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When to supercrop?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by d4mth3m4n, Nov 8, 2008.


    d4mth3m4n Active Member

    I had read about supercropping in the growfaq, but he doesn't mention when to do it, when do you guys think is best?

    Also, how hard to you actually apply the pressure? Do they always droop immediately after applying the pressure or does it take some time? Gave a few tries so far, but no drooping but was afraid to give too much pressure because I could already feel the inner stem collapse and could feel moisture from the stem breaking in between my fingers.


    Hedgehunter Well-Known Member

    Good question dude, i wish i knew the answer! as id also like to know, iv heard lots of good things about this method, hope some replies!!!

    epixbud Well-Known Member

    not sure if i'm doing it the same as the FAQ's, but i kinda do a suppercropping method, i started when they were bout 1' tall, then bend the main branch over, i make them as horizontal as i can, do it as much as possible then let it sit for a day, then pull it down bit more each day, i had good luck sofar, only broke one main branch, and it got taped up and is still growing good. and on a note, the younger the plant and the greener it's stems the eacier to bend it will be. a little bit of trial and error is needed, with patence.

    Check my grow AK47xSSH
    http://www.rollitup.org/grow-journals/107075-ak-47-x-super-silver.html :leaf:
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    http://www.rollitup.org/do-yourself/118234-my-dyi-80-site-aero.html :leaf:

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    d4mth3m4n Active Member

    I appreciate your response, but I believe what you're doing is LST. What i'm talking about is more where you take your main branches and pinch them with your fingertips until you basically crush the insides of the branch. Then after some time it grows back even stronger and apparently makes them even stronger thus producing bigger buds.

    This is the link to the growfaq in which I was talking about, close to the middle in bold text where it says "I supercrop to increase yields"

    I'm mainly curious when you're supposed to, or if you can simply do it whenever earlier enough to give it time to heal.


    headbandrocker Well-Known Member

    supercroping can be done at 12" and up

    epixbud Well-Known Member


    headbandrocker Well-Known Member

    lst works great too

    d4mth3m4n Active Member

    Was also kinda curious how many of the stems per plant I can do it to? Can I hit every main branch in the bush at the same time? Or should I do sections at a time?


    epixbud Well-Known Member

    that depends on the strain.... some work good with training, topping or FIM'n, but some don't.... here's a link i use for those thoughts Marijuana Strain Library - AK-47
    it has a huge veriaty of strains and lotza info

    d4mth3m4n Active Member

    Yeah, I've been considering trying out ak47.

    Nobody else supercrops?

    headbandrocker Well-Known Member

    Stick with highgrade genetics-you will be glad you did.
    Not saying ak sucks just thats theres way better qual strains out there!
    Masterkush,ogkush,headband,sourd,lavender,gdp etc...good luck-grow some fire!

    lithiumpenguin Active Member

    I have supercropped a couple of crops and I have found that I get the best results when I lay them down after 1st week of flowering. I usually SC the stalk just below the bottom most bud site. I will pinch the stalk between my fingers until I feel most of the outer stalk collapse... first you pinch the stalk on the left and right sides... then you pinch the stalk on the front and back sides at the same spot and then gently bend the stalk over to your desired location. I use supercropping to make my grow area into a sog.

    As far as how much you bend them... I bend mine about 120 degrees... At first it looks like you f*cked up your plants... but rest assured after a few days they should start to support their own weight and won't look so broken... after about a week they will have mostly healed and will start to stand back up again... and about 1-2 weeks before harvest you should have a supercropped branches that are crooked about 35-45 degrees. They will mostly right themselves... but here is the thing.. you have to actually "snap" the branch a little.... it you don't the branch will continue to grow in length and not pop new flower sights. I find that I get about 30% more budding sites by super cropping and I get way better coverage.

    To effectively supercrop you must exceed a 90 degree "bend"..

    For best results use fimming instead of topping.... then supercrop the top ;) You should get 3-4 top colas if you do it right... with some practice you will find the proper location to fim then supercrop the top colas instead of topping them.

    I have found supercropping far superior to sog or scrog or LST because you leave the plant to grow vertically at full speed, then supercrop, which makes the plant change over to stalk strengthening (to hold more buds) for about 3-4 days, then to making new flowering sights.

    Best of luck... and thank God for his most wonderful creation...

    brock Active Member

    why dont you just LST its quicker, safer and easier.

    onewize1 Well-Known Member

    Supercropping opens up the plant and in my opinion is the easiest method. No poking, holes ( I have sliced my fingers a few times while baked doin this) just a quik examination of the plant and the shoots that aren't getting light. Lst works but supercropping is just better especially if u have a 2ft wide bush in a small container. The arms become too long yo tie to the pot and insteadu end up tying the lower branches turning ur plant into somewhat of a hannaca ( I know Its spelled wit a c) candle shape still shading out lower growth. I top early then after more growth tie branches to pot(lst) . Then I fim or top more... and. Then supercrop 2wks before time allowing the plant to repair itself. Foliar spray takes starin off of roots so plants don't become rootbound. I use nitrozyme (truly amazing) during veg and first weeks of flowering. And don't worry about root mass because while flowering they throw out a bunch of roots. Oh and transplant to biggest container possible for the pound plants had one plant in a 5 gal pot that gave me 8 ounces and it was poorly taken care of due to the sleepy weed I had at the time. Sorry so long

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