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White Widow Harvest Time

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by punarnee, Jul 2, 2007.


    bonghittersanber New Member

    here is my white widow at 52 days flower, 13 weeks total age...

    under 400 watt hps

    check it out

    when should i cut it down?
    the one with two in the picture, its on the left withs colas. blue dream is on the right but thats another thread..

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    cbw059 Member

    If you want tor really feel the magic of the ww. let it cure for atlest a month before smoking. Smoke some of mine today harvested back in July and the stuff has to be the best strongest most mellow weed I ever incountered... and I not saying this becase I very proudly grew it with my own two little hands either!

    Pureblood89 Well-Known Member

    No, Depending on the breeder, WW has rough harvest window of 63~74 days.

    doggyd Active Member


    middletownbrown Member

    most lights will only penetrate 3 ft. next time flower at 18 in and supercrop or top to bush them. bio vega and 10 gal pots work very well.

    surgat316 Member

    Im on day 40, but I used 4 cfl's for the first 25 days before getting a sunmaster MH Warm Deluxe. The buds are coming good, but I can't seem to keep the branches to stay up. I have wires and coathangers everywhere in my closet as the buds are too big for the branches. If I just let it stand on its own, every cola would be touching the ground. Very flexible though. The plant is about 5 feet tall with 10 colas, but just hard to keep the plant upright. Has anyone harvested at 6 weeks before? I'm getting very frustrated.

    jellero Well-Known Member

    how long seed to bud outside?

    ganjamike1 Member

    Ummm all summer... If its outside, you don't get to control the time too much. With that being said I've never grown outside for that very reason.
    Da Almighty Jew

    Da Almighty Jew Well-Known Member

    black widow which is the true white widow has a harvest time of 8-10 weekl
    The Count

    The Count Active Member

    Harvest at 6 weeks and you'll be very dissapointed and all your hard work will be for not. Get some bamboo sticks from lowes/home depot garden center. You can even grab one of those tomato things that are the metal circular rings that start small and get bigger? Might be too late now since you're so far into flower but something to think about.

    Carmarelo Well-Known Member

    Here's some White Widow from 2012 grow season...

    IMG_20120930_124105.jpg IMG_20120927_101441.jpg

    Bonsai Well-Known Member

    This thread has inspired me to get some WW seeds for sure! ;D

    Any suggestions of seed companies guys? Pleassse?

    ULMResearch Active Member

    I'm chopping this WW today, along with her less desirable pheno sister. It's not a bad plant, just a higher leaf ratio than the excellent specimen pictured.

    They were G13 freebies from my 4/20 order at Attitude.


    This pic was day 63 (9 weeks on the dot) and it's ready.

    Bonsai Well-Known Member

    Thanks ULM :)

    DVXSteverino Well-Known Member

    Widow..IMO..Is a very forgiving strain to grow..No matter the breeder.. Once you familiarize yourself with the "white strains" Theres no mistaken it... Like a good haze...Once you know...you know.. I like Nirvana widow the best..Which I often thought was a knockoff...I was wrong once I starting buying widow on the streets..Nirvanas were very stable..They grow a little different than most others.. Top very well...They do grow a little delicate in veg state..but halfway through flower..and they strengthen up. (stems)..always grow tight nuggets..if the "grower" knows what he/she is doing...Just my 2-cents...NL finishing up now outdoor..had a ww but was a male..last seed I had..WW next year for sure..definitely a favorite.. and one of the most potent strains to boot..

    SepticX Member

    I have 4 WW's growing in a grow tent with 400w lamp in soil. Having the same drooping branch problem @just past $ weeks of flower. (I'm just waiting for the right amount of amber trichs.)

    My solution was to keep the branches upright using string tied just under the cola and attached to the frame of grow tent. Very functional, but makes watering the back plants a bit tricky..

    SepticX Member

    Typo: should be 8 weeks of flower*

    513409 Member

    Doing my first WW grow as well, still in seedling stage... they are sick though =[

    OneWithTheDank Member

    Bringing this thread back from the dead .

    Day 36 :bigjoint::bigjoint:

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