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whats the best product for spider mites

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by SoupOfGreen, Dec 23, 2010.

    The Ruiner

    The Ruiner Well-Known Member

    No residue is left...if anything a shine.
    Shrubs First

    Shrubs First Well-Known Member

    Diversity. Never stick with the same product for more than one cycle of mite
    off spring. So you would use one product for 3 days. Then switch to another
    for 3 days, and then another. You can cycle back to used products, but do not
    over use them. Spider Mites easily produce enough offspring to acquire resistances
    to over used products.


    Ed Rosenthols Zero Tolerance

    Monterey Garden Take-down

    Einstein Oil.

    All good products.

    fatality Well-Known Member

    azamax omri listed, fuckin ladybugs is a fucking lie, my buddy had mites, i kept telling him he needs to do something, he was like, "i got ladybugs on the way ", they came , all 1500 of them, after a week they were all dead, and would you knwo it, the fucking mites came back 10fold, he called me up frantic cryin, "dude there are webs all over my plants now", i laughed and casually reached into my goody bag and took out two vial of azamax which will make 1/2 gallon of pesticide and mixed it up in my commercial fogger and made my way to his house, fogged them bitches up nice, and would you know it, no more fuckin mites lol, i left him with the fogger and told him to do it again 2 times to make sure, but i swear by it, and ladybugs do not fuckin work lol

    fatality Well-Known Member

    sns 217 and azamax are two damn good pesticides, and they are all natural. the sns smells so fuckin good, prolly cuz main ingrediant is rosemary extract, but damn i love that smell, sns 217 is expensive but i had a small mite problem in a couple clones i got from my same buddy, except i knew the lil mites had to had a swift death, put some sns 217 on them and that was it, didnt even have to do a follow-up spray, dat shit is bomb, i was thinking bout trying to make my own sns-217 knockoff, rosemary extract is fairly cheap dontcha know
    Zero Tolerance

    Zero Tolerance Member

    lady Bugs are great. However, for indoor, the next time the lights come on they will die! Have you tried Zero Tolerance Pesticide developed by Ed Rosenthal? Email me for more info. Good luck & happy gardening.

    nog Active Member

    try a fast finishing strain that way the plants may be finished before the mites can get too bad

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