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Which way do you plant the seed???

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by skippy pb, Apr 22, 2008.

    skippy pb

    skippy pb Well-Known Member

    This is a horrible question I know, but which wat do you plant the seed with the sprout sticking up or facing the ground??

    Please respond fast if possible. the seeds were already planted.
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    shea Active Member

    i had the same perdicament and planted it sideways... did just fine

    AnitaNuggs Well-Known Member

    with the tail down

    RaginCajun420 Well-Known Member

    I would say just put them in the dirt. The roots will know to grow down and the leaves will know to grow up. I really don't think seed direction makes a difference but I could be wrong.

    emjoi Active Member

    white root goes down.

    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    Nope, you're right. They are photosensitive, and I believe they can also sense gravity (ISS may have done experiments that showed the effect of gravity I think, either that or some were done on the Space Shuttle). Just drop 'em in the dirt, don't break those little roots, sprinkle the dirt on top and watch 'em sprout.

    Mother Nature at her best. :)

    blowcack Active Member

    in simple words : pointy side down
    skippy pb

    skippy pb Well-Known Member

    Oh ok good..kinda i planted three seeds and the genius over here flipped one upside down just incase. The only thing that sucks is my seeds are like retarded and dont grow the other ones never popped out. Isn't it supposed to take about 24 hours to sprout out of the ground?

    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    At least. They can take a few days, especially if it's cool.
    Florida Girl

    Florida Girl Well-Known Member

    That "sprout" is called the Tap Root and it should be planted pointing DOWN.

    You want it down and not up or sideways.... because if it's upside down it has to work harder to "right" itself.... if at all.

    Last week I dug up a seed that had been planted for 12 days but had not sprouted. It was upside down and the tap root was still pointing up and it was pushing the seed down further into the peat pellet.

    I'm sure some seeds can right themselves and sprout... but not all do... so increase your chances and carefully plant the tap root DOWN. :)
    skippy pb

    skippy pb Well-Known Member

    alright, the other 2 were planted right. I have a bad feeling they aren't gunna pop up. I might just be anxious, who knows. Well see though.

    Thanks for the help guys

    skippy pb

    skippy pb Well-Known Member

    should you take the shell off the seed before planting?

    fierybong Well-Known Member

    I didn't know either when i did mine so i did one up and one down, the (one with the root tail pointing up) one actually grew upwards in a twist and is much thicker and sturdier than the other, though they are definitely different strains (if they even qualify for that). If you want to see I can post some pics of them... though you should probably listen to the more experienced people this was my experience.

    AnitaNuggs Well-Known Member

    no dont it will be fine the way it is... it will just grow off dont fuck with it

    FrostickZero Well-Known Member

    the white root goes down and if there's leafs forming that just meens its telling you how to plant them

    FrostickZero Well-Known Member

    no, never take the shell of always leave the shell on because the plant needs that food that the shell provieds
    skippy pb

    skippy pb Well-Known Member

    Alright thanks guys. Now just have to wait for them to come up(if they come up)

    Ill throw up some pictures if it sprouts

    Once again thanks for being so patient and helpful everyone

    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't recommend it, because it's too easy to harm the germ of the seed that's in there trying to remove it. Plus, it's not how it works in nature, they grow with the shell on, just cracked like an egg. I don't think that the exterior itself provides much, if any, nutrition, but it definitely acts as protection from a lot of things, such as drying out.

    FrostickZero Well-Known Member

    taking the sell off is like taking the shell off a young bird when the shell just cracks

    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    It's WORSE! No bird ever got me high. :shock: :lol: :blsmoke:

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