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Discussion in 'Gardening' started by BBbubblegum, Oct 21, 2012.


    BBbubblegum Well-Known Member

    Was planning on growing tobacco next year so i could roll a blunt with my outdoor crop next year. Anyone have any experience with this? And if so are there any strains i should try? It seems that certain uses are better depending on the strain.
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    cues Well-Known Member

    Yes! It's easy. You need to start early indoors and pinch the flowers out to make the leaves continue growing (save a few flowers to turn to seed for next year). Im just drying a crop now but it'll take a year minimum to cure because mines for baccy. It's a pretty plant when it gets going. Look into cigar rolling if you want strains for blunts.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Aren't there strains best for wrapping though?

    cues Well-Known Member

    Yes, I tried it once (cigar rolling) but gave up. I remember seeing a video on it on youtube or something. From what I remember, you need 3 types of tobacco. 1 for the filler, then the skin is made of another 2 types, one inside the other. Was too hard for me. Made a nice cigarette today with rizla papers from this years leaves that smoked lovely, like a B&H. Can't wait to try it after a years cure.

    Mindmelted Well-Known Member

    I am growing some virginia golden right nbow.
    They seem to like high potash.

    BBbubblegum Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info, Looking to pick up some seeds next week. Found a site that sells 200 for like $7, too bad there is no place local that sells them. If i want to put bud on the inside, I would only need 2 different strains, so I don't need a filler? Do they smell at all? I was planning on starting them a month or two before in my grow box with my plants, and then moving them to a raised bed.

    BBbubblegum Well-Known Member

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    Jogro Well-Known Member

    FWIW, if you've never seen them, tobacco seeds are like grains of sand in terms of size.

    Unless you're using a microscope and tweezers you're not going to be able to plant just one.

    Typically they're mixed with some carrier (like clay) to dilute them, then planted.

    If you just want wrapper leaves, you'd only need one strain.

    The best wrappers are actually grown in shaded tents so the leaves aren't exposed to direct sunlight. This helps keep the leaf smooth and reduces vein size.

    In the USA, the best wrappers are light in color and are grown in cooler temps in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

    Processing/curing the leaves can be tricky; there is a lot written about how to do it, if you're interested.

    BBbubblegum Well-Known Member

    I just so happen to be in CT. Plan on making a mini green house. Is it possible for me to use leaves that are meant for wrappers also as fillers? I know it wouldn't be optimal, but could it work?

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    First of all, if you're already in CT, maybe you can just cut out the middle step, find a local tobacco grower, tell them you want to roll your own cigars, and give them a few bucks for the leaves.

    On your question, not only is it possible to fill a cigar with CT shade grown leaves if you wanted to, but actually those particular leaves are actually used for filler in mild (but high quality) cigars.

    The CT broadleaf strain is stronger tasting, and also used for both dark wrappers and a more robust filler.

    BBbubblegum Well-Known Member

    I want to grow my own for the same reason as growing MJ...it is cheaper and fun. Plus it will be much better tasting if it is my own.
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    cues Well-Known Member

    I don't even know you but I love you like a brother already. x

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    Dont grow wild tobacco ( Tobacco Rustica ) if you wish to smoke leisurely , it can be found growing freely in many places but be forwarned the smoke will most likely make you vomit if taken in excess .. Being Native American I hold deep respect and revere this medicine but thought I would point this out for anyone who might wish to use these leaves for such ... The nicotine levels are much higher than the tobacco hybrids cultivated and used in manufacturing ..

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    what an interesting read.

    BBbubblegum Well-Known Member

    Where exactly can i find it in CT? I am afraid i won't be able to ID it...

    BBbubblegum Well-Known Member

    Got my seeds ordered, should be here soon. May start up a thread just for them.
    match box

    match box Well-Known Member

    Some of the best tabbaco wraper leaves for cigars is grown in CT.

    BBbubblegum Well-Known Member

    I've been looking but can't find any :/ Seems like anytime i find myself in nature I am always looking for cannabis/tobacco.

    ozman Well-Known Member

    WOW,Im glad Im not the only one that is thinking of growing their own baccy.I have seen lots of seed on ebay for this.I was thinking a few baccy plants would help with the cost of smoking,but I havent made the jump yet.I also have been thinking of raising a few coffee plants for some fresh homegrown beans,only problem is it would take a few years to get that first harvest of beans :(
    But the thought of growing baccy,well It intrigues me and its legal to grow lol.

    BBbubblegum Well-Known Member

    Yeah anything that I can grow that is usefully to me (Like Tobacco) interests me. Fuck fruits and veggies. Coffee beans are cool but I'm not trying to wait a few years for beans. Going to grow some tobacco, and either take some seeds or clones.

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