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whats the best coffe shops in amsterdam for there weed

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by budolskie, Jan 22, 2013.


    budolskie Well-Known Member

    going to amsterdam end of feb and was wanting sum good coffe shops names what sell the best weed and hash and seed shops but never been before anyone know any good places to go and view

    dadio161 Well-Known Member

    word is that tourists can't indulge anymore. Just this past year . I hope I read it wrong.

    Metasynth Well-Known Member

    I've heard good things about "the grey area"

    Metasynth Well-Known Member

    I think i read about a spokesperson for several coffee shops saying "business will continue as usual"...all the money, they wouldn't turn it down.

    budolskie Well-Known Member

    they havnt brought it in they tried it in southern parts of amsterdam but not the rest if u search amsterdam law it tells u about it more

    steveat Active Member

    It still won't be that difficult to get. I am sure you could shoulder tap like you used to do with alcohol when you were not of age. Like the other poster said..this is an Amsterdam thing, not a Holland thing. Holland is a small country so you could literally take a 10 min ride to another town and get it and comeback. Like Haarlem or something. I got tons of friends there so I won't have an issue. I'm just wondering what "tourist" means. Does it mean non-Europeans or does it mean that anyone not from Holland can't buy. It would be weird not to let EU citizens not buy..but I guess I could understand that.

    Figong Well-Known Member

    From a CNN article: "Persons who do not hold Dutch citizenship will not have access to the coffee shops," the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice said in a statement.

    I then found another site saying: "Amsterdam police will turn a blind eye to foreigners buying cannabis in its famous "coffee shops" when a national ban comes into force next year, the city's mayor said on Wednesday."

    So.. your guess is as good as mine at this point in time.

    Figong Well-Known Member

    Found another piece in the article, guess it's Dutch citizenship only also due to this: "The government said the measure also is needed to crack down on drug trafficking near the borders with Germany and Belgium. "The number of criminal organizations that will be dealt with will be doubled from 20 to 40%," the Ministry of Security and Justice said in its statement."

    mike.hotel Active Member

    The Pool Dawg was always a good place. I used to stop in between trips to the sandbox when I was doing private security. It is smaller than some of the more new well known shops, but more locals and off the beaten track... which is what I like.

    RetiredMatthebrute Well-Known Member

    wow why the hell would they crush thier economy like that. a large portion of thier revenue comes from tourism because of marijuanna being legal. fucking morons.

    ThirstyRoss Active Member

    There is a lot of wrong information in this thread.

    The law applies to all of the Netherlands. However, in good news for you, Amsterdam will NOT be observing the law. So, *only* in Amsterdam will tourists still be able to get pot.

    As for coffee shops, I've only been once and the shop I went to was "Easy Times" but it's not super central - real close to the hotel I stayed at though. I really liked it, the owner was really nice, and because it was a little out of the way it wasn't packed with loud and crazy partiers (though this could be what you are looking for).

    They had 8-12 varieties of weed (different prices, jamaican being lowest quality/lowest price) and i think one or two kinds of hash. I just bought a bunch of the highest end shit and blazed like crazy!

    Really enjoyed it there!

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    the grey area, blue bird, rokerj or however you spell it.. hmm, abraxis was a super nice coffee shop, much bigger then sum.. barney's, greenhouse has good food..

    when you go into a coffee shop, look for a small paper back book called the smokers guide to amsterdam, it's like 5 euro or so and has maps and coupons to different coffee shops, and is just pretty fucking cool imo..
    they also have a kickass website that they list all kinds of strains, and do a small smoke report on them, and where they were bought at..they also have a hashish section as well as bud.. check it out before you go.. :D

    btw, stay away from the bulldog, they're like the tourist trap of coffee shops.. pricey and not that good of bud.. they're all over the place as well..

    ghb Well-Known Member

    grey area, but if you are walking in the cold stoned it seems a mission from all the other shops in the red light.

    you could try 10+ coffee shops on warmoestraat ( i think thats how it is spelled) right in the heart of the redlight district.

    short answer is, you need to walk a lot and never ever ever feel pressured into buying a gram of shit weed.

    last time i went it wasn't up to much but the stones super silver haze was the best i found 5g for 50 euros.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    forgot homegrown fantaseeds had a pretty killer menu imo..

    Closetgardner Well-Known Member

    There's a gut on the 600 thread,DST is his name. He stays out in the dam, He assures me that the law was put in place then scrapped. Maastricht is supposed to be the only city still up holding the law as the mayor is meant to be an arsehole

    budolskie Well-Known Member

    Cheers lads we going for like 3 nights Friday till Monday grey area sounds good, what's the plans for bringing sum back to UK about 50gram Haha nice little smoke for me to bring home and what will happen if I'm caught with that much
    mister juicy

    mister juicy Member

    i live in belgium, and go to a'dam about once a month.
    the law is enforced on a city-by-city basis.

    amsterdam does not enforce.
    i used to go to breda (a town near the border), and now i cant.
    its completely up to the city you are in.

    hope this helps.

    ghb Well-Known Member

    i've done it ten times and never been caught, smellyproof bags and an unsuspicious get up are in order.

    walking thru customs still stoned and looking shifty is a no-no, smell is your worst enemy!

    budolskie Well-Known Member

    Cheers once again I havnt been yet like I can't wait

    DST Well-Known Member

    Relating to the ban, this is totally accurate. It is only in Maastricht and a few other places in the South that the ban remains. This is down to the Mayor in Maastricht and the problems the city has with drug tourists. Not violence or rowdy behaviour but car parking. By all accounts the volume of German and other traffic from neighbouring countries has turned the cities parking into a nightmare. People come and park there car and do a tour of the shops to collect as much weed as possible (where in general a 5gram rule per sale will apply). Which has subsequently jammed up parking lots and available spaces for local....quite incredible and funny really.



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