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Turning Keif Into Wax?

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by budduhball, Jan 10, 2012.


    budduhball Active Member

    I know you can press it but can you turn it into wax?

    or Oil? Is it possible? Any good processes for that?

    washedmothafuka Well-Known Member

    Mix it with your buds and blast it with butane. Or make Qwiso.

    socaliboy Active Member

    Just smoke it.

    oHsiN666 Well-Known Member

    i sieved some leafs from some less then perfect leafs. the trichs were nice, but the leafs got all fucked up due to issues im having. anyways. the kief that i produced was gnarly!! its hella sticky. when you roll it in your fingers it turns to hash, and it melts like some "clear dome melt". it bubbles up and gets all crusty looking, but its still gooey!! i personally love its constancy. i do not know if its in the trichromes or what it is? but my last batch of keif i made was nothing like this. it was just normal keif. if i can get some pics ill see about posting them up.

    budduhball Active Member

    Cool. Thanks.

    budduhball Active Member

    toooo turned on by the oils and such Ive seen on here. I figured if I separated the powder and mixed it with clippings I could use a smaller tube and less butane.

    CdnBud Well-Known Member

    Pretty shitty website...fuckin' useless waste of time
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    washedmothafuka Well-Known Member

    Lol you don't even know how to wrap your own ti...

    Edit: It would be a cool site if it had some good information on it. Maybe I can make something like that.

    pure.shifter Member


    WeJuana Active Member

    I had a difficult time trying to make rosin and I was never successful out of the few times trying. You can definitely turn kief into wax (aka GOB).


    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    You can soak the kif in butane using a thermos, or use alcohol to extract the oil. Don't worry about long soak times, most of the chlorophyll and water solubles have already been removed from the equasion.

    After it is extracted, you can treat it like any other oil when it comes to subsequent processing into shatter or wax.
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    WeJuana Active Member


    Here is my most recent run (again made using nothing but Kief and RO water).

    Tastes and smokes incredibly.

    The consistency is that of the thinnest pencil shavings, but instead of being dry it's sticky like melted chocolate.

    The terpenes were preserved and can be seen on the dish before the scrape.

    WeJuana Active Member

    I dont have any BHO equipment and I am trying to avoid the expense of purchasing it, while simultaneously finding a more natural method to come up with a similar result.

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    Can you do a 190 proof ethanol extract?

    WeJuana Active Member

    I could. But then I wouldn't be working towards my goal of discovering the best method for coming up with an oil/wax final result from kief.

    Solvent less full melt is the goal.

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    My bad, I didn't notice that requirement in your question.

    Define full melt? All kif has components that don't melt, so you would have to rid yourself of those to truly be full melt. Besides the stalks, even the heads have an inert disc, so Full Melt bubble, really means very little solids left behind.

    If you are looking for Full Melt Bubble ("mostly" full melt concentrate), you might check out Bubbleman's and Matt Rizes sites, where that is their specialty and they do a fine job.

    If not a solvent, you might consider heat.

    Rosin extraction works well, but is slow and the yield low.

    Vaporizing it and re-condensing it would give you a decarboxylated full melt concentrate.

    Dry steam works well for the mono and sesquiterpenes, but is a stretch for the heavier diterpene cannabinoids.

    WeJuana Active Member

    No problem, I appreciate your constructive post now that you understand! You bring up a lot of good points. I guess to put it better, I am looking to produce the most melty and potent hash without using a solvent. Yield is not too much of a concern as with the method used, I am able to reclaim 100% of the material.

    I've tried rosin, but didn't get too good of a result with my attempts. I have been using a beat and heat process to break the trichs and cook off the excess water, but with low enough temps that the terpenes are preserved.

    If you have any ideas on how to improve the method, please by all means try it out and post the results.


    WeJuana Active Member


    EzExtractions Active Member

    can u dab the GOB? like on a hot titanium nail>

    vacpurge New Member

    of course. why not? anything will burn off a red hot nail.

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