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Whats the Fastest way to clean out your system of THC?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by passthatsh!t23, Jun 14, 2010.

    Fullmoon kid

    Fullmoon kid Active Member

    Wish i knew , the little dude was being watched by a guard and was on camera for the test and still passed.Youd think if it was genuine some kind of information would be known or leaked.I ended up thinking it probably wasnt weed he was smoking.

    rowlman Well-Known Member

    don't do that, they have other places they like to take hair from! for the piss test try Ready-Clean, but you still have to quit for 48 hours. some people say it don't work,I've used it at least 5 or 6 times and it worked for me. but you have to follow the directions. and you only have like 4 - 6 hours of clean before you will test possitive again. so it helps if you know WHEN your getting tested. and make sure you READ the directions if you do use it. And your ganna have to piss alot before the test. good luck:blsmoke:

    rowlman Well-Known Member

    i guess i posted that alittle late! sorry...but that was the method that got me trough years of piss test. Some guys at work said I't didn't work for them..but like I said you gatta follow the directions. I smoke all day everyday and it passed me ( after 48 hrs no smoke), you got alot good advise from peps up there, and the Ready Clean is kida expensive anyways, but just thought Ide say that it did work for me. peace and good luck

    passthatsh!t23 Well-Known Member

    thanks man!:joint:

    thanks Everyone!:bigjoint:

    poopoo1964 Active Member

    Won't work they can take it from your arm or the pit area... LOL

    GrowSpecialist Well-Known Member

    If you get put on probation, you'll have 30 days to get clean.

    I've been on probation several times and every time I went to meet my PO for the first time, they asked me if I was clean. They always told me that they won't test me until I've been on probation for 30 days (giving me enough time to get cleaned out). Its not fair (or legal) to violate someone for something they did BEFORE being placed on probation.

    If you plan on smokin' weed while on probation and try to beat the tests, you can use Golden Seal. I've used it 3 days before a test and passed... but the BEST way is to get clean urine from a non-toker, put it in a little feeding bottle for kittens, make the hole in the nipple a little bit bigger and keep it in your crotch for a little bit and while you're on your way to the probation office. This will keep it at body temperature. Once while I was being tested, (at the urinal) my PO tried to tell me that he had to literally see everything. I said "thats sick, man. I don't want anybody looking at my penis". I think it kinda made him feel gay or perverted because he didn't look. He then took the temp of the urine and it was body temperature because I had it right up against my lower abdomen for about an hour. I passed.

    Theres also another way to do it. Smoke for the first two weeks out of the month... and the remaining two weeks, refrain from smoking and drink a buttload of water. You'll be as clean as a whistle.
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    passthatsh!t23 Well-Known Member

    Damn thanks man,
    From the time i posted this thread i got alot of feedback, Im gonna go with your post. Im gonna go and buy some golden seal.
    Glad everyone is full of knowledge!

    SmokeyMcSmokester Well-Known Member

    im on probation right now and i have to pass pee tests... i was clean from pot for about 2.5 weeks, drinking tons of water, and i still failed my take home test i take before i see my p/o..so after shitting kittens, i got some royal flush at the smoke shop...i passed, but it diluted my pee too much, but i told my p/o i drank mad water before the test and he didnt seem to care...probably not the case in most situations.. im not fat, and i work out a lot too, so i dont know what the fuck was up. so just plain water is NOT gonna work..best thing to do is just quit smoking...if you are gonna toke, toke the day you see that fucker(well after you see him)smoke for three days and then use the rest of the month to clean up before you see him again..that seems to be working for me.

    ive heard of niacin, but i dont know if that shit works..i took that shit when i was in the military for the UA's there, but then i found out they dont test everyone samples when they were doing the squadron wide UA's..

    but today i mightve found a solution to all that shit...i smoked this shit called "black mamba" and "king krypto" that you can buy legally at headshops.. my buddy who gets randomly tested all the time turned me on to it..the shit totally got me high, and it isnt even weed..fuckin crazy. so if you have access to that shit give it a try. thats what im smoking now.

    passthatsh!t23 Well-Known Member

    Black mamba and king krypto sounds weird, but i know what u mean. i go to the headshop and the women who runs the shop is like "do you neeed any legal herbs". But i always turn her down. But maybe if i see these. i will pick up so and try it out. But the pee test. I heard if i was even to go on probation, i heard i get a 30 days to get clean. and before i get the piss test, if i test postive for pot. because i smoked on the day i got arrestd which was on the 8th of this month. And if they give it to me before 30days Its not held agaisnst me, hense the medical books say that pot stays in your system for 30days. So Is this true?

    SmokeyMcSmokester Well-Known Member

    they usually give you a break on the first test. mine did at least.

    but try that legal shit i mentioned..it fuckin works and made me happy as fuck!! i was just pissed i was jipped .3! lol i bought a new pipe and everything to smoke the legal shit out of..best thing is there is no THC in it, so you wont piss dirty, and it gives the same effects. I was hesitant at first, but said fuck it..what did i have to lose..as soon as i saw the shit worked i ran to the smoke shop and bought two grams..they have this kush one too that i will try next time lol..

    passthatsh!t23 Well-Known Member

    i hope i get a break.
    but yah ill deff try it out..:joint:

    Blazergdp420 New Member

    Just thought I would let u know if you have to take a hair follicle text and u shave your head they will take it out of any other place that has hair on your body doesn't have to strictly be from your head it's stores the same way in your arm pits, leg hair, extc. Just throwing it out there

    srh88 Well-Known Member

    theyll take a hair from somewhere else.. the easiest by far to pass is a mouth swab, i heard the hair one is basically impossible to cheat

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