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what if you plant a seed too deep?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by lumpus, Aug 2, 2009.


    lumpus Active Member

    i read somewhere that the roots might have trouble with aeration and compaction.

    any thoughts?

    also can i use small rocks to aerate my soil?

    how deep should i plant my next one?
    i usually plant like half a finger or more deep.

    Tyrannabudz Well-Known Member

    You should only plant seeds about 1/4" deep. Because it doesn't have enough energy to fight through that depth of soil.
    Don't compact soil. You should sarurate your growing medium befire planting. The water will compact the soil for you. While watering a dry fresh pot of soil watch it as it settles thats all the compacting you need. allow excess water to runout you want the medium moist not soaked.

    Are you germinating the seeds in a paper towel or cup of water before planting? While this is not necessary it tells you exactly which seeds are good before planting. Hope this helps & good luck.:bigjoint:
    Green Cross

    Green Cross Well-Known Member

    The biggest problem planting too deep is the seed may not have the force to crack the surface. I go for 3/8 of an inch, about the length of the sharpened part of a pencil. In fact that's what I use to make the hole.

    Rocks to airate?

    Rocks don't hold much air. I suppose you could use volcanic rock, and I know some manufacturers (of soil mix) use pumice. Pearlite is the best, but I suppose you could use sand in a pinch.

    solodolo Member

    It's not a preferred method but you'd be surprised how the root system grows very fast, if anything it might take longer for it to reach the surface of your grow medium..if it does.

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