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Washing yo Bud?

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Droxster, May 7, 2009.


    Droxster Member

    WOW.....ok....soooo if i have a infestation it IS safe to water-cure....i mean...as long as i still get high....im not really a pothead...potheads need help really....i toke like only on the weekends....all i wanted to know...was could i wash my weed,most likely if i ever do it, it will be from a bad infestation....and still get high....all i wanted to know....because in the end thats all that matters..and im not down with smoking bug webs and shit...might make a new hybrid virus like the Swine Flu thats rollin around here! ....hell i didnt mean to spark a riot:bigjoint:

    ONEeyedWILLY444 Well-Known Member

    yeah he was very hurtfull:cry: i cried a little.
    i dont care what anyone says too me on here. i just take in the good info and brush the bullshit too one side.:joint::hump::peace:

    iloveit Well-Known Member

    What strain is that in your avatar?

    vampyroswrath Active Member

    It surprises me that people dont know this by now lol, I havent been around the forum much but... just search for greenphoenix tutorial on water curing compared to a bud of the same plant not water cured, bag appeal is lost with a water cure or wash, but potency could be increased...

    and there is no reason to think that the thc is decreased in the water because it is NOT WATER SOLUBLE, bottomline: try it before you knock it

    doidlethedigger Member

    simple as this look on ur thing of insectiside "wash vegetables before use"

    Not saying you wont lose thc, but lets say ur makin bubble hash a quick dip n swirl wont hurt nething too much

    rollingotties Well-Known Member

    wow so much fuckin hatred. cant we all smoke a joint and be happy? :joint:

    fly Well-Known Member

    i cant see why it would hurt the plant or make it weaker, cannabis grows outside so they can undergo rain ect therefore if you dont scrub it it should be fine. (thc isnt water soluble)

    moedownonit Well-Known Member

    lol...jeez simmer down people. I just had a large infestation on one particular strain that didnt affect any of my other strains. i didnt realize how bad it was untill it was late in flowering. i just harvested them and swished the nugs around in some water then set them to dry. Didnt affect the flower at all and it is just drying like normal and most the bugs came off. So no this does not hurt anything at all and is a good method as a last resort.

    Milesmkd Active Member

    Wash your buds, I do it every harvest and have no mold problems.

    Illicht Active Member

    ^^ Pretty much, my last grow i water-cured half of the buds, they turned out wayyyy smaller than the air-cured buds, but godddammm they were more potent...(also, virtually no smell of "weed" when smoking the water-cured)

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