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Why does my bud look so good, but smells like hay? +rep

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by wowzerz, Jun 28, 2009.


    fabfun New Member

    if you would have read first post u would see he cured it and it was cured 6 months ago when he started this thread geez


    autobluberry Member

    half of you dont no what the fuck your talking about. if you dont grow cannabis dont give advice on growing cannabis period. no marijuana strains smell like hay! and almost all marijuana smells alittle like hay while it drying. the only strains that dont are strains with really strong smelling trichroms. even with strong oder on your trichromes you shouldent really be able to smell the trichroms until its been cured or if you break the trichroms open by touching them some bud takes months to cure other strains less the only way you get hay smelling weed after its been cured is if you dryed it too quickly it will lock in the chlorophyll and when this happens you cant get rid of that smell you early harvest will more then likely have stronger hay smell but curing will fix this problem uness you dry the bud to quickly in which case you are fucked. the reason that some crops that that have been grown for a long time can sometimes have little to no hay odor is because as the cannabis plant ages more are more leave will die off and turn yellow this happens because the chlorophyll is breaking down less chorophyll less hay smell like when you trim fresh harvested plants and it smells like fresh cut grass then that smell goes away as the tips of the leaves you cut start to dry at the wound site. as long as you dyr slowly and cure slowly your weed should turn out pretty good if you grow patiently it should turn out amazing the worst thing you can do as a grower is over react in the process of trying to fix the problem with guess work you could end up doing more harm then good and who wants that.. and dont take anyone on this site that you dont knows adivice as first hand knowledge always triple check from different sources other then roll it up befor using someones advice on your plants for all you no the person giving you the advice doesent even grow weed and just has a high times subscription or browses the cannabis grower bible and think they know everything and even if they do grow what works for one person might not work for another i had people on this site tell me if i grew with miracle grow soil my crop would be garbage, wrong! take alook at my crop that i did in miracle grow soil the link is in my signiture. i was tod i wouldent get big colas growing with a 150 watt hps. WRONG! one of my plants had a main cola that was larger then 12 inchs long and full all the way up the other had about a 9 inch main cola that was wider then my fist. they said dont use tap water, bullshit. you wont get big colas without bud boosting formula , lies. the list goes on and on.

    gusman4 Member

    Here is a great thread that shows you how to take the guess work out of curing. It ends up perfect every time. I'm sure after years of drying and curing buds you could do it without the hygrometers but why not use them and give yourself some piece of mind.
    I've been using this method for a couple years and have had nothing but great results.
    hope this helps

    YoungAndAmbitious Member

    wow, a lot of bad advice in here about drying and curing

    althor Well-Known Member

    Should have never taken out of the jars to dry it more. Once it goes in the jar, leave it in the jar.

    STEADY BLAZING Active Member

    probably because its an old thread.

    Snafu1236 Well-Known Member

    Though my methods differ, there is some really good information here.

    Snafu1236 Well-Known Member

    Also, another good resource in the grand puzzle of curing:)

    STEADY BLAZING Active Member

    my problem was from chopping too early. once i got the impatient part out the way my buds have been smellin pretty good but i can never get to cure long enough to see how good it really can be cuz i smoke it to fast ....

    KUShSOurSMOKEr Well-Known Member

    Foreal I wanna c how my bud is but I smoke to fast to...my shit was smellin like hay at first what I learned is...the more leafs u c when ur drying the more grass taste u will get I did 4 diff strains and hanged the whole plant up..this las run did 4 diff strains and trimmed all leaves right after harvest=no hay taste IMO

    jason1976 Active Member

    i have had the same problem a few times. there are two maybe three rerasons why its doing it. a you harvested to early,b you dried to fast or c you havent dried enough. get a hygrometer. theyre really cheap. also as stateted before, cure time helps out a lot too. good luck. there are a feww good posts on dry time and curing.

    Dolci Active Member

    Did you cut off from the stem b4 putting in bag?

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