid of since its pretty weak. But on seeds its a killer

    Gomziel Member


    Southerner Well-Known Member

    I would be cautious in using the rest of that soil that you bought, chances are the larvae were in it when you bought it. That is the only way I can see a colony of fungus gnats establish itself before these plants are even sprouting. Some vendors treat their soil like shit. I haven't read enough of the thread to not assume you are using a bag soil, so correct me if I am wrong. Chances are these worms are in the other plants as well, although that is not a guarantee. I once grew a Northern Lights that was plagued by those fuckers but every plant around it was perfectly fine and untouched. Ether way, if you insist on contenueing this grow with what you got then I would suggest a soil drench of Azamax for the next watering. Also, as others have suggested, let the pots completely dry out before watering. On the day you feel like it could probably be watered just go ahead and add another day to be safe. Good luck!

    Tjd7 New Member

    Years later....Root maggots
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    HeartIandhank Well-Known Member

    Sounds like plant parasitic nematodes to me. I've seen the mush thing with them before.
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Plant straight to soil. Moist not soaked soil. Use a layer of sand or mulch on top of the soil to interrupt the breeding cycle of gnats.

    Diatomaceous Earth is great to ix in soil for pest and a good source of silica.

    I also use spinosad for all leaf eating pest. It can be used as a systemic in your water.

    Bt worm killer will work to. Water into your soil
    th798F2PS5.jpg thW089GVOJ.jpg 072845931900.png
    All are safe, non toxic products.

    The biggest thing to avoid gnat larva is to keep the top layer of soil covered and dry.

    HeartIandhank Well-Known Member

    What the OP and several following posters were describing does not sound anything like fungus gnat larvae. Sounds like either a large specie of plant parasitic nematode or possibly root maggots.

    The ones that said he saw the worm going in and out of the seed and the white mush.. I bet those were a nematode. Many of the plant parasitic nematodes are much larger than the microscopic beneficial nematodes.

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Could be termites also. I've lost a plant to them before outdoors.

    The advice I gave thogu couldn't hurt.

    I would also suggest captain jacks spinosad.

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