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Turn Mids into Chronic...?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Hogg, Sep 4, 2009.


    tusseltussel Well-Known Member

    thats right now if you keep em from getting pollinated and you grow em to ther potential you may get some seriously good herb
    its a crap shoot is right but if you weed out the crap you will eventially find your good nuggets thats why i said to grow a bunch and pick out the good ones trash the rest keep the best female as a mother


    my process i been useing for years, grow 6 plants clone all six mark em what plant they came from than flower them, when sex shows throw out males and ther clones. grow out females, when they finish pick the best one and keep that clone as your new mother .ther ya go! its a selection proccess the only reason to pay for good genetics is to avoid this sometimes aggravating proccess and to know what silly name someone gave it... you can find good genetics everywhere you just gotta do the work and look for em. i have never paid for a seed and i have had many ppl tel me they have never had weed as good as mine and those ppl are definate pot snobs

    grow it and hope for the best if it sucks at least you got some expirience but it will prolly turn out pretty good
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    Hogg Active Member

    Yeah, I have never had a bad tasting crappy homegrown weed, even if it wasnt that well cared for it usually does taste decent with a good high. Anyways guess we will see in a couple months...
    Thanks for the tip on picking a mother but I really only want to grow for half the year and dont wanna bother keeping a mother alive. I am growing out 3 mids seeds and 3 sno cap seeds also from bag will start flowering in 7 days so 8 weeks from then we will see what the bag seeds do...Thanks for all the responses guys best response from thread so far

    chitownsmoking Guest

    you can grow some damn good bud from mids. select the best looking seeds from the strongest bagseeds you have. then plant them and grow them out proper. harvest them at just the right time and cure them. shit it will be much better then the bag it came from it will even have crystals and shit, BUT IT WILL NEVER BE THE DANK!

    fellowes New Member


    Skateforlife6 Well-Known Member

    So the weed in cali and in holland and whatnot that have thc levels in the 26 range are basically as good as its going to get how could thc levels ever be raised if the pants are treated like gold with the maximum lighting conditions and them being pure 120% sinsemilla and have thc level of 26% that is the max they'll ever get to?

    skunky218 Member

    For sure. This is my first grow and i got some pretty dank lookin girls now. some smell like lemons and some smell pretty skunky. either way you cant beat the price for seeds.

    Dysprositos Member

    I have wondered this for a long time...Why is it that weed is sometimes spicy?

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