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Washington Bill to bring Pot into liquor stores!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by HippySmoke, Jan 26, 2011.


    HippySmoke Active Member

    Carne Seca

    Carne Seca Well-Known Member


    HippySmoke Active Member

    Your are telling me dude! And I thought Mary Lou Dickerson was a square!

    youalllovezakk Member

    i feel like this is more of a "let's get this out there" thing than something that'll actually pass

    asafan69 Well-Known Member

    "Critics say the bill would increase marijuana use among teens and could lead to harder drug use." I love how every time a proposition to legalize comes up this is always the standard go to phrase for detractors. Such ignorant bullshit.


    MomaPug Active Member

    Lots going on in WA.

    The Legislature is working on new regs. for medical use.
    BILL REQ. #: S-0279.3/11 3rd draft
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Concerning the medical use of cannabis.

    This is the current draft.
    http://www.mynorthwest.com/category/loc ... l-changes/

    There are signatures being gathered by the people to get marijuana legal in WA State on the ballot.
    http://www.seattlepi.com/local/434210_p ... ource=mypi
    http://thesunbreak.com/2011/01/26/campa ... -both-ends

    The bill you mention that would put the liquor board and the state agriculture department in charge of Marijuana.
    http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2011/jan/ ... uana-bill/
    http://www.nwcn.com/news/washington/Dee ... 92219.html
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    HippySmoke Active Member

    Wow there is a lot going on you are right! Thank you so much for those informative leads.

    And I really really really doubt this bill would pass but I am just happy to see the "don't even say the words regulate pot" stigma is slowly leaving.

    MomaPug Active Member

    True that!!

    I am helping gather signatures to put legalization on the ballot...I wonder if we can pull off what CA couldn't? With more and more states loosening up, I hope the feds react the right way and go with the will of the people!!

    jdizzle22 Well-Known Member

    Does this require collecting signatures? Because they had the same thing up last year and they didn't get anywhere nearly enough sigs to bring this up to vote. There was a 2nd marijuana thing in WA last year and they almost had the votes for that though.

    beeker Well-Known Member

    there was an intiative to leagalize last yr, but due to a late start, they didnt get the required signatures needed before the turn in date.I believe the group is, sensible wa, and they will try again in 2011. Another bill is for legalizing, sale and taxin in liquior stores. Bold moves that show more ppl are accepting bud and its not the evil weed. but their efforts will be wasted, until the feds decrimilize or reclassify MJ, any laws passed by the ppl or state will bring harsh actions from the feds and monies for many important programs will stop until the state complies. Keep writing and tellin r fed officials that we want the laws changed.

    Roll69 Member

    I think it's a pretty good idea. The stores themselves would probably make a lot more money, and the gov't would get a fortune in taxes. Why not just have marijuana legal to sell in regular connivence stores? That's the best idea to me.

    Mattdog Member

    need more information on how to obtain a license, etc. When not in depth, turn it down!

    ExDex1x1 Active Member

    Not the greatest idea ever. Going to give MMJ a very bad reputation if this isn't handled very carefully. Underage sale is a big pile of crap that the MMJ community doesn't need right now.

    PeteSwitch Well-Known Member

    I agree with this. A decent amount of income for Washington stems around alcohol sales and I think this is due in part because of the microbrew beer community. Now if you open a free market for MJ this will make available a taxable revenue for the state BUT how many people are going to head down to the local liquor store to stockpile their favorite MJ selection? Me, hell no! I rarely visit a liquor store in the greater Washington area. For starters their cap on grain alcohol is beyond perplexing to me when I enjoy making homemade batches of Kahlua that requires grain alcohol.I also have family in the greater CA. area that I'm able to get cheap liquor from when I have family drive down to visit. They usually just transport a half gallon or so bottle for 1/3 the cost of what it will cost me to buy it from a state liquor store. I think House Bill 115 is on the right track but it certainly isn't going to be the end all be all. :)
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