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Whats a ideal Ph for flowering stage??

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by robside, Jun 27, 2010.


    robside Active Member

    Whats a good Ph range when in flowering stage?? these girls are at 3 weeks. Ive only been able to get to this point with the help of all on this site!! Thanks to ALL who reply now and all who have helped me in the past with this Grow. This is my very first grow, i'm new to this and LOV"IN IT!!!!

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    Bulldog73 Active Member

    depends on strain and your grow medium but a safe bet is 6.0.. Don't go any higher than 6.5 ever.. You need to get a book like the grow bible.. Some of this stuff should be researched before you start. You should understand Water, Air (CO2 and O2), temperature and their various issues. You should really be familar with ideal PH, ideal EC or PPM, etc.. Start with a book and then asks questions here but don't just grow blindly.. It won't turn out well...

    KlosetKing Well-Known Member

    sorry bulldog, but i disagree. i doubt a strain much if any difference in pH preference, and as for depending on the soil, your soil should be treated before using (i learned that the hard way) with dolomite lime to keep it buffered.

    pH levels should be the same throughout your grow, flower or not.

    if you are Hydro, keep it (and this is memory only) 5.5-5.8.
    for soil, keep it 6.3-6.7.

    these numbers are + or - .1, but thats about the range, ill be back with an update of a pic that floats around this forum a lot about lockouts.

    -edit- found the pic

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