Tjeck out this amazing, stealth closet-Scrog!!

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    Dokkedal Member

    I'v just started the third week of flower on my ww x k2 scrog (clones). They are looking amazing!
    i'v bend the net, to make a half-pipe to compensate for the light bulb distance, and it is working great.

    Tjeck out the pictures, comment, and ask questions.

    (Btw; sorry for the missing journal online, but i havent got the time for it. i control everything everyday, write it in my control-journal and regulate if necessary.)

    If you are sitting out there with a golden advice, please don't hold back - share with us :weed:

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    Dokkedal Member

    Oh! and tjeck out my album's for more info on my setup, there is a whole bunch of pictures of it before grow start. :)

    Chil-chillin' ;)

    sdf Active Member

    looks very nice. I like how discrete your cab is. 2 question though. 1 did you buy that system or build it? and 2. Why do you keep typing "tjeck" instead of "check"?

    valuablevariable Well-Known Member

    Looks like one of the best setups Ive seen so far. From what is visible in the pics everything looks perfect (cant comment on temps, nutes, pH, airflow, humidity etc but it seems like you know what you are doing)

    Dokkedal Member

    I bought the waterfarm ACS, and adapted and modified it to my needs. (recomended waterfarm upgrades, circulationpump etc.) i know i proberly could have saved a ton of money by buildiung it myself, but this was easier, more robust, and tested as a good system, so i trew the money after it.. still with plessure :)

    Sorry, i'm from denmark and there "check" is spelled tjeck... roockie mistake on my part. has nothing to do with tjeckoslovakia, maybee it's the hashish i'm smoking while i wait for harvest-time :)


    Dokkedal Member

    Thanks very much! That one never gets old, you know ;) i'v logged countless hours behind the computer, scrolling pages, looking for specific info, or reading up on it in my books, or the countless eBooks i'v downloaded from the web via torrent. (found some really comprehensive torrents about growing BTW, CHECK it out ;) )
    I used 4 months on it before buying and building the setup. on that part i believe i saved a lot of money, by knowing what i'm doing and don't buying wrong parts..

    A lazy grower (sailor) is a good grower (sailor): does it right the first time, so he doesn't have to go back an redo it :)

    Temps: 22-28 degrees Celsius (night/day)
    humidity 30-40 % (low, but cant help it. it's winter, and i aint gonna use a humidifier.. period.. and the plants aren't complaining.
    ec at the moment 1.8
    airflow: extractorfan pulling 400 m3/hour (roomsize 1.2 m3)
    PH: 6.0 +/- 0.4 i let it fluctuate in this interval, checking it wveryday, regulating 1-2 times daily when the time is for it.
    Tapwater for watersource.'

    i sometimes leave it for 2-3 days, only to come home and see everything in working order. i only do this when i know i have a stable nute solution, but sometimes life has to be taken care of, and the babies are left for them selves for a couple of days. (risky if you dont know what your are doing, or have a greater understandig of your specific situation(nutes, system, water quality etc.))

    sdf Active Member

    its all good, i figured it had something to do with the whole checkleslivalkia county thing. sorry my mind drew a blank halfway through that name.

    Exalter Member

    This is very similar to the idea I plan on setting up very soon. These journals are very motivating. Since you don't update often, hopefully you come back and give us a yield or some pretty pictures :D.

    I like the journal idea. With my current idea, I've laid out the blueprints in a notebook (Those CAD classes paid off!) and I really like how your recording the PH and other numbers. Gives a good sense of continuity.

    Figong Well-Known Member

    re: #2 - Would guess that Swedish is primary/main/native language :)

    Dokkedal Member

    Hii guys.. here is an update, bloom is progressing well. I had a ph issue with the ph going down instead of up. It was because of me giving them too few nutes, 1.5 ec, So when i bumbed up the ec to 1.9 they are now keeping it stable. :-) check the trichomes massing on the leaves all the way to the tips of the leafs.. amazing :-)

    Dokkedal Member

    Since it says Denmark in the left side of the screen, you aint getting any points for that guess m8 :)

    Figong Well-Known Member

    The use of 'Would guess' was based on the readily apparent information that was given that I happened to notice.. :D

    Dokkedal Member

    Touché Mate ;) lol

    Scotch089 Well-Known Member

    I like that you keep a control journal, that's so important.

    I keep one of those journal style calendars with me in "Narnia," to analyze similarities, jot down doses, and so on..

    Subbed, indeed.

    Great, great recessed cabinet, love the idea.

    Do you have any issues with pump vibrations, noise? What are you running for ventilation? Central res or three seperate buckets?

    20 q/a's...go!

    Dokkedal Member

    yes, it works great. have a god view of all the details, it's actually far more easy then expected.

    regarding the pump. i bought an silent aquarium pump, with two adjustable outlets, hangs in a rubber mounting, by the airintake, for cool airsupply. i have a i have a large inline ductfan i placed i a kitchen cabinet in the nexrt room. ducting then goes from the top of my growroom, through the wall to the extractorfan in the kitchen, which blows it through a carbonfilter. i have the acs version of the waterfarm -setup.

    here is n update; P_20130217_171402.jpg
    they are massing up..

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    Dokkedal Member

    Does any of yyou know what these two holes are from ? there are a couple of them here and there. nothing critical, but it annoys me.. it means that inat some point have done something wrong.. all help would be appriciated! :-)


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