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WHERE TO BUY SEEDS ONLINE IN THE U.S. -without gettin caught

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by str8_pimpin, Mar 24, 2007.


    str8_pimpin Well-Known Member

    I know this question as probably been asked a million times but what is a good site to purchase seeds from without getting ripped off, caught or having to wait 20-30 days....i heard www.planetskunk.com is a good site but is that the only site? and does www.planetskunk.com ship to OHIO?

    thanks. help appreciated. :mrgreen:

    dursky Well-Known Member

    send them to the house next door and watch for the mailman

    str8_pimpin Well-Known Member

    yea but first i need a good site to purchase the seeds from.

    double_toke Active Member

    wow!! planet skunks prices are expensive

    str8_pimpin Well-Known Member

    I know..........seems like im goin wit Nirvana

    northerntights Well-Known Member

    try goldenseed, the site is a bit amature but if you contact them directly they ship fast, you get it within a week and the stealth shipping is great!

    Drama4ya Active Member

    how the fuck do i order good seeds through the mail with out getting cought....????wat does the bank statement say???i wanna find out from someone who already has experinced the process not someone who thinks they know or someone trying to get me to buy seeds from there web site...lolz write bak!!!:weed:

    DownOnWax Well-Known Member


    DownOnWax Well-Known Member

    And the Bank statement does not say WEED SEEDS or anything like that!

    Everytime I have ordered it said something different on my Bank statement. Something like Computer software, or cell phone accessories LLC.
    etc, etc, etc.

    A lot of people choose to send cash but that takes a HELL of a lot longer.

    It's legit but you are still running a risk bro. No guarantees in life my man.
    T@ll T33

    [email protected] T33 Well-Known Member

    marijauna-seeds.nl or attitude seeds
    Smiley D

    Smiley D Well-Known Member

    Trying to avoid a misdemeanor by committing a federal felony?


    gjdubbz Well-Known Member

    what is the most commonly used method of payment? what pre-paid are good to use that you don't have to put alot of personal info inorder to activate them?
    10mm fan boy

    10mm fan boy Well-Known Member

    How come no one ever mentions Kindseed.com
    I just used my cc last time and had it sent right to my house.

    stunned Green Thumb of God

    haha nice

    Attitude seedbank is the most reliable. If you look around you will see they have the least complaints and amongst the highest volume of orders. http://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk/

    As far as not getting caught that is a matter of luck and there are no guarantees. If it is just a small seed order generally even if they find it in the mail you just get a letter from customs saying shame on you.

    stunned Green Thumb of God

    I just use my own credit card and have it mailed to a friends house where there isn't weed already growing. Getting seeds isn't that big of a crime it is what you do with them that makes the jail time.

    vapor85 Well-Known Member

    gypsy nirvana AKA www.seedboutique.com has always worked great for me and i live in the US.

    And for fucks sake don't have them sent to your neighbors....It's a FEDERAL CRIME to take mail from someone's mail box even if you ordered and payed for them. LOL

    Purp... Well-Known Member

    Nice advice. Getting him arrested for going through some elses mail. :clap:

    I'd personally go with Attitude. They ship discreetly and they ship fairly fast (It's the post office you should be worried about). Also they have a wide variety of strains.

    Purp... Well-Known Member

    Yup worst that could happen is customs will send you a letter stating that an item sent to you contained contraband and they have seized it, and if you want them you can take it up with them. But I mean who really does that? The real trouble is germinating them and getting caught. So just keep it to yourself, keep it small (depending where you stay), and you should be safe. GL.
    Bubba Kushman

    Bubba Kushman Well-Known Member

    I have used DrChronic, The Attitude and Hempdepot many times to the states with no problems. I recently ordered from worlwide-marijuana-seeds.com for single seeds with no issues. You can use a CC or send a MO. Credit cards orders take 7-14 days max and Money Orders take 2-3 weeks and is more safe then CCs. If you order from HempDepot, Highgrade or almost anywhere in Canada you will have to send cash or a MO but you will get your beans if the copany is legit. None of these companys are dumb enough to put pot seeds on your order form so dont worry. Peace Out!
    LAX Skunky BwS

    LAX Skunky BwS Well-Known Member

    attitude hands down

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