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Dr. Who
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Aug 19, 2017 at 7:35 AM
Oct 4, 2011
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Enjoying the "other" west coast
Run a large organic farm co-op

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Dr. Who

Well-Known Member, from Enjoying the "other" west coast

Travel by TARDIS Jan 26, 2017

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Viewing forum list, Aug 19, 2017 at 7:35 AM
    1. hippee
      Thanks for posting that was the info I was looking for,now I will follow up on that and give it another whirl indoors once the summer heat goes away it just makes things so much easier.Again Thank-You
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    2. Jhon77
      1. Jhon77
        Look like you know wgat tiur doing nice to meet you.
        Jul 3, 2017
      2. Dr. Who
        Dr. Who
        Hey, thanks.......Back from vacation yesterday.
        Jul 11, 2017
    3. Tx-Peanutt
      Thanks for the advice earlier I took the fan and swapped it to the other side like you said I have noticed a difference inside the tent since earlier
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      2. Dr. Who
        Dr. Who
        It's been done that way for as long as tents have been around...welcome to growing!
        May 9, 2017
      3. Dr. Who
        Dr. Who
        Wish I had a buck for everyone that says that! After 44 years of growing. I'll stick with my own.....
        May 9, 2017
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    4. cindysid
      You have helped me so much in so many ways! You're a great teacher! Thanks
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      2. Dr. Who
        Dr. Who
        Well Thank YOU Cindy!
        Glad I could help.
        Mar 21, 2017
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    5. bigrake
      Thanks bro
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    6. nfhiggs
      I hope you don't mind I re-posted your long anti-flushing comment in a reddit forum. I attributed it to you.
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    7. blowinmaryfast
      Sup bud. Looking at your comments I believe we were in close circles at once. Hope all is well.
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      2. Dr. Who
        Dr. Who
        Could be sir, could be. I'm alive and kicking and that's #1.....Wife's good 2...
        Jan 30, 2017
      3. blowinmaryfast
        Right on man. That's what I like to hear.Priorities... We have spent plenty of time in NHS.. Lol. Close to some of those guys from back in the day. We're on what I call the "new west coast " 2500 mile straight line across.
        Jan 30, 2017
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    8. Dr. Who
      Dr. Who
      Travel by TARDIS
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      2. Jubilant
        Jan 26, 2017
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    9. confussed.com
      hey dr i see your comments on a few threads and thought you gave really sound advice thanks for the follow man,much appreciated..
    10. Dr. Who
      Dr. Who
      It's Howdy Doody Time wanker
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    11. Justice tees
      Justice tees
      Dr. Who Was your thoughts on feeding with molasses?
    12. Justice tees
      Justice tees
      Hi Dr.who i am new to the site as well as a new grower and was told by another member that you was a great grower I look forward to learning from you.
      1. Dr. Who
        Dr. Who
        Well thank you and welcome to the site.
        Nov 2, 2016
    13. Buba Blend
      Buba Blend
      Hi Dr. Who
      Here's a flusher (every two weeks in soil) I told him how I once flushed and have since seen the light. He wanted a link to one of your flush threads. do you have a link I can send him to, or you might want to chat with him at his thread hear http://www.rollitup.org/t/check-the-plant.924954/#post-13082581
    14. Sneex
      Check out my grow journal I could use an experience grow expert like yourself in there!!Please and Thanks!
    15. Dr. Who
      Dr. Who
      @potroast Can't post! Site trouble? Getting some sort of "Girls from xyz" in the reply to thread area... Couldn't PM you direct either
      1. sunni
        No one used the pot roast account
        There's no site trouble on our end
        Can you explain more what's happening to you
        Oct 12, 2016
    16. TylerTGODKushmaster92
      Need some insight bruh! :)
    17. TigerSquad
      I posted on dudes really old post and you asked for pics I have 2 blogs about my grow project
      1. Dr. Who
        Dr. Who
        Link me dude
        Oct 2, 2016
    18. Deadman420
      Hey I have a thread I posted about my plant idk what to do will u help or pm me please really yield help
    19. Kinkz
      Hey man, just wanted to say thanks again for the help and reply to my thread :D.

      I have a question though, if this were your grow, would you bother with leaving the MH bulb in the first 10 days or so of flower as to minimize stretch and keep my canopy even or should I just switch to the HPS from the start?

      Cheers dude!
      1. Dr. Who
        Dr. Who
        No prob!
        Nope! Not really going to make that big a difference.
        Jul 6, 2016
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    20. Friction1957
      I'm a total noob first timer just getting started. I've been reading your posts and enjoying your comments. May I be totally rude and ask you to go take a look at my journal and put in your .02 if you have some time? I'd really appreciate anything that you noticed. http://www.rollitup.org/t/first-time-grow-white-rhino.909573/
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    Enjoying the "other" west coast
    Run a large organic farm co-op
    Been around the block and then some
    Getting to old
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