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Using advanced nutrients in soil!!

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by mupshaw10, May 12, 2012.


    mupshaw10 Member

    I am using advanced notes grow micro and bloom for hydroponics but i have been using them in soil does anyone know a good feeding chart or have a method that they have developed?

    jpockets420 Well-Known Member

    you can use the lucas formula 8ML micro 16ML bloom throughout your grow using soil.

    mupshaw10 Member

    can you explain to me how to put it in? the soil or the water

    spyder526 Member

    In bloom you can use 2 teaspoons of grow micro bloom in a 1.5 gallon container then water them.They love it

    SelfDutchOven Active Member

    Im sure advanced has a nutrient calculator on the website that would help a little.
    I use adv too i mix 6ml per gallon of a and b sensi bloom during flower with 1 tablespoon of black strapmolasses and water about every 4 or 5 days as the soil drys out.. that may be to strong for yours tho. My girls like to eat

    Vindicated Well-Known Member

    If your in soil mix the nutrients at 1/4th strength and use as a foliar spray in the morning. I wouldn't apply directly to soil because it will just wash away and go into the local ground water.

    SelfDutchOven Active Member

    If your growing outside in the ground i would prob use different nutrients but if inside or in a pot you should be fine applying to soil.. try not to spray after 2nd week flowering as it might cause mold

    420built240 Active Member

    Wow off topic a bit.
    Yes you can use these nutrients in the soil. You should simply follow the instructions on the back of the label. Start off with 1/2 Strength and gradually work up the PPM.

    Once you have a base dialed in, you can start adding enhancers. -Indoor Container Growing.

    Outdoor grows should have natural nutrients in the soil, like guano and bone meal.

    420built240 Active Member

    can you explain to me how to put it in? the soil or the water

    Add the Nutrients to a gallon or more of water one by one, Shaking after each one.
    Once all nutrients are mixed, feed plants when water is needed. Roughly 1-2 times a week depending on the strain.
    Flush with fresh water once in a while, to clear out salt build up
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    decrimCA Active Member

    The nutrient calculator on the Advanced Nutrients site has been a great resource for me, especially when I first started growing.

    Growing with AN in soil is awesome and easy. Good luck!

    cultiv8 Member

    If your plants are directly in the ground you may see limited benefit from liquid nutrients. However, I've had great results with rose bushes outdoors using liquid nutes by waiting until just after the ground has started to dry out after a rain, but not (hopefully) feeding just before one. That gives the plants more of a chance to get to the nutes before they wash away. If the weather holds and the plants need more water, I water sparingly so as to not create a lot of run-off.

    Usually though I prefer to use a solid time-release fertilizer for in-ground plants. I've heard good things about Heavy Harvest specifically when it comes to outdoor growing (the browndirtwarrior videos) but I can't say from personal experience.

    If you're talking about growing in containers as I'm guessing you are, liquid nutes are great. I would start at quarter strength at the most. Use the calculator on the Advanced Nutrients website and set the reservoir to whatever the amount of water you're going to use. So if you have a gallon jug, set it for a gallon. I would actually recommend having something that holds more than you're making since it's much easier to stir or whatever if you have extra room. Then divide what they say to add by 4, add that amount, stir between each part, and water the plants with it - just enough so a little bit comes out the bottom. Otherwise it's just wasteful.

    Next time the plants need water, give them plain pH'd water, same amount. Next time water with nutes, then water without nutes, and so on. If they look hungry give them a little more nutes, if you see the leaf tips turn brown and "burnt" use less nutes.

    Pretty simple.

    And don't discount the advantage of the tech support line. There's a toll free number on the back of the bottle you can call for help. They've saved my plants more than once.
    joe busch

    joe busch New Member

    I just started using AN in soil,I mix everything in a 1g container,any recommendations on how many ml each I would need in veg and in bloom???plz reply someone

    Kspin Member

    Hello growers,
    I'm about to a start feeding my plant nutrients. My friend just gave me a ton of Advanced Nutrients, so I'm going to use them. But I am new to growing. Can someone put me in the right direction. Which one do I use for veg? I'm using soil. It's it Sensi A&B?

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    Budgoro88 Well-Known Member


    Kspin Member

    Thanks so much for your response.

    lesart00 Well-Known Member

    i have used it for my last grow..... i fed every 2nd water.... ere is what i used for 3rd wk of veg.....1ml bloom..2ml micro..2ml grow..& 2 half ml cal-mag that was my first feeding now.... so increase if/when needed.... in 5 gallons of 6.5 ph water
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    AN? LOL!

    you shoul.......Oh never mind! FUCK AN!

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