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.Tomato-Tobacco Mosaic Virus Disease

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Anita_bonghit, Nov 13, 2007.


    Anita_bonghit Well-Known Member

    i was reading some of the plant problem posts and saw a link about this virus.... if its true then im such a dumb fuck..... i sit out on my porch where i keep my plants and smoke my cigarettes and admire the plants... touching them, picking off dead leaves or a stray bug or two, never thinking that the chemicals on my hands from smoking could affect it which is retarted cuz i wash my hands before i prepare food for me or my pets, i guess i didnt really think about plants suffering, my plants got problems and maybe that is one of the causes, anyway i just wanted to make a post so that anyone else that grows and also smokes can avoid hurting their plant.:blsmoke:

    Motman Active Member

    hallo hi!
    could you post some pics? are there any spots etc on the leaves?
    i have flushed, checked ph etc etc, but still have problems, and now that you've mentioned it, i smoke too and have touched my plant as well.


    shamegame Well-Known Member

    This is true for tomato plants but not MJ.

    Andre3k Active Member

    Wrong Wrong Wrong

    ghengiskhan Well-Known Member

    I think TMV only affects things in the nightshade family (aka tobacco, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, etc)

    Andre3k Active Member

    TMV destroyed my entire set up. If your plants contract it, the new growth will start to look bumpy and deformed. The buds will grow loose with little to no pistols and it will stunt the growth of the plant. This virus has no cure or treatment and is very resilient. It has been known to last over 50 years in dead plant material. If you are using a system in which water is circulated (i.e. hydroponics or airoponics) this virus will spread astoundingly fast, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. However, I would still try to quarantine or destroy the infected plant and see what happens. If you are using soil or another medium where water from one plant does not come in contact with another plant I would immediately quarantine the suspect plant and hope for the best. Also, TMV is spread primarily by pests that feed on the plants juices, so remember to take measures to prevent infestations. Never wait until you see pests to treat for them. By the time you notice pests they have usually reached infestation level.

    Look at your plants closely and be proactive.
    Good Luck to All

    MagicA Active Member

    I thought MJ was in the nightshade family?

    Edit: Nevermind I believe I was reading before about how it once was or was being considered to be part of the nightshade family maybe? Did it eventually get put in the same (order?) as hops?

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