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Vape Pens

Discussion in 'Colorado Patients' started by Trousers, Dec 1, 2012.


    twostrokenut Well-Known Member

    Oh shit my bad.....super cheap batteries for ya bro they got pass thru's some mod shit too......http://www.desire-ecig.com/Cartomizers-atomizer-Clearomizer

    twostrokenut Well-Known Member

    I need some wick and wire too.........ever use the Vision rebuild-able Stardust aka stardust 5? or a vivi Nova? or you sticking with the XL carts for wax? If you keep the changeable ohm heads clean pretty awesome and cheap....... if I figure out how to wick an wire will have it made.

    Changable coil heads like 2 bucks been vaping one 2.4 head for over a month now havent even tried the 1.8 from the Nova heard they rock. Prolly same as type b stuff.

    twostrokenut Well-Known Member

    just looked up igo-l you're dabbing nicely I bet:)

    diog New Member

    ive never used a clearomizer for oils, since theres usually no cup thing. but i use for ecig juice. ce4+ witht he screw off atomizer heads work nice...can rebuild the coil & wick too easily. one modification is to remove that top metal nipple thing under the where the mouthspiece screws down. it still will be air tight but the air flow is soooo much better.

    one thing im scared about with the igo-l is the temperature of the vapor produced since its such a short distance to the mouth from the coil

    of course i just found other stuff i should have gotten oro will in the future lol...

    so much to learn....

    Trousers Well-Known Member

    You can refill the openvape pen easily.


    Finshaggy Well-Known Member


    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

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