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When do you put seedlings under the light?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by IWANTTHATPURPLESTUFF420, Dec 12, 2007.

    Cpt. Kronic

    Cpt. Kronic Member

    when is the best time to kill the male plants?

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    as soon as they show themselves......man we are cruel....lol

    ibuild4u Member

    ha ha thx just the info i was looking for

    rollanotherbowl Member

    you don't have to worry about too much light.... they can take pretty much as much light as you throw at them. the only dangerous part is heat from grow lights.... you can cook tiny new seedlings under HPS lights if they're too close.... it's kind of a guessing game at first... you want the lights as close as you can get them without putting out too much heat on the plants

    jjburnout Active Member

    Can you just use the back of your hand to test the heat at seedling lvl? if you are comfortable leaving your hand there its not too close... or is this just for more mature plants?

    Near Active Member

    They absolutely do. Tiny seedlings are blocked by much taller and larger plants, getting a fraction of the light. Plants compete for light and tiny ones end up with less.

    Widowess Active Member

    i a looking for the same answer dude

    Kerovan Well-Known Member

    My lights are on the cups the minute the seed goes in the soil with the timer already set at 18/6. The plants need light as soon as possible after sprouting.

    DrGreenbird Member

    Ive ALWAYS Used soil and HPSfor the whole process, I leave my plants in a warm window for about 48 hours allow them get their shit together then i string my light high for 24 hours to allow the seedlings adapt to the new enviroment and then i bring the light down to about 30cms above the plant and go from there and ive not killed one (touch wood)

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    That is for mature plants. CFL is best for seedlings as it can be lowered to within inches and not burn the plant.

    mzdannie New Member

    I know this old but i just wanted to say that the info you all have provided is the same thing im going thru. I have a 400watt hps and i have mine appr 3-4' from my propagation station with a heat pad..... However, i am not using the hps right now. I have 2 cfl (forgot the watts) but they are sitting 5-8" from the seedlings. If i understood right, then i should be fine.

    Oh yeah and im organic!!!!! Organic... Growing that is :)

    balakoth Active Member

    Started my seedlings in a cup of ph balanced water, once sprouts popped, placed them in perlite and a covered dome.. When they popped out of the ground, they went under my Solar storm 800w LED Grow light.. It was raised to 24 inches (The heat they put off is extremely minimal to an HID).

    Previous comments make notes about, Spring, Weaker light, taller plants etc. Yes this is all true. But no where on earth is there a 1000w HID HPS light that equals even the Lumens spring time daylight sun puts out. Watch the heat, get them under light when they sprout.. all is well.

    Cobnobuler Well-Known Member

    If your using the CFL's for the seedlings thats fine but you may want to get much closer than 5-8 inches away to avoid the "beansprout" stretch as the seedling reaches for a light thats too far away, it tries to get itself closer to it creating too long of a sprout. Thats not the end of the world either since if you need to, seedlings can be replanted bringing the top closer to the ground. IMHO

    Malevolence New Member

    I turn on a 250w MH 24/0 when I plant them. After about a week I change to 18/6.

    darren121 Well-Known Member

    hi on 2 off my plants there is marks on the leafs i put up pics any ideas how to fix the leaf problems or is is nothing to worry about you need to zoom the pic

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    K J

    K J Active Member

    You're planting a seed, not preforming open heart surgery. Your post above is stupid specific.

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