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Well.... I got caught :(

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Supertaco, Nov 7, 2007.


    Supertaco Active Member

    Yeah I got caught growing 5 plants in my closet. (live with my mom) Although it didn't go to bad since my mom, has very lenient views on marijuana, former hippie and stuff. Basically I got complimented on my growing skills, said my plants were really healthy and growing big, cept got told to get rid of them because I guess she has "to much to lose" :roll: Sucks, o well I still got a bunch of seeds and plan on starting again when I move out. Hopefully soon :mrgreen::mrgreen:

    Anyone have this happen to them what happened to you??

    o'rly Well-Known Member

    No. your ass would still be on fire right now if you had my mom.

    Supertaco Active Member

    Yes I hate nazis to.:evil:

    o'rly Well-Known Member

    It's not about hate, or being a nazi about it. It's just like your mother said, too much to lose

    Supertaco Active Member

    I still didnt agree with this because I still believe I have the right as a human being to grow whatever plant I want. I dont give a shit about these stupid fuckin laws. But I respected the fact that I'm living in HER house so I regretfully got rid of em.

    pandabear Well-Known Member

    dont sweat it man, just be ready in spring to put ones outside

    intensive Well-Known Member

    how much trouble can a teenager actually get in for growing 2-3 plants for him/herself? i mean fuck its just weed, i hate the goverment :(

    dankie Well-Known Member

    It isn't how much trouble you can get in, but what will happen to the people who own the property. If you are a minor and in your parents house, all penalties will fall on your parents. If you were an adult, and growing in an apartment, the landlord would also get in trouble, all the way to having the property siezed and sold at auction.

    americantrent Active Member

    well your parents get possession with intent to distribute (felony), also manufacturing(felony), prolly some other bullshit they would make up, and o yea, they take everything at the residence EVERYTHING, no more underwear.

    twistedheat57 Well-Known Member

    I good way to look up laws, in the usa anyways is NORML.com they have all the laws

    JMS Active Member

    I'd say you got a pretty cool mom.

    bluewizard Well-Known Member

    if i have kid's i'm gonna teach them about growing from a very young age. that way when they're old enough to smoke it they'll never have to buy it.

    Cutdown Active Member

    Maybe in Texas sweety, here we've got a bit more liberal law even though it is "illegal" to grow.

    dirtyal1223 Smoky McPot

    Okay, getting caught by your mom who really doesnt care doesnt count as getting caught. I was expecting something like a raid or some kind of bust, or at least a mom that turned you into the cops. Not that I hope for these kinds of things but this shouldnt be representative of a "I got caught" thread.

    TBoyChronic Active Member

    Well when i was 15 i got caught growin twice. Both times i got chewed out and the tried to ground me and all that shit, but ofcourse i didnt listen and was more carefull on my next grow. Dude, dont let it slow you down. You can consider outdoor growin out in the sticks somewhere next season.

    Supertaco Active Member

    I actually thought that was gonna happen to me. stupid paranoia :?

    Also dont lie youd rather read about someone getting buttraped by the system .. you know for the entertainment value.

    But im still pissed even though I got off easy, not pissed at my mom but pissed at the government for putting these kinds of laws into place.

    Also im 21, yes still livin with parent because its financially easier while I go to school. But planing on moving into a student coop by January 08

    BeachGrower79 Well-Known Member

    dude,... so much depends on variables when getting caught growing,...what state,...what age,..how many plants,...past offenses,....roots present? (the law states roots must be present to be considered a plant,therefore early clones dont count)
    for 1,2,3 plants,..cops probably cant get a warrant. ive had friends (witnessed it) get busted growing during a totaly different bust op,....when the plants were discovered,..they were seized,..but the owner/resident just had to sign a piece of paper saying he would never do it again. no handcuffs

    billybob88 Well-Known Member


    BeachGrower79 Well-Known Member

    they were busted for allegedly selling marijuana,..which they were,..but at this present time, had no pot to sell. the plants were mostly clones,..no roots yet,..tons of them though. there were 2, large,rooted plants that were also taken,but it was like they just didnt care.?
    this was in los angeles area

    BeachGrower79 Well-Known Member

    i also heard a story,...of an old guy who had been growing a bushes/bushes in his back yard for years,...no one knew,..no one cared. one day a neighbor smells it, looks over the fence, calls the fuzz,..they show up,..go chop chop,..a paper was signed saying "i will never do this again blah blah" and that was it.
    seperate story altogether that i heard randomly. from clifornia area

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