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Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by bananawhammy72, Nov 5, 2006.


    bananawhammy72 Active Member

    I live in the northeastern part of the u.s. and a buddy of mine ha d a problem that cleared out his whole crop. It was a little worm that he took out of the inside of the plant and they hollowed it out therefore the plant died. I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of these and if so what can kill them. I would sure hate to have my crop die because of this.
    bill gluckman

    bill gluckman Active Member

    I've had them wipe out my crop too. They are almost impossible to see...they are little white worms that are born from tiny black flies. Make sure you take care of all types of fly and don't let them get out of control. As for the black fly...put up lots of sticky two side take traps around each and every plant. They love to hide in the soil of the plant and are so damn small and camoflaged that they are nearly impossible to see. They lay tiny eggs in the soil that hatch into larva and it is the larva that live in the soil and eat the roots and even the inside of the plant. They will also live in rockwool. They can easily get out of control and wipe out your entire room. This problem can't be solved in one step and takes time to get rid of. The larva can be killed with a "chalk milk" that is suppled from a hydroponic store or garden centre and it needs to be refrigerated. You will have to water the plants every week with this chocolate coloured chalk milk until the worms die and wait for the eggs that survived to hatch and then water again. They are buy far the worst problem I have ever encountered but can be avoided by choosing soil that you wouldn't find at a local store. The flies are sometimes found in the bags of soil so be careful

    Cheesta Active Member

    oh damn, I noticed a little black fly in my dirt about a week ago. About the size of a fruit fly, if not smaller.

    ViRedd New Member

    They are gnats. They live on algea. Keep your soil covered with a reflective material so the algae won't grow on the soil.

    bill gluckman

    bill gluckman Active Member

    That's right..they are gnats, I just remembered the name today and ya they are the size of a fruit fly so be carefull

    mogie Well-Known Member

    And they can ruin a nice looking crop fast.

    bananawhammy72 Active Member

    Thanks alot for the help I thought it might be something like that and this will really help. thanks

    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    We have budworms here, too. They eat the entire bud from the inside.

    If your outdoor plants are in an area where this happens, you should spray them monthly with B.T. which can be found at any garden center. It's a bacteria that takes care of all the worms.

    HTH :mrgreen:

    arizonared Active Member

    we harvested a few days ago and in checking the plants today I found a worm! burrowed down in the buds....it looks like an inchworm, long black thing, with legs on either end, nothin in the middle. Flushed him, natch.
    Took a quick look around but didn't see any others...is this like the cockroach dictim - where there's one there's more?? Do you think he's a loner or do I need to take everything down out of the closet and do a cavity search??

    Sublime757 Well-Known Member

    i would examine all the buds closely just in case. you obviously wont be able to see the ones on the insde but if you can get all the external ones, that would be better than nothing. just be extra vigilant when you break it up to smoke lol.
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    sounds horrible.. I always hang sticky yellow sheets around the grow.. catching anything that takes flight...

    : )

    occasionaly I catch an ear or some hair.. really sucks.. LOL

    Sublime757 Well-Known Member

    hahaha i imagine that would suck

    growhappy Active Member

    i have those! i can't get rid of them. i've used malathion, and bug bombs. i now think it's because the egss hatch and are impervious to the poison. frequency may be the key. i discoved the problem when my plants were flowering. i made the fatal mistake of bringing the outside plants inside. ever since i've had a losing battle but have not tried weekly to kill them. i'll try the milk chalk too, thanks

    livininbatcountry Active Member

    I am in Sacto and just started my indoor for the winter have some Silver haze and Purp kush... I noticed one of my plants appeared to have fungus on the leaves so I began plucking and then noticed holes in the leaves... I then notices a very tiny little green worm and found 3 more on the same plant but none of the others... these worms were very very tine, GREEN, very thin, and about 1/4" long... could they be baby green horned tomato worms??? Anybody know what these are?

    brookstown Active Member

    the only thing that i found that works well is neem oil. diluted and saturated in the soil it kill flies and larvae. you just have to do it every other day as they hatch in 3 day and it ddoes nothing to eggs. so... keep hitting them and the'll eat it and die die die.

    wesnile20 Well-Known Member

    i know it sounds stupid.. but i had a bad Gnat problem in the past.. and one of the guys on here told me to Bake my soil in the oven too 200 degrees for bout 12-15 minutes.. he also said it would ruin the nutrients in the soil BUt it will get reild of all the bugs in the soil plus eggs..I tryed it and havent had another bug problem at all...as for the nutrients i dont care ...ill jus get some when the time is needed...

    wesnile20 Well-Known Member

    ofcourse its too late for u to do it but next time..before u plant ur seeds or anything else bake that soil first....

    ThomJefferson Well-Known Member

    Cutworms. use BT like the dude said. safe shit doesn't effect humans.

    IceIceBaby Well-Known Member

    dudes and dude'etts i have had all out war with gnats in the past....they infested my hydro system by the thousand and continued to multiple by hundreds daily. it was intense and def hurt my yields...the best way to keep them out is lower temps they hate it when its cold. those yellow sticky things work well too i must have caught thousands with them.


    ajarrod Well-Known Member

    dam I seen a little white worm in my plants and I didnt do anything about it Im pissed and scared now....dont want to wait til the last moment

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