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Why are my girls not flowering?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by 420Rx, Jun 13, 2013.


    420Rx Member

    First time grower and have had great success up to this point. Started with Nirvana Seeds Master Kush, Swiss Cheese and Bubbalicious. Growing 2 MK, 1 SC, 1 Bubba in soil under hyper charged T8s. Ran the 6500k at 18/6 up till a week ago and filpped the switch. Switched out the bulbs to 3000k and went 12/12. Using Canna products for nutes and the seem to love it. Switched nutes from Veg to Flora and added some AN Kushie Kush and SUPERthrive to the mix. The 2 Master Kush and 1 Swiss Cheese are not showing any sign of budding. Bubbalicious is flowering away. PLEASE HELP?!?!?

    Basic set up

    Canopy shot

    Bubbalicious at day 10 of flower

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    Some plants take 2+ weeks to start showing signs of budding. It really depends on the strain, how long they vegged for, quality and intensity of light, etc. They should be elongating though........

    DrOfWelshMagic Well-Known Member

    imo they're just going through their stretch m8, I wouldn't worry too much at this point, if at the end of week 4 they are still not looking the part, then worry a little more.

    Nizza Well-Known Member

    yes id definately take training precautions , if you think your running out of space in a week or so
    maybe you got a sativa? its hard to do these inside because they grow 3x the size of the vegged plant, whereas more indica plants tend to only go 1.5x the size of the vegged plant

    420Rx Member

    I took some extra time to top and FIM because of the amout of vertical space I have and limited # of plants. Veg'd for 8 weeks easy. They have definitely elongated recently.

    420Rx Member

    They are showing just a little sign of flower but nothing like the Bubba. I am just concerned because of my space. Figured 18" from light would be enough to flower. Learning curves... ya know?

    420Rx Member

    Bubba is DEFINITELY showing her sativa side. It is a hybrid cross and is supposed to be short to med but I have read where the sativa side comes out and stretches fast. That is what I am seeing now. Pretty flowers though. LOL

    420Rx Member

    How early is too early to flower? This is my veg side and have been having GREAT success with cloning. Master Kush is a fucking monster!!! I think I could throw a cutting in the yard and it will root!!! LMAO! Pulled several clones off the Bubba and Swiss Cheese... I think I have over 40 clones off these plants that are good to go. I want to do a SOG on the next run and thinking the Bubba Sativa clone wound yield well. What are your thoughts?

    Veg side under T5 6500k

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