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Veg and Root Growth after Flowering.

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by Sunbiz1, Jan 26, 2013.


    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    Hi all!

    A simple question yet perhaps a complex one. How many weeks after flipping the switch to 12 hours do root systems cease to develop?.

    I realize this varies by strain, but that can be somewhat calculated. For example, an 8 week flower period stops growing at 4 weeks...therefore a 12 week strain stops at 6?.

    I ask b/c as a soil grower, I am trying to dial-in on appropriate container sizes. Generally, I try and do a final transplant a week prior to flipping. So I'm basically winging it by the old 1 gallon medium/foot in height.

    TY in advance for any assistance.

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member


    elkukupanda Active Member

    They never stop, however, we are growing in pots.. so they sense the size and well... they will limit to the size of the pot. so there is no time frame... or week in flowering... they stop when they have no more room..

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    Then it sounds like I'm limiting my yield. This plant obviously should have been topped, and was placed into current container 3 weeks ago. The strain is a quick finisher, 7-8weeks and has been on 12 hour cycle for 2 weeks.

    Would you up that container size to a 5 gal from a 3?. I'm considering doing so today.



    Sampras1489 Active Member

    No don't transplant at this point as you are already 2 weeks into flowering. The rule of thumb I go by is a little different and that's 1 gal/every month the plant is alive. I find I have the most luck with growing in 7-10 gallons, but a lot of people don't want to use that much soil. The minimum I would go with is a 5 gallon.

    p.s: the whole reason your rule of thumb doesn't work is that some people have height limitations, but still veg for 8 weeks with LST and bonsai techniques. In that case, a 2 foot plant (give or take) would need a 2 gallon pot under that logic, where it really would thrive in a 5-10 gallon.

    Hope this helps :)

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    I get it, and under normal circumstances that plant would be a good foot shorter. I have transplanted from a 5 gal to a 7 before, during late summer outdoors...and therefore longer veg time. It needed it badly 2 weeks into flower, but was also a 10 week strain whereas this one is 7-8 max. It's a Bros Grim Apollo 11 X C99...and thankfully I have cloned her.

    Thanks again.

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