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Would you buy these clones?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by killakc916, Feb 14, 2013.


    killakc916 Member

    Looking for clones since I've had a fallout with a few plants from seed, and then planting a bunch of bunk seeds. Looking for some direction, would you buy these clones? If you can even tell enough from the picture.

    I'll be bringing a magnifiying glass to check for bugs and what not, but is there anything else I should be doing?

    It's legal here in CO, so I'm technically donating and getting the clones as gifts. Thanks guys
    Pipe Dream

    Pipe Dream Well-Known Member

    There is no picture. I feel ya on the bunk seeds I have had a few, but in all honesty, nothing like the bunk clones I have came across lately. If you know it's fire then go for it if not it's still a gamble. You would hope they planted lots of seeds and kept the winner but more realistically it is just from a random fem seed or falsely represented plant which can be even more annoying than a not so great phenotype from seed. My biggest problem is just male plants which count against my limits but when I get a female it's usually pretty good because I did my research and can feel confident I know what I'm growing. Like if you go get a cut of SSH, is it really SSH? Is it from GHS, Mr. Nice or some other shady seed maker?

    Figong Well-Known Member

    Only deal with reputable people.. RIU has a vast amount of resources that can guide you at least partially in the right direction to obtain the clones you seek. Don't just wing it, and hope for the best. Do check genetics.. ask the one you're getting it from the genetics of the plant. If they say unknown or they can't/won't tell you... that should tell you all you need to know. If they make up something completely fabricated, your bullshit detector should go off, as well. Good luck in your search :D

    topfuel29 Well-Known Member

    If they looked decent, and the price was right. Do you know what strains? If so google them, research them so you know exactly what you want before hand.

    killakc916 Member


    BleedsGreen Active Member

    6 for $40 what do you have to loose?

    killakc916 Member

    I thought they look good from the pics, but with almost no experience, I don't know. He did list genetics and I checked them all. I'm after sativa and I really like the variety, but if all else fails, I need a good yield & if these strains are what they are claimed to be, I think I'll get a good yield come flower. I'm gonna see for myself and try to feel him out first. Will let you guys know how it goes.

    BeaverHuntr Well-Known Member

    Just remember when getting clones from a stranger make sure you check for bugs maybe even use a pesticide like Azamax..

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    I refuse to buy imaginary weed or clones . Sorry but its my rule !

    With all honesty I would avoid buying clones from unknown sources .. Just too many variables and I dont like to roll the dice ..

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    After looking at the photo provided I would have to be paid to take those clones out of focus . They do not look happy and could set back a grow .. Peace ..PotSnob

    oldesthippy Active Member

    i think we should have a funeral for them lol i do know of some one that sells clones on craigs list and they are very good but in mi.

    killakc916 Member

    What makes you say they look unhappy? And in what way would/could it set back my grow? I did end up getting them (didn't get to ask my questions here and thought I should just grab them. They still look decent to me here in person. I'll post more and better pictures of the cuts I got. I did see the yellowing (N def. no?) and some purple stems, but the new growth is all green and they have a decent number of nodes. I'd like the guidance though and some direction, better pics coming soon.

    killakc916 Member

    DSCN1561.jpg DSCN1562.jpg DSCN1563.jpg DSCN1564.jpg DSCN1565.jpg DSCN1566.jpg DSCN1567.jpg DSCN1568.jpg DSCN1569.jpg DSCN1570.jpg DSCN1571.jpg DSCN1572.jpg DSCN1573.jpg DSCN1574.jpg DSCN1575.jpg DSCN1576.jpg DSCN1577.jpg DSCN1578.jpg DSCN1579.jpg DSCN1580.jpg DSCN1581.jpg

    Don't be fooled, it looks like more but there's only 6 different cuts & probably repeating pictures. Uploading is so difficult here lol

    killakc916 Member

    Bump for someone to enlighten me on my new clones.

    Trousers Well-Known Member

    Go to a dispensary, buy clones. Grow them.

    if you have concerns buy seeds.

    or go to the Colorado forum and beg for clones

    cannabiscultivation Active Member

    Do not over water. Wilt can be under or over water.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Give up on growing and just buy. One of my lifelongs down in the Springs told me yesterday that an ounce of high grade is bringing $200 there right now. If you can't grow from a seed then any clone is destined for the trash heap too.

    killakc916 Member

    Thanks for the responses. I don't have a problem with growing from seed, I actually have some from seed doing very well. I just killed like half from that bunch of 10 (the experimental margin). But now I know what nutrients I like to use for now, so I did gain from losing the bagseed.

    And actually, the first time, I got 10 for 10 germed. Killed 6 playing around and probably the fact I didn't have a PH pen or TDS at that time and now I do. The bunk seeds, I got 3 of 32 to sprout. They were all tiny seeds too, a lot of them light colored. A friend just gave em to me. I really think the seeds were the problem.

    I'm just a new grower and experimenting. And with someone having said they wouldnt be paid to take them, I'd like to hear why lol. Check my profile and look at my first grow room link to see my other plants all from seed.

    They're all doing awesome.

    And thanks but I don't want to give up growing yet, I just got started lol. I can actually get some really nice bud for $150 an ounce. But my electricity bill is up at most $50 from before I started. Good expectation would be 4-5 months for a good grow cycle from seed. That just cost me $250 at most for electricity. If I can get 2 ounces of something decent my first time around, it was worth it to me. Don't take me the wrong way, once I get into something, I gain my confidence and get really good at it. I'm confident I can get really good at this.

    Not to mention, I have a space big enough for 2 1000w lights and more space for a veg room. Once I get my cycle right, I'll be harvesting every other week.

    I am guilty of over watering. I've been using the habanero foliar spray as a precaution for bugs. Thanks for the input everyone.

    Brushog Active Member

    Have you read any of the stories of people getting busted ffor selling them on Craigslist in colorado?

    killakc916 Member

    There are plenty of people that have ads where they're selling them as opposed to giving them away. I haven't read stories, but yes I imagine people are getting busted for blatantly saying they're 'selling' them. You can gift a clone, seed, plant, weed, whatever to anyone 21+ or with a red card. ;)

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