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Where to buy butane?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by gogrow, Feb 7, 2008.


    gogrow confused

    where can i buy butane for honey extraction? does somewhere like walmart or lowes carry any? any help would be greatly appreciated.:joint:

    rkm Well-Known Member

    Not sure if its the right stuff or not, but drug stores carry it in the tobacco section. Sometimes its behind the counter.

    Blueberry2008 Well-Known Member

    Canadian Tire :D

    Kamisori Well-Known Member

    If you mean butane fuel that you use to refill butane torches then you can pretty much get it from anywhere. Walmart and Lowes both will have it.

    gogrow confused

    yeah, my wife just got back from walmart, and bought the last bottle they had. is one bottle enough and is ronsonol a clean enough brand to make honey oil with?

    DrGreenLunz Member

    Ok gogrow... i realize this is like 2012 now and u probably know this but for you and everyone who reads this forum

    thats right... only use pure butane. also called N-butane or something like R600a
    And it is very hard to find at a store, i suggest calling anywhere u think may have it first and they will most likely be sold at tobacco/head shops. also i believe most "cooking grade" butane will work but no matter what you use, MAKE SURE ITS NO LESS THAN 99% PURE!
    You can test to see if it is safe by spraying some on a clean surface and when it dries in 10 minutes or so if it leaves behind a visable/sticky film that is the excess chemicals and means it is NOT pure and will probably give you a SEIZURE.
    i am sorry someone who knows a thing or two on this website could not tell you that in time i had to make an account because i felt it was my duty to intervene in the hopes someone finds this safety tip
    P.S. IF YOU DID NOT KNOW THIS THEN YOU SHOULD NOT MAKE HASH WITHOUT SOMEONE who knows what they are doing good luck

    drolove Well-Known Member

    lol really???

    everywhere sells butane fuel...

    ctwalrus Active Member

    ^^ person above me is half right..
    go to smoke shops.. buy vector..

    pure n-butane is very very expensive.
    butane sold in cans is 30% propane
    not to worry propane and butane are only an atom off on a molecular level.

    but yeah.. local head shop..
    go read my tek in the concentrate thread.. guranteed best results

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Those 20# tanks - Blue Rhino in many places - for BBQ grills isn't pure enough?

    jpeg666 Well-Known Member

    Also If you are in the US it is a felony to make hash oil with a butane extraction they will throw you in federal prison for that shit. SO I have heard. It is extremely bad in terms of legality compared to hash made with ice bags and water.

    canadian1969 Well-Known Member

    So if I get caught with a fiver of honey oil that was made with Butane the US cops will take the time to analyze it to determine that it was indeed made with Butane and then the maximum penalty for the possession of said quantity will go up?
    Sounds like crap to me.

    imchucky666 Well-Known Member

    That's Propane, doesn't burn as hot or as clean.

    imchucky666 Well-Known Member

    A buddy of mine in Cali. had 2 smoke shops, and I forget the name, but he used to give me these black cans, about twice the diameter of a Ronson can, with purple writing on it, and said it was a real clean fuel.

    dbkick Well-Known Member

    I use vector but ronson is one of the cleaner ones. If it isn't n-butane (which you probably won't get) it's gonna have things such as a little propane in it.

    dbkick Well-Known Member

    I spent a few hundred on the equipment to vacuum purge, if you don't know anything about that you should do some reading.

    dbkick Well-Known Member

    and as far as I know there's only a ban on bho in california. although a lot of places are going to co2 extraction here you can still buy bho.

    ctwalrus Active Member

    omg so much mis info just got stated!! :o

    first ronson is not good butane!!!!!!!!
    it has odor addatives that you dont want.

    second it is not a felony to make oil.. its just banned in cali because they are hippies and dont like solvents..
    even though all the "co2 oil" you buy in the clubs over there are only labled as such because of the ban..
    co2 extracts are super critical.. it takes about a 5000 dollar machine to even attempt the extraction and even then you need someone with A LOT of know how and experiance.. your dealing with insane pressures

    not only that but co2 extracts suck! the reason bho is so great is because the butane extracts thc cbd and terpines
    terpines are what make for the flavor. co2 zeros in on what you want to extract.. pure thc isnt as great to smoke as you would think, it takes away what you really like, the stoneyness of the cbd and the flavor!!
    good thing it doesnt really exist, most shops are just labeling to avoid legal action.

    anyway just buy vector.
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    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    this says hash is a felony

    theres a lot of stipulation on what butane is the best i would say all of the zero impurity butane's are gonna be about the same since the same methods of filtration are probably used by all of them.

    you can buy vector and other high quality butane at smoke shops and stores head shops ect got to get out there and look
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    jpeg666 Well-Known Member

    Hash is Def a felony in Cali and is pretty bad if you are caught with hash OIL.

    canadian1969 Well-Known Member

    Interesting, pretty big difference between hash and oil, never heard 'hash oil' , seems redundant or something. Up here it is one or the other.

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