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Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by CdnBud, May 24, 2012.


    CdnBud Well-Known Member

    When I go out to eat at restaraunts, I usually tip about 20% of the bill (before taxes).
    I think thats fair IF THE SERVICE IS GOOD. If the service sucks, eg: the server doesn't ask how everything is, or if I have to ask for refills on coffee or pop, then I'll tip a smaller amount. I don't like the idea of "auto grats".
    A restaraunt in Texas recently locked a family inside a restaraunt for skimping on a tip:


    What 's your policy on tips?
    What happens when to go to a buffet where you get the food and the server brings you the drinks??? Do you still give a 20% tip?

    rocpilefsj Misguided Angel

    I am a good tipper (20%) when the service is excellent, If the service is average I leave 10%. If the service was horrible I will leave nothing. No server automatically receives a tip just for serving me, a tip is earned not a sure thing in my books. You also need to rememberthat your server isn't responsible if the cook fucks up your steak, they are just serving it... It is very rarely I get such horrible service that I leave no tip, but it does happen.

    SeaBeeDee Active Member

    i tip the minimum. don't care what people think of me.

    chrishydro Well-Known Member

    If I respect their service I give them a lot, if not I stiff them and tell them. My gf says I am an ass. lol Why give money to someone you had to chase down all night to get a drink?

    rocpilefsj Misguided Angel

    There is nothing wrong with that either, I have friends who don't tip at all...
    Blue Wizard

    Blue Wizard Well-Known Member


    rocpilefsj Misguided Angel

    LMAO, I was just thinking of this

    obijohn Ceiling cat is watching you...

    Twenty percent for good service, fifteen for ok service, ten or less for crap service or at buffets or serve yourself places....I'll tip a few bucks there if they at least brought me drinks and refilled my water

    catmando Well-Known Member

    I also tip about 20% for good service at large chain restaurant like Applebees or the like

    I have been known to tip 30%+ at me and my girlfriends favorite small greek restaurant. I loves me a lamb gyro

    However if the server is a dick or i have to wait to long for refills, I will strike down a furious vengeance on their tip
    Blue Wizard

    Blue Wizard Well-Known Member

    I remember the last time I didn't tip, me and my cousin went to a 24 hour truck stop at around 11pm and as we walk in the door and the waitress that was there gave us a dirty look. We were the only ones there and had interupted her conversation with the cook. Well she goes over and throws the menus down on the table and asked what do you want to drink, and she said it in a sort of hurry up and GTFO sort of tone.

    I order an ice tea like I always do and my cousin orders a pepsi, she brings back the drinks and I said I wanted the mexican plate and my cousin wanted the chicken fried steak. Well she says something about we can only order burgers or sandwiches because blah blah blah so we each get a burger, and we had to ask her for a refill on the drinks when she brought our food out because she just hid in the back all night and never checked on us.

    Then it gets good, a few minutes after we get our food a group of 5 or so walks in and orders items off the part of the menu she just said was off limits to us. :cuss:

    By the time we finished eating the other table had just got their steaks. :finger:
    Fungus Gnat

    Fungus Gnat Well-Known Member

    Capitalist slavery.

    Josh3235 Active Member

    I give a big tip everytime if the server is good. But if they're bad, then I get mad and they barely get anything. Unless it's SUPER busy then that makes sense and i'll give them a regular tip.

    Jimmyjonestoo Well-Known Member

    Went out to eat with a girlfriend of mine recently and our server just happened to be a girl that slept with my friends now ex boyfriend while they were together. That server got a nickel tip on a 30 dollar bill haha.

    Johnnyorganic Well-Known Member

    Tipping is a way for the restaurant to hide the actual cost of the meal.

    It is dishonest.

    The restaurant does not have to pay the server minimum wage, even when performing 'side duties.'

    And the server under-reports their tips to the IRS.

    Then there is tip-share, where the server has to relinquish part of their tips to other employees.

    In reality, the server is held accountable if any part of the meal is not up to the customer's standards.

    And some patrons will use any excuse to screw a server out of a gratuity.

    I used to wait tables a long time ago. I can admit now that I was not a very good waiter.

    It is surprisingly difficult work.
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    zer0ed Active Member

    I think the standard tip is 15%
    So the rule of thumb for me is the Tax x2. and then i round up to the nearest dollar which is about 16% - 17%
    I do this for average service.

    For great service ill tip a little more.

    for not good service ill just tip a couple bucks.

    and for completely bad service i wont tip at all. but that is rare.

    one of the only times i didnt tip, was when i went to go get steak and beers with a buddy of mine. and i ordered a beer, and he ordered a Dr. Pepper.
    The waitress accidently dumped the whole Dr. Pepper on my friend. and he said "on second thought, i'll take a beer after all."
    and at the end of the meal, the waitress had the gall to charge us for the Dr. Pepper that not only we didnt taste a drop of, but she had spilled on him.
    We should have called the manager and complained. but we just left her no tip instead. To cover the Dr. Pepper we were charged.

    I hate people who don't tip, or are shitty tippers though.
    I had an ex once. (fucking crazy, but that's another story)
    we went to dinner with her brother. and her brother asked the waitress for her number.
    She said "we'll see" (probably trying to be nice) and then my ex didn't tip. because she didn't give her number to her brother.
    I was a little embarrassed, because she was nice, and gave decent service other wise. and also had a friend that worked at that resturaunt. i was going to try to sneak a tip, and leave behind some money, but i didnt get the chance.

    Johnnyorganic Well-Known Member

    Behaving like a jack-ass is nothing to brag about.

    You punished that girl for something that had nothing to do with the quality of her service.

    If you wished to deprive her of your gratuity, you should have requested a table in another section.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

    prebop Active Member

    Waiters and waitresses work their asses off and I always tip more than 20%. Sure I have had bad service and have tipped less but not normally. My wife and I eat out 3 times a week and have for years. Most of the places we go they know us and want us to sit at their table as we treat them with respect.

    Johnnyorganic Well-Known Member

    Customers who make a habit of stiffing servers should NEVER patronize any restaurant more than once.

    Because all manner of nasty things can find their way into the meal.

    Josh3235 Active Member

    I would have been pissed! Why would a person charge you for something after they dropped/spilled it all of you? Like wtf

    rocpilefsj Misguided Angel

    Same reason I never send food back at a restaurant, ever watch the movie Waiting lol


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