**ULTIMATE LED TEST** *GLH Spectra 290* VS *Blackstar 500* VS *Hydro Grow LED 336X*

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    And people say LEDs cant grow/flower healthy cannabis.. lol

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    GrowBlu LED Yield Results:
    Plant 1 - 89.1
    Plant 2 - 82.3
    Plant 3 - 72.2
    Plant 4 - 88.1
    Plant 5 - 79.5

    Total: 411.2 Grams

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    I think it's finally time to sell off some of my lights that aren't being used and I figured I would give people on the forum first dibs on the lights.

    All lights are in excellent condition, fully functional and have only been used for 1 harvest period (approx 700 hours).

    Spectra (GrowHydroLED)
    (3) Spectra LED 180 - $300 each or $800 for all 3

    Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar 500w LED Grow Light UV - $325
    Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar 900w LED Grow Light UV - $525
    Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar Chrome 720w LED Grow Light FSF - $600

    336X-PRO - 500W LED Grow Light - $1000

    PM me if you are interested in purchasing, first come first serve basis.

    All prices include shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 WITH SHIPPING INSURANCE and I will have them sent out within 48 hours of receiving payment. Payment via PayPal to cover both parties.

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