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What is the difference between SHATTER, WAX, OIL, BUDDER?

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by scorche224, Apr 16, 2012.


    scorche224 Member

    from my research they are all made the same, the differences with them are the consistency...?

    Would anyone be so kind to explain & help me out? :3

    gioua Well-Known Member

    it's all thc man... some here are "more sensitive" to certain methods but in the end it's all thc. diffs are methods made to make the end product. some like no chemicals to be use and will use dry ice or water/ice some like bho or iso or goats milk made on a full moon with only a 4 year old female goat who eats fresh oats made from a organic farm... but honestly after using and trying all the methods.. it's all going to be as good as the original product just in a condensed form...

    me I like the goats milk method!
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    scorche224 Member

    goats milk.....?

    ........... mattrize whar r u!
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    borothumb Member

    yes different consistencies. usually depends on how you go about making it though, i wouldn't say they are all made the same way.

    mattrize claims to shit on them all with his "ice wax" because it is much cleaner and doesn't involve butane. would love to try it one day.

    scorche224 Member

    from what ive read all that I listed are made from butane, although budder may confuse you cause the lather

    theexpress Well-Known Member

    wax/budder= whipped up bho..... shatter= bho that has been extracted once again by pure grain alcohal, then evaporated... each looks diffrent.. wax is waxy looking, budder is a more pale yellow, shatter is like a see threw amber

    scorche224 Member

    <3 thanks bby
    Mr Miyagi

    Mr Miyagi Member

    oh jesus christ here we go....

    here ill fill in...

    "well it all sucks you see....cuz ice is better...AND YOU CAN BLOW UP MAKING BHO AND ITS REALLY JUST GASOLINE ANYWAYS..SO WHEN YOUR SMOKING BHO ITS LIKE DRINKING GASOLINE.....SO DONT EVEN TRY IT!!! and even if you do, and you do a good job and people love it and praise you and buy the shit out of it.... youre doing it wrong , i promise...so give it up...and try making ice melt glass..
    not too mention wax sucks and its all deteriorating and stuff...and its like waxxy...

    and sucks

    there ya go....
    rize doesnt even have to chime in now!

    sorry..couldnt help madelf
    whoever already touched on it above pretty much nailed it..
    however one thing i think they missed is you CAN have an amber clear type "sap" initially after the vac purge before any heating or whipping..i guess it depends on how waxy a strain it is...then you can whip it up into budder or continue heating and drying and make it wax and then you can take said wax, mix it w booze filter it freeze it and you got absolute amber....or aa..not to be confused with 12 step gay-a

    you can see in the pics..
    first pic is right after vac purge..you can see it IS semi clear pretty much and sap like...could bottle it like that if wanted..
    the pic of the oil on paper is also just after the vac purge...before any heating or whipping or winterizing...if you put that into the freezer it would be hardened and could be shattered into pieces..hence the shatter name..
    then when i took what was in the bowl and whipped it a bit with some heat, i got the budder in the little containers...
    if you take that then spread it out n continueletting it dry on some heat, you can then scrape it up and compress it and it will be like whats in the last pic....a waxxy ball

    for the win i prefer budder...its easy to dab, doesnt turn to powder or break apart...just get a lil tool and super easy to dab...plus i like the taste flavor...you dont cook out all the flavinoids..

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    NaturalLiving Member

    I suppose this is as good a thread as any to ask and post a picture. I am just now really getting in to refining concentrates further and don't know many in my area that are experienced in this aspect of cannabis. I started with a dark concrete oil that smelled much like the "Purple Crack" it was made from, since this was my first attempt with BHO I only used about 10 grams in the run. The oil was not the smoothest I have had; nor was it the most potent (though it did have a kick), Moving onto winterization I noticed I was out of PGA so I turned to the 91% Iso. After a light pressure filtration I was left with this oil, the texture and movement of the oil is now that of a lightly thicker honey, with a light golden/amber coloring. With this oil the hit is only a little harsher but in a way of its a bit of a kick to the chest but the concentration of cannabinoids has gone up, though the flavor and smell did suffer a bit but I didn't find the smell the most enjoyable in the first place.

    My questions are:
    What can be done to improve beyond this step?
    What "stage" of BHO am I at now? (and if possible a longshot guess at Cannabinoid concentration)

    Please be gentle as I am new to the forum and BHO.

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    Mr Miyagi

    Mr Miyagi Member

    looks like ur at the end stage i suppose...
    i mean if its purged yellow oil which is what it llooks like...
    you could now take that oil n whip some air into it with heat, and make a budder type product...
    or you could package it as is as a sap or honey oil...
    or you could freeze it n shatter it n sell it as shatter...

    did i miss anything?

    as far as improving....really just using better buds will help..
    harder to tell without physically touching ur stuff..
    looks like ur on the right track to me tho..

    OGDOZJA Member

    the degree of temperature when heating the 2nd soluble off, example, amber glass is at 120-130 shatter at 135-140 and all the way up to ear wax which is at 165 so not go over 170. and for the wax, u whip it, the THC get more psychoactive the hotter it gets, however amber glass looks sooo clean. ALSO when making REAL AMBER or WAX u need to use a soluble to remove the butane.

    OGDOZJA Member

    fight club rules!! You dont talk about fight club!!!
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    vertigo0007 New Member

    Uh, no. One would only ise these temps if you want your product to be unscented and flavorless. The hotter thc gets, the more it degrades. Degraded thc is absolutely less psychoactive. Additional solvents are NOT NEEDED to remove butane. Good luck with your misinformation.

    Expialidocious Member

    I like using the ISO method, but using a 99% pure ISO. I mean if you can find pure alcohol that would work better. If you follow Rick Simpson's method, it's very easy to make your own OIL that is 100% alcohol free with pretty much nothing more than a rice cooker to boil off the alcohol.

    vacpurge New Member

    yeah...no. freezing it doesnt make shatter.. well it does.. but in 2 mins when its room temp, youll find its not shatter anymore.

    shatter only comes from a very very potent product, or a properly purged product ("99.5%" or better purged) I wash nice trim with butane... and I get liquid oil, no matter what. a few days ago I rinsed 20 grams of pure kief...and what I got was shatter.. even at room temp. it has a very unique look to it, which I am now realizing.

    I find ISO oil to have a "gross" taste to it... im not a fan. I never had liked alcohol, of any sort. so maybe im just biased and stubborn. I like my gasses over alcohols any day :) then again, im no expert.

    Stillblazinit Member

    someone needs to make an average purge length for 10g runs of bud to 100g runs of bud.. im guessing 4-16 hour vac purge after the heat tray ?

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Well everything has been said...oh well here goes 1 more time. The differences between butane iso co2 etoh and anything I forgot is minimal after the processing you end up with "pure" thc and crap.. The more washes you do the less flavorfull, for example I prefer the qwiso method then winterizing with etoh then doin a super saturated saline/hexane wash to remove the last of impurities.

    Really the difference is ease of smoking (butter) and taste.budder unlike amber still has waxes and icky lipids that can make the smoke harsher and congest your lungs...

    Just my 2cents

    oilmkr420 Active Member

    Before I started using co2 as a solvent, I really wanted to do bubble bags. I love ice water hash, but it comes w plant matter in a high concentration. It totally neglects all the non-polar constituents that get us high. Trichomes are not the only thing that we want. In fact, its really a small protion of overall compounds, that I'm not really bothered if the material has been sifted or bounced in efforts to kief the shit out. So there is a ton of wasted product from bubble bags, bho has a limited narrow spectrum it dissolves, isopropyl doesn't get you high, ethanol has its limitations, naphtha is gross, but co2 has the most stable reactions w any volatile solvent. It is co2 which is the most versatile due to temp/pressure soluability. So the real differences are in the dryness or moisture content and what people name it.

    blazeher Member

    bongsmilie goats! [video=youtube;S9Iq6LA7sZI]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9Iq6LA7sZI[/video]

    dowork123 Member

    Why is everyone saying you have to winterize bho to turn it to shatter....just blow your oil, be gentle with it as the initial tane purges off and the vac purge that bitch on a low constant heat. It will shatter as long as your material is pure, it isn't overheated, it isn't whipped and it's fully vac purged. Heat and lack of purge keep my oils less stable in my experience.

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