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Which way do you plant the seed???

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by skippy pb, Apr 22, 2008.


    Jelliott21 Member

    With the Tail up if you put it down it can cause the plant to grow upside down killing it.

    Dylanj420 Member

    This is incorrect, i actually planted the seed the wrong way and my plant started growing upside down so i had to carefully dig it out and flip it. Plant it with the white root down if germinated and pointy side down of not.

    bigfattone420 Active Member

    :joint:Crazy thread ,so many opinions(nothing wrong with that)......Guess you have to do it the way that works for you or just pick one of the ways..As long as they grow..That is the bottom line...Peace to all....:joint::joint::joint:

    DrOctopus Member

    stick em root down (Beastie boy humor) whatever you do dont touch them, when they sprout let the seed helmet come off on its own or youll fuck it up DO NOT TOUCH

    BeastGrow Well-Known Member

    white tail(aka root)... roots go below the plant...

    You can just plant seeds in moist soil and they will pop up within 2-5 days normally.

    Drexeltowingguy New Member

    You guys are funny as shit. Which way or no way. If you ask my opinion though. Personally I've had some u shaped roots I had to replant so I think Direction makes a difference.

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