When to Stop co2 Increase During Flowering?

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    CO2 will not raise your humidity, if you use a CO2 generator(propane or natural gas burner) then yes your humidity will rise, but the same is not true for a CO2 ejector.

    During the last two weeks of flower its a good idea to lower your temperatures so that you dont volatize the very nice aromas of the bud. You can keep running them high for the sake of yield but for higher quality you should lower temperature to normal levels. Now that your temperatures are back at normal levels theres no need for the extra CO2.

    Flourecents can be used in conjunction with CO2 but only if you have alot of light, Usually if your running that much light you have invested in a HID, but some people will run alot of light using just flourecents. This myth is actually stated with no explanation in the growers bible by Jorge Cervantes, His book is alright but its full of misinformation

    Hopefully Im not full of misinformation(bullshit), everything I just typed is speculation

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    By decreasing the co2 levels toward the end, i believe it stops ethylene (sp?) production and begins ripening it.

    Warmer temps when running co2, 80 and above.

    Too much humidity cause the trics to become elongated and make it easier for them to snap off

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    I use co2 all the way until the last 7 days of flower. The biggest thing to keep an eye on is the humidity. 45-50% is optimal

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