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What base do YOU use?

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by Maphyr, Jul 13, 2013.


    Maphyr Active Member

    I'm currently getting ready for my next grow and I'm having some difficulty choosing which brand of potting soil I want to use for my base soil. I do not want to use Roots Organic or FFOF because all I've read about this brand is GNATS. Man, I've had enough gnats, I wanna do everything I can to avoid having to string fly paper all over my room.

    I've been thinking about using Happy Frog but I'm not sure HF has coco and myz in it. So I was thinking Happy Frog + Promix. Not sure yet, so looking for some feedback.

    What do you use for your base soil when mixing super soil?

    grownbykane Active Member

    the occasional gnat is kinda just the way it is when you grow organically in soil. its not the gnats fault we create the perfect environment for them in our dirt haha. that being said I have been using roots original for over 2 years and have never had enough gnats to warrant any action against them.

    whyblameus Active Member

    I also use roots original.
    When first planting and tranplanting I do a soil drench with azamax.
    Hardly ever see a gnat.

    subcool Well-Known Member

    TGA Base soil of course :)


    beuffer420 Well-Known Member

    Man gotta give it to the super soil sub! I FINALLY tried some ganja grown in it and was amazing!!! The frost was unreal taste and all I felt honored to smoke it. Def has me thinking about switching off advanced nutes or at least running both SS and advanced till I get the hang of dirt again, it's been a while.

    cropperpotconnor Member

    I use 2cf of hydroton, 1 bag of ocean forest, 6 bags of harvest moon. Harvest moon has changed the mix since sub tested it.

    stondded Active Member

    I use roots original and haven't had too many problems. But I would like to get ahold of some down to earth pro organics soil, I'm pretty sure its very close to actual tga base soil cuz sub was testing in some earlier nerd bids and bit clearly had much faster growth than the roots

    Adpadbro Member

    I used roots and got gnats but always had a good finished product. Recently I switched to dr earth organic soil and the results are much better. Dr earth is a much more complete soil. It is a little richer do less water is required. Good luck with your decision, super soil is amazing.

    freedombegins Member

    last time i used tga base its awesome, before that i used down to earth pro organic just as awesome.

    Maphyr Active Member

    Don't think TGA is available where I am located. I tried looking or a place to order online and had no luck. Please let me know if I'm overlooking something because I would actually like to use the TGA soil.

    Maphyr Active Member


    Kase Well-Known Member

    Iguana juice by advanced nutrients all the way!!

    Maphyr Active Member

    What man? Is that a soil? I don't think it is...

    Kase Well-Known Member

    Ahhh base soil, thought base nutrients my bad.

    I use mushroom compost mixed with coco coir.

    murdergrow Active Member

    just picked up some base soil to make my own ss mix. doing a half batch so i got a bag of ewc, bag of light warrior, bag roots original, bag roots 707, and 2 bags of tga base. decided to mix it up some to have a more diverse soil. also picked up 1.5cf of bagged supersoil to finish my current ladies in while i wait for my own mix to activate. wish me luck

    Kase Well-Known Member

    Wow sounds like a great mix murdergrow! Let us know how it turns out!

    Maphyr Active Member


    HankDank Well-Known Member

    like i suggest to everyone, what i use is an equal parts mix of worm castings, vermiculite, and perlite. Its a very low cost medium that i have found over the years to be a perfect environment for a healthy root system. It wont pack down, it wont hold too much water, and all my plants have thrived very very well in this mix.
    It wont cost you an arm and a leg and i will without a doubt put it up against any "super soil" mix anyone wants to do a grow challenge with.

    Maphyr Active Member

    Just as a base or do you mean for the whole recipe?

    HankDank Well-Known Member

    thats my whole recipe, ive tried all sorts of mixed soils from cheap to expensive and i've found thats the recipe i stated has given me the best results all around. have'nt had any issues once i made the switch a few years ago

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