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Why do my clones keep dying?

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by Hairy Bob, Aug 11, 2008.


    fureelz Guest

    Your clones keep dying because there aren't any roots. The cuttling is dying because of a few things. First cut it off the mother; water her 6 hours before cutting, put them in water. Second, place them on a towel and with a clean razorblade shave the tough outer part of the plant .5" from the bottom and down to the tip. Then cut again, under water. Get an organic rootgel. Place them in there for a few seconds, then directly into your rockwool, perlite, or soil. I have a tray/dome with a heatpad set on Hi. Her feet need to be warm, 85*F ideal. Water every 4th day, venting the dome for an hour a day. If there is excessive moisture roots will lock, its a _ _ e _. I have 100% success rate with transplants to 2 cup pots in 9 days.

    biotek1967 Active Member

    I found that Iwas watering to much lesving soggy wet try not spraying them after I stopped spraying left them in the cornrer for 10 days bang roote every time

    Knowledge420 Well-Known Member

    When you cut off the portion of your mother plant for the clone make sure you cut at a 45 degree angle and make sure the cutting tool you are using has been disinfected with rubbing alcohol to prevent transfer of diseases from the tool to your clones and mother plant
    some people scrape one side of the stem about an inch from the bottom to help the plant absorb water and nutrients but i havent really heard much about that, also since the clone has no root system you need to rely on the leaves to absorb the water rather than the roots
    the rooting compound that your using should have the hormone that encourages root growth rather than vegetative growth i forget what the hormone is called but it is key
    if you do not have access to rooting compound you can also yield the hormone by mashing up willow tree branches and mixing it with water because willow trees have an abundance of the hormone used to encourage root growth

    I haven't read all of the replies so if i repeated shit i apologize

    JonnyDankness Active Member

    I'm using cheap olivias cloning solution and putting my cuttings straight into a rapid rooter into whitneys farm soil.
    Works great My clone ex and humidity dome clones did'nt work I spray my clones several times a day but I don't over water.

    noob12345 Active Member

    lol! can't believe nobody suggested it could be P.H

    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    After 9 years I’m sure the PH is out too.
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    noob12345 Active Member

    lol! i know its old but couldnt help myself.

    Gorillaglue4u Active Member

    I use straight tap water in my clone bucket I don't check ph of it and mine are rooted in 6 days

    noob12345 Active Member

    depends on p.h of tap water in your area! mine comes out at like 8

    Gorillaglue4u Active Member

    Mine comes out right around the same

    noob12345 Active Member

    Just curious but if you don't check it, how do you know?

    Gorillaglue4u Active Member

    Because I used to run coco and checked then but now I'm back using soil and don't really check it any more

    noob12345 Active Member

    ok, i have not tried cloning without dropping p.h before but my p.h goes crazy in my dwc i will see the signs pretty quickly so i can not see how it can't be bad for clones...just my 2 pence.

    Gorillaglue4u Active Member

    I use a clone king from Amazon fill it up in bathtub cut clone put in water take a few layers of skin off stem dip in clonex and stick in the clone bucket 6-10 days later I have roots.

    Gorillaglue4u Active Member

    I'm gonna stick my ph pen in bucket and see what it reads it's been going for 8 days now with same water

    Gorillaglue4u Active Member

    Tested pen right after in some 7.0 solution and it was right on...seems high to me but I've been doing it with success

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    noob12345 Active Member

    good job i just read this and remembered to go and check my babies lol! 7 seems high, but hey if it works..maybe clones like slightly higher ph. maybe worth some future experiments.

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