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What are vapes like?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Derple, Nov 27, 2012.


    Derple Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone, just thinking about getting a vaporizer to save my lungs. I heard the high was different though, so I was tossing up between getting a 50 dollar vaporizer or a 100 dollar bong.
    Could someone describe the high to me? And some of the ups and downs of having a vape?

    AltarNation Well-Known Member

    At least in my experience, I'd say that a bong does not save lungs. All it does is encourage me to take big rips. :O

    The high is different. But it's a lot better for you. Probably worth it in the long run. It takes some adjustment for some people. Others switch easily. I like to vape through a bong, so I can still hold onto some/most of the ritual I remember.
    Carne Seca

    Carne Seca Well-Known Member

    I have a vape (Da Buddha). Best investment ever. The high can be really intense but it definitely is a different high. A much better one in my opinion. But, If I were you, I would save your money until you have enough to get a decent vaporizer. They run in the 200 to 300 dollar range. If you can't do that then buy the bong. I'd rather have a decent bong than a lousy vaporizer.

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