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White Widow Harvest Time

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by punarnee, Jul 2, 2007.


    punarnee Well-Known Member

    Has anyone got experience of growing the White Widow strain? What is the Harvest time from flower to ripe? Please and thankyou!:peace:

    Adrock Active Member

    I am currently growing WW as well. The harvest typically takes place 6-8 weeks into the flowering cycle. Where did you get your seeds from? Different seed banks sometimes alter their strains to make them unique.
    the widowman

    the widowman Well-Known Member

    leave them 60 days flowering and when you dry it and smoke it. You'll have a permanent hardon and you'll be laughing at everyone you meet, they'll be saying whats the matter with you, why can't you stop laughing. :joint: :blsmoke:

    stoned_again Well-Known Member

    a permanent hardon?? lol sounds intersting haha

    SHOOT2KILL66 The Gardener

    i dont keep check of dates but they sure grow fast .

    widow man does 60 days flowering mean they will b deffently ready

    im just going by eye at the moment ive about 2 weeks left
    the lower buds r just starting 2 go alburn

    and does yours have a strong smell through out or mainly when curing
    the widowman

    the widowman Well-Known Member

    yes 60 days is what the pros say and they should smell all the way through, w/widows got a weird smell different from other weed iv'e grown. you say your lower buds are turning auburn, some people harvest at this stage, they say it gives a more uplifting side to the stone. when i grow widow i think it smells like rotting fish. but not that strong, iv,e grown afgani's and they smell like shit (dog shit) :joint: :blsmoke: :peace:

    SHOOT2KILL66 The Gardener

    ty widowman
    think my bottem buds are maturing quicker than my other,s becouse theres not much light there and the hairs on the cola,s r still loose
    i tryed lst on this grow from the 1st week vegging an the plants r just growing all colas instead of c,mas tree like u could rest a book on top of it lol

    ive been using fish mix i thought that was the smell . that shit soaks in2 your pours i think

    another question w,m sorry have u ever cross bread your white widow with any thing if so did u have good results ?
    Ive tryed it with another white strain an it seemed very low on thc even know both had high thc as ther own strain ive heard like only 1 -10 cross breeds come out a desent strain

    DWR Well-Known Member

    has anyone exp. the first hairs to dry out ? then turn brown ? will this change ?

    My plant has gone crzy on me.... :(:(:(:(

    del Active Member

    hi growers,my ww is nearly 5 weeks in flower,1 of my babys are just over 5ft,had to bend plant,anyone with same experience?is it ok

    medicineman New Member

    Yeah, had to bend mine, even broke the main stem, repaired itself and if anything, became stronger.

    JarrettM Well-Known Member


    Gmoney17FL Well-Known Member

    Im growing a WW hybrid made by green house called alaskan ice. 23% THC supposed to be one of the strongest weed in the world. WW x Haze

    nici Well-Known Member

    JarrettM these are REALLY nice!!! Hope my WW will get like that...they are only 1 week old...any tips for growing WW?

    patrick20839 Active Member

    well white widows can handle alot of food...but dont over feed. IF you give it a ph of 6.8 during veging and some fertalizer it will be nice and big for flowering...IF you use no fertalizer or nutreints during the plants life EVen white widow you will get crappy bud...But you dont use nutrients for the first week cuz the plant will have small roots so no fertalizer or nutrients just water...And when budding comes you get a fertalizer that has higher phosferis and a water ph of 5.7...And then every new week you need to flush...i Grow greenhouse white widow and i looks exacley like the picture...i grow in doors and out doors so..

    edcarr Member

    I grow white widow in a hydroponic system and it is very eazy to grow mine are in there 2nd week flowering and looking very cool and i too am not shure when to harvest i will just keep an eye on them to se when they look good and go for it but i think it will be 6--8 weeks but it will be worth the wait they are starting to turn white cristals all over..

    coryjames Member

    coming up on my 5th week with mine have had alot of breakage with mine so have lost alot of the smaller buds to to added weight height is about a little over 5 ft thing is intense buds are airy and loose have cured the little buds that broke and man i love the white widow

    SuperSilverHaze Active Member

    heres a little WW [​IMG]


    EvolAlex Well-Known Member

    my white widow.. Damn this thread is old . These pics are from day 18 of 12/12. check out link n sig for more info
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    happywun28 Member

    looks yummy, if the glands are all milky white then there ready!

    chb444220 Well-Known Member

    heres some pics of my white widow.. it was my 1st time growing it.. and i gotta sy.. .it was the BEST smoke i ever smoked!! and the best plant too!! i have another 1 growing right now.. its almost 4 weks into flowering.. its in my sig if u wanna check it out. these pics r from my last grow.

    heres the link if u wanna check out the old grow as well..

    and heres som epics from it.

    SANY7229.jpg SANY7237.jpg SANY7255.jpg SANY7260.jpg SANY7359.jpg SANY7367.jpg SANY7417.jpg SANY7430.jpg SANY7443.jpg SANY7444.jpg SANY7460.jpg

    ok ok ok... lol. i'll stop postin pics.. theres just sooo many beautiful pics.. i want to post tehm all.. but i tried pickin a few good ones. hope you guys enjoyyyyyyy. =)

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