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What is the most potent strain you have tried?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by slayer6669, Oct 8, 2011.


    slayer6669 New Member

    what is the most potent strain you have trid. one that couchlocked you and had you feeling like you didnt wanna do shit all day. i havnt tried to many strains so for me it would have to be AK 47. but i would like somthing stronger, somthing with a high cbd and decently high thc.

    danwxm New Member

    G-13 or blue cheese

    medmanjoe Well-Known Member

    for me it was alaska thunderfuck a couple of months ago by far one of the best highs ive had in awhile
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    I do not equate potency and couch-lock. To me toking is all about getting high, not getting stoned.

    What is the most potent pot I ever smoked? A pure staiva that came from the Dalat Province, brought back from Vietnam in 1969. I have smoked many potent strains since, but none have matched or topped "the jungle kind."

    Here is a portion of an article from an old issue of High Times where a Vietnam Vet tells about the amazing potency of the strains from Vietnam, the province of Dalat in particular.


    A Pot Crop Lives Now

    by Dr. Dalat
    Thu, Jun 16, 2005 12:23 pm

    The story of a war-veteran helicopter pilot who never got higher than when he smoked the fabled Vietnamese strains while “in country.” Decades later, he seeks out these same plants to grow for himself at home and to smoke through his retirement.

    Story & photos by Dr. Dalat

    Thirty-two years ago, I was a 20-year-old fresh-faced and very naive young man sent to Southeast Asia by the US government—caught up, like so many of my generation, in the wide, sweeping net of the final military draft of the last century and sent to fight the war in Vietnam. As a helicopter pilot, I flew all over the central highlands of that country, circa 1969-71, and experienced much of the worst that man has to offer his fellow man, but also plenty of the best. One of my most remarkable memories was discovering a plantation of 30-foot-tall cannabis sativa trees in a very isolated province called Dalat.

    Dalat at that time was way off the beaten path. Nestled between two mountain ranges at an altitude of around 4,500 feet and really only accessible from the air (I had a distinct advantage because of my air mobility), the region was rumored amongst the grunts to be the birthplace of Ho Chi Minh, North Vietnam’s spiritual and political leader, and therefore off limits to the enemy Viet Cong. The truth of the matter was, of course, quite different. In reality, the VC used Dalat for R&R (rest and relaxation) for their troops and therefore, quite wisely, refrained from initiating any action in and around the province. In effect, both sides considered it an unofficial “no-fire zone.”

    While on one of my many fly-ins to Dalat City, I met the owner of the cannabis plantation—a wonderful older French gentleman who was always more than kind when it came to sharing his bounty. For our part, those of us in the helicopter crews kept him well stocked with much-needed and hard-to-get staples and supplies that we would scavenge from the various US base mess halls and supply depots that we visited regularly.

    The best of the sativas came from the highland areas of Vietnam, places like Ban Me Thuot and Pleiku, and were similar to the highland Thai sativas in almost all respects. The very best of all were grown in the province of Dalat—cultivated for centuries by the indigenous tribes of mountain people known as Montagnards (although in their language, they refer to themselves as “Human Beings”), these crops produced without a doubt the most remarkable and mind-expanding herb I’ve ever experienced.

    Keep in mind that the Montagnard people are an ancient culture, with no real written record—only stories passed down from generation to generation. I recall most vividly sitting amongst the tribal chieftains and listening to them chant stories about “the beginnings of time” and how cannabis had been with them forever to guide them on their spiritual journey of pantheism. They have two words in their language for cannabis. The first translates loosely as “Path to the Gods.” The second is used only if you smoke too much of this fine herb, and it describes the state of mind of someone who has done just that. It translates simply as “The Mind of God.”

    For many of us who served the “Masters of War” in those days, Vietnamese pot became our path to sanity, our lifeline. It was a simple yet very effective way of maintaining peace of mind amidst the chaos of the conflict—an escape from the horrendous reality of our daily lives. From 1964 to 1974, thousands of US soldiers came home from the war carrying as much of this “boo” with them as possible—introducing the exotic smokes of Southeast Asia to the world at large, the seeds of which would provide the main genetic building blocks for many modern strains of cannabis. Ask anyone who came of age during that time, and you’ll notice a quick flash of the eyes as their mind recalls the experience of smoking “the jungle kind.” Though often ridiculed by younger generations as the quaint musings of aging hippies, the sad fact remains that most folks younger than 45 simply have never experienced the mind-bending high of the pure land-race sativa strains of Southeast Asia.

    Amen, Dr. Dalat!

    Beansly RIU Bulldog

    Mr. Nice Neville's Haze

    The*Mad*Hatter Well-Known Member

    wow, im sure thats a great read in all......and i would LOVE to stay and read it, but im getting ready to go slam my penis in the door right now...my schedual is all booked up...

    but my vote is for good ol white widow.....shit will knock you on your ass everytime
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    Have fun slamming your ham, Beavis.

    gretel007 Member

    ice cream-delicious

    24/7City Member

    super cali haze

    fatboyOGOF Well-Known Member

    very cool! thanks for the article! i too prefer to be high as opposed to stoned. it's these young folks. they like the narcotic stone. it's ok once in awhile but i'd be napping 3 times a day!
    i never got a chance to try any vietnamese strains. i was in the AF and we'd have guys smuggle hash and pot from all over the world but i never got any vietnamese.

    thai was the stoniest pot i ever had and i smoked a lot of different genetics over the decades! i spent 2 years in thailand (1975 and 77). i had been smoking good california sensi, some soaring mexican genetics and i smoked a bunch of those wonderful hawaiian strains from back then. the hawaiian was the most beautiful pot i've ever seen! the thai reefer rang my bell! my eyes got blood red, i was giggling and i had to get back to work! i thought a few bong hits wound get me nicely high, it fucked me up and it was only lunchtime on my first day of work! :lol:

    Bonghostage Active Member

    g13 haze, cheesewreck, blue cheese always gets me ripped. what i'm growing atm. emmm.... white rhino is a personal favorite too

    Ganymede Active Member

    Soma's Hash Heaven (Hashplant X G-13 Haze) is to this time the most potent I've had.

    arsenal69 Active Member

    G13,lsd,bluecheese,bubblegum,super sliver haze are all very good but
    bluecheese and bubblegum are my fav

    arsenal69 Active Member

    smoking lsd now and have 3 cheese and 5 bubblegum on the go new for xmas bud

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    About 15 years ago, a friend of mine brought some "special" herb in. He never told me where he got it, and I never really thought to ask, but it looked commercially grown.

    Looking at it closer, it was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Inside the bag was one reasonably big bud, maybe the size of a half-dollar. It had some resin, a moderate and fairly unimpressive smell. The most interesting thing about it was that it was not green or brown, but rather a dull clay color, red-tan. I'd never seen anything like it (or since, actually). Broken open, there were maybe 1-2 seeds in there. Frankly, I wasn't expecting all that much from this stuff.

    Friend claimed the stuff was called "Willie's one-hit Wonder" (his exact phrase), and it was supposed to be real good.

    Anyway, we rolled up a normal sized joint and him, myself, and my brother each had maybe 2 or 3 good puffs.

    15 minutes later, we were just stupid. I could barely formulate a sentence, and my eyelids were drooping so hard, I could barely see. Ditto for my friend, who couldn't do more than stare blankly and say "whooooooooa!".

    Meanwhile, my brother literally couldn't stand up. . .he collapsed on the floor.

    Was this the real "Williams Wonder"? I have no idea. . .you basically never know when you get something this way, but I guess it might have been. Maybe it was "Panama Red". Anyone care to comment?

    I've had a similar experience smoking the "good stuff" in Amsterdam. More than a decade later, I can't remember what strain it was supposed to be. The woman I was with at the time just asked the barkeep for "something good", he brought out a little bag, and we rolled a joint.

    All I remember was two puffs later I was done. My head was swimming, I could barely move, and I learned that day why the locals always mix their weed with regular cigarette tobacco!

    weedmastatx Well-Known Member

    point of no return by mandela

    davecave Member

    Super lemon haze. About two yrs ago I Smoked a cigarillo of it with a buddy during a delivery run for the furniture store I worked for... I almost forgot hoe to drive and had me high til lunch! Runner up would be trainwreck.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    I do not know how probable it is, but it might have been real Williams Wonder. If so it originally came from the Super Sativa Seed Club, even though Williams Wonder was an indica dominant strain. It was in their 87 - 88 seed catalog. Putting it roughly 15-years ago the time frame is somewhat likely. That would put it roughly 8-years after it was released, so a good number of people might have still have been growing the original.

    One interesting thing is that the catalog said that it could not be flowered outdoors unless flowering was induced inside first. Why I could not say. So the the original Williams Wonder, allegedly, was selected solely for indoor growing, or at least so it seems.
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    DrFever New Member

    i think pure power would be most potent weed i ever grew or smoked heres day 18 flowering pic talk about frosty its nuts let me tell you even dryed and cured its pure white almost i might ad the best high i ever had as well it makes you laugh and just feel real good

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    maxbidwell Member

    June 1970 in Cambodia we rolled the usual then dipped them in thinned-down opium. These "dip sticks" once dried and smoked gave us (2/22) a different outlook on the war. It made thieves out us, as the well traveled path to the mess tent for anything sweet was a nightly affair.

    The weed there made these fried potatoes a gourmet meal!
    The THC content was around 7-10% and was tops back then but I think our current stuff puts it shame.
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