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whats the best?most quiet inline fan?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by HigH on LiFe, Nov 30, 2009.


    ze4 Member

    Iv got a ruck acoustic fan, and its quieter than my oscillating fan.
    sven deisel

    sven deisel Well-Known Member

    they also make what is called a duct muffler my dro store carries them
    sven deisel

    sven deisel Well-Known Member

    let me change that to the dro store i shop at i myself only wish i had 1 just think of the setup u could have

    justgrowit Active Member

    This is misleading, don't get me wrong though the post is appreciated but it's not entirely accurate. The DBA listed on a fan like a Vortex rates the sound of the motor ONLY and NOT the sound of air rushing through a forced hole. A lot of these fans have quiet motors but there is nothing quiet about air rushing through a 4" or 6" hole.

    That is why a refrigerator humming is 40 dBa sounds WAY quieter than a Vortex at 49 dBa... the refrigerator doesn't have a bunch of air rushing through it!!!

    The Panasonic Whisper Fan sounds like the way to go but the post I'm quoting started in 2006 with updates in 2010. I mean, given how f*cking loud fans are for grow rooms... I'm really shocked this has not been better addressed.

    I also think a Panasonic is 240v? THIS HAS BEEN AN ISSUE FOR ME FOR YEARS!! I need a quiet fan! Mad rep for anyone with some definitive information on this subject with proper sources. I'd *think* a reliable source has written up their thoughts on this, no?

    jimbizzzale67123 Well-Known Member

    4in Can Fan pretty quilter for how powerful they are I have two of them and love them too death.

    Hotwired Well-Known Member

    My 6" Panasonic Whisperline has been running for 2 years straight, 24/7, and is still going strong cooling a 600. So quiet you can't hear it even near your bed.

    I also have a Can-Fan 4", a Ecoplus 6" and a Vortex 8". All of these sound like airplanes.

    My TD-150's are quieter than the 3 mentioned above but are stronger at longer distances than the Panasonic. Tho not as quiet.

    If you have short runs with only 1 bend then I'd go with a Panasonic. One downside to the Whisperline is that they are very heavy. You need to have a good setup outline to deal with that.

    auto22 Member

    I love fantech for pushing thru long duct runs. they are more expensive than most hydro store inline fans but they have the power to move air thru alot more ducting ive found.

    Blackedout Active Member

    I have a whisper 120 cfm exhuast fan i actually use as my intake. works great for my two tents and i think i could add at least another one with no problems. def worth 150 bucks.

    purplecream Active Member

    does anybody have a htg supply 4inch inline fan? are they loud?
    REDI JEDI 420

    REDI JEDI 420 Active Member

    dude i have the same issue i needed a quiet fan and the best one i found was a can fan max fan 8" is the smallest they come so i picked it up even tho itsd more fan than i need its waaaay morte quiet than any other fan or blower you just need to make sure you get the correct carbon filter that has the dorrect cfm rating for the fan


    [email protected] Active Member



    If you are just looking to power a carbon filter, Sven is right. Get this! http://www.horticulturesource.com/c...5110/?osCsid=35ae162f1683a4bd42743e976a5adc30

    odd, yet another claim for Can Fan's Max-Fan's line.

    ok... there is a pattern here I just can't make it out.


    bengi Well-Known Member

    I agree with the elicient fan. I have owned vortex as well but found elicient quieter. Go with the insulated ducting. I am running mine with a 4" phat carbon filter. Ditto

    madmikeri Active Member


    Hortipro Member

    Vortex fans are the quietest. Ive done a lot of research looking at the dBa ratings of various manufacturers. Also when you're mounting the fan put neoprene padding between the wall mounting brackets and whatever you are mounting it to. this will cut down on the vibration transfered from the fan to your mounting location.

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