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**ULTIMATE LED TEST** *GLH Spectra 290* VS *Blackstar 500* VS *Hydro Grow LED 336X*

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by WeJuana, Oct 7, 2011.


    WeJuana Active Member



    3 4x4x7 Lighthouse tents, each running its own 6" inline

    Medium: FFOF soil
    Pot: Smart Pots
    Nutrients: Dyna-Gro
    Strain: LA Confidential
    Tents: Lighthouse Hydro
    Fans: Lighthouse Hydro

    Lighthouse Blackstar 500
    Grow Led Hydro Spectra 500 (used to be 300)
    Hydro Grow LED Penetrator 336X

    Lights will remain stationary 55" above the floor during the entire grow.
    Feed will be mixed in a 5 gallon container to ensure each tent receives equivalent nutrients.
    Lights will be on electronic timer to ensure all tents receive fair amounts of light.
    Clones will be cut from the same mother to ensure uniform genetics.

    *Clones are in cloning.. count down til the grow*

    Blackstar LED (Lighthouse)

    GLH LED (Grow Led Hydro)

    Penetrator X (Hydro Grow LED)

    puffenuff Well-Known Member

    Subb'd for this comparison...need more tests done like this for leds. Have you used any of these leds before doing this test or its it the first run for all three?

    batf1nk Active Member

    Also subbed... watching with interest...

    Psytranceorgy Well-Known Member

    subbed and watching too! +rep for doing the comparison

    WeJuana Active Member

    Thanks for joining! Participation is encouraged; ask any questions or make relevant comments at any time!

    Please note the lights being tested have been updated on the thread, I am unable to edit the title or I would.

    **Clone Update**
    Looking VERY good and healthy!

    This is my first run using the EZ-Clone 30 and it seems like it literally is as easy as setting it up, letting it run, and hopefully in a few more days I will have nice rooted clones!
    All the clones are very looking happy and spunky with little to no droop on the leaves/stock.
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    dmx0111 Active Member

    wooohooo i pull up a chair for this led test.. WeJuana is the 336x led the 1w or the 3w version... good luck with this one man cheers.

    WeJuana Active Member

    This is the 336x 1w version, both other lights are using 3w diodes which is a good difference to note.

    Later today I'll be updating with actual wattage draw as well as a review of the other grow equipment and setup.

    fartman Active Member

    subd very interesting

    Scrogreen Active Member

    Also Subd here! Great job on putting the lights in all different tents. I have been looking at getting the GLH 500 or the Penetrator so Im here with you all the way! Have you grown with led's before? I havent read but have read that you have to set up your enviroment a little different. Also have you grown this strain under HID's? Just wondering about how well the weight of the led's will compare to the HID if you have something to compare 2. Great job so far!!!

    WeJuana Active Member

    @puffnpass / Scrogreen:

    I have had some experience with LED's before with Blackstar, GLH and a few different Ebay UFOs. If there is one thing I've learned about LED lights, its NO EBAY UFOS!

    I've not yet had the chance to use HID lighting in a grow.. I have been dedicated to first finding the LED lights @ the end of the tunnel

    WeJuana Active Member

    I wanted to give a short review of the equipment I am using, excluding the lights.

    On a 5 Star Scale:

    EZ-Clone 30: 4/5

    I really like this thing! Its a lot better than a clone dome and there has been little to no wilting of the clones since I put them in there.

    I rated a 4 star because the lid does not seat 100% and water will accumulate and a little will jump out ever once in a while.

    Tents (Lighthouse Hydro 4x4x7): 5/5

    These are my first tents, but I do have to say they were extremely easy to set up, and would have been a 1 man job aside from needing a second person to help lift the mylar up and over the frame. They have ports and pockets with removable mylar patches and came with a secondary mylar liner for the bottom.

    I rated 5 star because if you consider the price, it's a steal of a deal.

    Fans (Lighthouse Hydro 6" inline): 5/5


    I rated 5 star because they move air like nobodies business and haven't given any issues or reasons to complain at all.

    BlazedMonkey Well-Known Member

    Very interested normally i would favor GLH from the grows ive seen but since they are 1w and others are 3w and at a distance of 55....

    Should be cool to watch :) thanks

    hoss12781 Well-Known Member

    Subbed - Ecstatic you've posted this experiment as I'm sure it will be incredibly interesting to watch. Way to set up a real scientific study brother. This board need more of this.

    My money is on the GLH. That's the only brand of the three I've personally owned.

    WeJuana Active Member

    Thanks hoss I appreciate it! Glad to have you following along.

    What model did you have?

    WeJuana Active Member

    Blackstar: 301 watts

    Grow Hydro LED: 334 watts

    Grow LED Hydro: 360 watts


    fartman Active Member

    is that glh a 500

    hoss12781 Well-Known Member

    I had the 100w spectra UFO, actually just sold it along with my other ufos to my little sis. Running all Pro-Grows from Hydro Hut right now. Really liked the GLH it was a top shelf light, just love the switchable spectrum feature on the PG and already had 3 of those. Sold to add another. Wanted to have the whole room switchable on demand. Again, props on the study man. Very interesting.

    WeJuana Active Member

    @hoss - Right on! I want to look into those PG's.. maybe something to consider for the next test. I appreciate it again and am glad to have you along for the experiment.

    I believe this may be what GLH are now referring to as the 500. I have an email into the owner and am expecting one back by Monday.

    It is a little confusing from the text they have on their website because they go back and fourth between calling it a 300 and 500:

    "The new website is under construction. The Spectra LED 300 is now the Spectra LED 500w new for 2011. All specs are the same including the use of 12 true wavelengths and 90 degree lens. The new Spectra LED 500w uses 252 high powered 3w chips and draws 500w of power. Ive upgraded the heat sink and drivers. If you have any further questions please e-mail [email protected] or use the 'contact us' page.

    The Spectra-LED 300 (Actual Power Draw is 360 Watts) Light System with a 4.5' x 4.5' coverage area and 3' x 2.5' core saturation. Further, it's 80% more energy-efficient than Metal Halide or HPS lamps. This system, with its unique 12+ wavelength lighting, 3 watt/3 chip LED's at 90 degree viewing angle, they emit precise illumination that your plants are readily able to absorb. Eliminated stretching and tight inter-node spacing represent just a couple of the benefits of this system."

    fartman Active Member

    cus glh says theirs e actual draw but im starting to doubt that guy

    WeJuana Active Member

    I will definitely let you know what their response says as far as the model of this light, and I will be sure to clarify if their new light numbers are actual draw.

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