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whats the best?most quiet inline fan?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by HigH on LiFe, Nov 30, 2009.

    HigH on LiFe

    HigH on LiFe Member

    can anyone help on giving me some brands on the quietest inline fans?


    Mcgician Well-Known Member

    Can Fan+ insulated ducting. Problem solved.

    backgammon Active Member

    This is relevant to my interests :)

    I have actually been looking for a totally silent one. But i dont know if that's even possible. While researching I've heard good things about the Panasonic Whisper Ceiling fans. http://www.panasonic.com/business/building-products/ventilation-systems/

    But I dont know where i could order that to my country. Also it will probably make some noise (maybe too much for my use) so now im planning to use a really silent 120mm computer fan and see if that works.

    Btw if you find any good solution for a silent ventilation setup let me know :)

    tweezy Active Member

    s&p td-125

    193cfm and its --damn-- quiet. those panasonic whisper line fans are noisy as shit.

    groputillor Active Member

    I've heard the Panasonic Whisperline is great. I don't think it gets too high in CFM tho
    Speaker Box D

    Speaker Box D Member

    S & P are very nice quality.

    The Fan itself is quiet, on its highest setting the motor's hum is quiet, nicely made equipment.

    BUT, like others said I learned from here to use insulated ducting, because if you use the a/c ductwork , or that washer n dryer duct you always see in the aisles of your local hardware, it will make a Howl sound (depending on bends) from the airflow that is noticeable to most persons in the room.

    Costly to some but pay the extra to get the desired or better result, and not have to as many re-do's imo

    Speaker Box D

    jkmovies Active Member

    I was shopping for an inline fan and carbon filter. I found a Vortex fan 4" and 6" that say they're 49 dBa's. Now, if you can find how loud that is for you, there's a starting point. I heard that the Growbright fans are like a 767 taking off, and can be heard 20 yards away through a wall. That's got to be louder than the 49 dBa Vortex.

    superdave5 Active Member

    If your just using that fan to exaust or pull air youll be fine. But if your using it to cool a hood and light bulb 130cfm is not enough. You want more CFM's than that
    HigH on LiFe

    HigH on LiFe Member

    im using it through a carbon filter and light so looking for a QUIET fan for that? any more info!!

    skeeterleg New Member


    smppro Well-Known Member


    jkmovies Active Member


    GDBud Well-Known Member

    . I found a Vortex fan 4" and 6" that say they're 49 dBa's. Now, if you can find how loud that is for you, there's a starting point.

    Refrigerator Humming 40 dBa
    Normal Conversation 50-60 dBa
    Vacuum Cleaner 70 dBa

    andyk187 Well-Known Member

    +1 on TD-125... i use 2 of these bad boys in my closet and (thanks to you guys i know to replace my cheapo dryer vent ducting)....but with 2 of these running at once, 1 shuts down at night, both are hooked to carbon to keep the air filtering... but with both of these running i can hear a slight "hum" but i'm thinking it's from the ducting... ALSO, you can get a speed controller for these and turn down the speed to cut noise down even more. my speed controller was only $12-15... my Reef Aquarium light (metal halide) has a fan built in and that actually covers up the noise, so unless you're in my closet you wouldn't know it was there. goodluck!

    mossad420 Member

    I use a Hydrofarm Active Air 6inch 400CFM inline, paid $79 for it brand new. Pretty quiet all you can hear is the air movement, no louder than a standard oscillating fan thats for sure. Really cheap and has a 5 year warranty. Comes with an 8' cord prewired, and mounting hardware. Just be aware if you are in Canada youll be looking at an additional $40 for customs/brokerage fees across the border, but this was still a cheaper option than any other site I could find in Canada.

    HigH on LiFe

    HigH on LiFe Member

    anyone try the sun leaves wind tunnel 6inch? i heard it was good? any comparison to the s&p td 150?
    N Buds

    N Buds Member

    I'm a vent fitter in the uk, we use Nuaire Ecosmart Squrbo fans in offices and all places they want minimum noise, they're lined with barofoam, you can get a speed controller and a thermostat for it if you wish - quality fan and really quiet

    LongerzBetter Active Member

    Td-125 might be quiet but the td-200 is a beast and really loud.

    Creek Active Member

    I think Elicent are the best quitest fan fair amount quiter then the vortex and can fan and seems to pull harder too. I love the 14" fans with sound matt on them and cant even hear them with insulated ducting hooked up.

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