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Mar 28, 2012
Mar 29, 2010
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Site of first contact....
Bong Hitter.

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Well-Known Member, from Site of first contact....

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Mar 28, 2012
    1. kevin murphy
      kevin murphy
    2. cannabis420420
      thank you for the thumbs up buddy :)
    3. Grim Reafer
      Grim Reafer
      Hello, I was just reading the What Is Stealth?? Seedbank Practices Discussed thread and was wondering if you ever got your beans?
    4. B0nedocta
      whoop whoop
    5. joseph112284
      Hey man check out my grow update. tell me what you think.
    6. bubbakiki
      Hey bro, this is bubba. thanks for your reply on my beginner blues post on maybe harvesting too early and not flushing--resulting in nasty smelling weed. Sounds like you're answer closest fits my problem. 1) There was bronzing on the upper (not lower) buds and dry to the touch. Is this OK while still on the vine? Thought it needed to be moist on the vine. 2) You said maybe not too late for a water cure. How can I do this with harvested weed? 3) Understand you could cop a buzz on your nasty weed, but mine is just too harsh. Can I turn it into honey oil? 4) Didn't hang in dark closet. Could that have contributed to the problem?
      Appreciate any help you could give. Thanks, bubba
    7. KlosetKing
      hey thanks for the message! ya i know how ya feel on seeing limited posts. granted, not all my posts are as thorough as they were today, ive been stoned off some of my fresh cuttings and its got me all chatty. no ones home to talk to, so, instead of giving out the typical 'yes, no, 10 days, male' answers, i tried to be a bit more comprehensive. it also helps that my knowledge is just ever expanding in this site. 2 months ago, my posts were a sentence long, now i am actually attaining some knowledge thats actually worth sharing. oh, and friend accepted =D ill be checking out your grow shortly
    8. honda5150
      I read some pointers you gave out to someone and thought they were useful for me. Its nice to know that people go out of their way and write whole paragraphs, and spend the time to help out newbies. I added you as a friend if that is ok. This is my first grow and will be harvesting in about 4-5 weeks. Check out my 1st grow. thanks & good luck on your harvest in a few weeks
    9. MuppetMan1989
      thats whats up! I'm day 22 into flowering and my babys r nice and thick! yeah yeah!
    10. KlosetKing
      puttin a new shot of it in the avatar tonight, start to seriously consider the harvest here soon =D
    11. MuppetMan1989
      def man thanks, keep the grows coming! looking good on your pic.
    12. MuppetMan1989
    13. KlosetKing
      MCL muthafawkoos!
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    Site of first contact....
    Bong Hitter.
    Just someone who would rather hit a bong than a bottle.


    Second Grow! GoGo Gadget BlackJacks! Please, take any advice i give you with a grain of salt. I AM NOT A PRO! My info is based on my own logic, understanding, research, and/or complete regurgitation of facts read elsewhere.
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