What is the best cloning machine available?

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How do you clones?

  1. I use a cloning machine.

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  2. I rip the branches off and throw them in the yard.

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  3. Rockwool cubes.

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  4. I only use seeds.

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  5. My clones come from a secret DARPA cloning facility 2 miles below Red Rocks, CO.

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    SeattlePot Well-Known Member

    After an unsucesfull attempt at cloning using gel, rockwool, and tray/dome I have decided to invest in a cloning machine. The EZ-cloners seem like nice machines but they are so expensive. Are they worth the money? What do you use?
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    Joker52 Well-Known Member

    not worth it

    DRtothE Well-Known Member

    not worth it.

    cloning is easy, what's the deal wih you sucking at it? :-?


    outlawcustombikes Well-Known Member

    At what temp did you keep the dome?....Rooting seems to thrive in warmer temps...Try one of those heated seed mats...you can get them for $20-$25....

    SeattlePot Well-Known Member

    Well, I think that the plant I cloned from was just too young. Even though it was almost three feet tall it was only five weeks old. Other than that Icant figure out why they died.

    outlawcustombikes Well-Known Member

    That may have been a little young to clone off of??? Never tried it that soon before. How quick are you expecting the clones to root? My attempts have always taken 2-4 weeks. Like I said, using a heat mat really seems to speed that time up.....Don't drown them either lol it will rot.... Those Jiffy pellets seem to work nice.....saturate the pellets, put them in the humidity dome and don't water them again till you see roots. Thats how I've been doing it and it seems to work well for me anyway. Good luck, ~Outlaw~

    DRtothE Well-Known Member

    this is all good info for you, even though i've never heard of the heat pad method, i'm sure it won't hurt.

    remember not to get an air bubble in the 45 degree cut of your clone, that is auto death. and keep n mind for the time they are trying to sprout roots, they have to absorb water through their leaves.

    keep them under a light where the heat will evaporate the water soon enough not to make them rot, and spray them down a couple times a day.


    G4RD3N3R Active Member

    I would not recommend the EZ-Clone machine. Worked with it 3 months, all months showed minimal success rate (to none).

    I like working with rockwool and Jiffy 7's.
    ryan miller

    ryan miller Well-Known Member

    i just made an aero cloner with 2 5gal bukets a water pump an air pump. fuckn simple if you think about it a little. oh yeah u need the aero fittings, and some tubing. itl cost u 60 bux max. i sucked at cloning till recent, the heat pad worx, make sure you get the tall dome. my homemade aero cloners a champ, my clones dont even wilt! no clone gel or nothin. i do use the super thrive tho, thats the shit, changed every thing for my clone sitcho. peace

    TetraHyC Well-Known Member

    Cloners are the way to go.

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    FatSalad Well-Known Member

    Make your own... Buy a container, pump, pvc, sprayers and make your own. Home Depot and Lowes are FN growers paradise. It is simple.

    SmokeyTheBear420 Active Member

    I was having issues cloning as well. And after a couple tries, I dished out the dough ($150). I know it's a lot of money for something that should be so simple but it was an impulse buy, I had the money....so fuck it. I also bought a ph meter and found the water I was using had way too high of a ph. I started cloning my plants as well around weekd 5 (plants were almost 3 feet too) in jiffy cubes. I then bough the cloner, took the ones I had in jiffy cubes for a week, and 3 of those 5 rooted. I also took a bunch more clones and 15 out of 18 had 1 inch roots in about a week+1 day. I bought the 24 spot one cause I'm going for a SOG. Only problem was, my big plants are about 4 more weeks away from finishing and I didn't have another light. So I bought 4 40w fluoro's. Hopefully, this will be enough until I can get them under the MH/HPS.

    If you getting frustrated with cloning like I was and have the $, get the same set up I had and it will work. Or you can do what other's have suggested (I've heard it's easy with the pad warmer, jiffy cubes/rockwool and cover but it didn't work for me).

    Good luck man. Let us know how you do.

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    hydrochris Active Member

    My Blueberry cloning experiments included using Rootech Gel in each of the mediums, Rockwool cubes in a humidome took 2 13-17 days for a nice root cluster, Rapid Rooters in a humidome 10-14 days, EZ cloner 60 site (issues with excessive water temp) 10-17 days.

    I have found that using General Hydroponics rapid rooters, rootech gel, olivias cutting solution worked best. I have had a 95% success rate using this method with hundreds of blueberry, cheese, and utra haze cuttings.

    The EZ Clone 30 site and 120 site are much more reliable than the 60 site, the mag driven pump in the 60 site generates too much heat for the res water and causes a gray slime to form.

    rbahadosingh Well-Known Member

    I just recently made my own bubble cloner and have been having excellent results. cost me about $30 to make it. it seems to have best results when the temps are in the high 70's and low 80's. i wouldnt go out an buy the ez-cloner. you could make one for way cheaper that works just as good if not better.
  15. Maybe if your determined to buy something you could try a Daisey Cloner, Just google it, I thik there about 70$ if i remember right. I clone in rockwool but i have heard of success with these units before, And as long as you non't need to many clones at a time you can't beat the price. You may however want to try it again with a heated propigation mat, I had NO success until i got one.

    Good luck
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    quazzy10 Active Member

    If you get a heat mat what is the best temp to keep it at for quick root development as some are fixed and some are adjustable and whats the best air temp as well. I've rooted in rockwool with clonex but they are taking 3 to 4 weeks so i think i need to sort out the temps.
    ryan miller

    ryan miller Well-Known Member

    72 to 78 is fine, the pad i got you cant adjust but i temped it and it sits at like 90somthing but my plugs were perfect at 74. so keep the pad at 90 or so and with a prop trey with (i use some sponge plug deals from my grow shop, they dont have a name on the bag but the work great) the plugs dropped down in the trey and youll be set. But fuck all that, make an aero cloner, fuk the mat, fuck the gel, and get fantastic roots. Late

    SeattlePot Well-Known Member

    I would be a lot more likely to build my own aerocloner if I had seen one in action and had a better understanding of the machines fundementals. But not having experience with one leaves me a little wary of building one. A couple of hundred dollars is a small price for me to pay knowing that I wont be wasting another three weeks and a bunch of clones.

    quazzy10 Active Member

    I dont mind building one and having a go with it, what are the timings for running one ie on and off times for the pump, and are they true aero as i've got some 50 micron nozzles and a 60 psi pump to run them or do you just use the low pressure spinning nozzles and a mag drive pump. Also what are the water temps and do you use just ph'd water or do i need rooting hormones etc :)
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    ryan miller

    ryan miller Well-Known Member

    i dont have the spinning deals, mine just shoots a bunch of streams everywhere effectivly wetting the underside (cut stem) of my clones. i have an eco systems water pump its one of the mid sized ones nothing huge. i dont use anything but superthrive in the water at 1/4 teaspoon per gallon. i keep the water between 72 and 78. the pump provides enough heat for that. what else... i ph at 6.4 and i spray with the same water twice or 3 times a day, in the morning for sure. as far as timing, i have an 8 cycle timer so mine goes on for an hour then off for an hour and 15 minutes. which gets me thru an 18 hour light cycle. oh yeah and i have an air pump going in to mine thats on all the time. i think it gives my clones roots the air they need and it 02s the water.

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