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Three types of hydro in a small tent on one airpump?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by Larry3215, Mar 4, 2018.


    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Yea perlite dont wick too well
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    The only thing i didnt like with my mini mock up is that the batting while it dies get wet

    Its a little on the hydrophobic side.

    I have been busy so i have been neglecting them but i did peek in and the roots are starting to grow through the batting so part one is a success.

    But my mini mock up is just a nursery tray so i have reservations about how well water can get into the batting if the water just travels through the troughs without wetting the batting .

    Time will tell :)

    Zero_OS Well-Known Member

    Props!! You can also get some finned heatsinks for the outside instead of channel...may increase the cooling capacity. When you run a test of the effectiveness of your peltier setup, please post the results...I am itching to know how well they perform, as are others I'm sure...

    JSB99 Well-Known Member

    Try using cotton for the wick. I've cut up old shirts and used strips.
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    Larry3215 Active Member

    I did a test on some perlite a couple of weeks ago and I thought it did pretty good. I put about 1/2" of water in a mason jar, then added about 3" or 4" of perlite. Then I placed another cardboard tube just resting on top and it started getting wet in just a few minutes. That meant the water had wicked up at least 3" in just a few minutes.

    I think its the fabric Im using that is the issue.

    I remember reading somewhere in the docs on the Membrane technique about how he recommended testing the fabric. Now I need to go find that and re-read it.

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Mabey use somthing that wicks easier under the dacron layer.

    Rockwool or coco slabs? Then lay the layer over it ?

    I just had a crazy CRAZY CRAZY Idea

    I just might change my design! Need to go do some drawing now :)

    Larry3215 Active Member

    You might try washing it with soap. It may have some sort of coating to make it water proof or mildew proof. After I washed my nylon, it wicked better - still stupid slow but better. I also washed the silk screen, but didnt notice much difference there. I plan to wash my batting as well.

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    The issue is that you had the carboard directly in the perlite so it wicked well. The cardboard probably did more of the wicking cause its such a thirsty material

    But i think being such an irregular surface the material wont get enough surface contact to wick well on the perlite

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Excellent idea i will give it a hand wash :)

    Larry3215 Active Member

    You guys may be onto something.

    I dont think cotton as a wick by itself will work - it will let roots grow through it and the membrane needs to keep the roots OUT of the nute channel and out of the water.

    But - using something like that on top of the perlite might help a lot. In his revised, later designs, he is using marine carpet instead of perlite for the nute to flow through. He says is wicks better and also makes more even contact with the membrane - which would allow for more wicking I think. He is also recomending that the water just touch the membrane, which is a big change.

    Im going to need to re-read and re-test before building this tote.

    Larry3215 Active Member

    Ok, you have been holding out on us! We need pics and details - especially on the new idea! :)

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Ha ha let me draw some stuff first to see if it works out mentally first :) sometimes my crazy ideas are just crazy ha ha.

    Im busy as hell with batroom remodel but ill try to get a pic up of the mock up later .

    Nothong to see just a nursery tray set inside another tray on an angle for water to run off the tray has a slot cut in the botom on the drain end

    Then i used the batting to line the bottom and threw some clones in (the ugly expendable ones)

    Then i coverd it with panda film using double sided stick tape so i can peel it back to check the roots.
    So far so good but im not pushing it cause im already maxing out my little veg room .

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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    My CRAZY idea will only work if i find a material that will wick water but NOT let roots through.

    Ill try to get time to draw up what im thinking later
    But if it works... i just solved not needing an airpump or a waterpump (optional for top ups)
    Also it would not require any real disposables

    But it could all be retarded ha ha
    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    Polypropylene wicks away moisture I believe. My long undies do anyways lol.
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    Larry3215 Active Member

    Thats exactly what the Membrane guy says to use.

    The silk screen fabric I tested wicks very well - much better than the rip-stop nylon - and Budley Doright says it stops roots, so maybe give that a try. You can get a yard on Amazon for $9 or so. Probably cheaper elsewhere.

    Also, shower curtain fabric (not the plastic ones) should work well too. Its one of the fabrics he suggests.
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    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    Could send you my tent, it wicks too, touch it as your soaked :(.
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    Larry3215 Active Member

    Tent material should work well.

    I may have discovered the problem on my end. Apparently, these fabrics come pre-treated with some sort of water proofing or coating of some sort. Parker (the Membrane guy) recommends cleaning them with a TSP based de-greaser rather than regular soap. Gonna have to make a trip to Home Deopt.
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    Falcon23 New Member

    Very good experiments.. I have one small one going in my room which uses the batting found in a cheap blanket from wm. Mostly poly til I believe, before I forget, rayon will wick like their is no tomorrow. Don’t know about roots getting through though. Anyway back to my experiment.
    I have a plant in a plastic clear container which is almost nothing but poly fil, I will double check the material later today.
    I was doing it in expectations of using it in an ebb and flow with 2 liter bottles and pvc piping. I will examine it later and see if there is any root penetration and how the roots have grown or not.. it hasn’t been the most scientific test but the info may help someone.

    I am currently in week 3 if flower in a plastic barrel using only 3-4 yard water sprinklers and while my first time doing hydro, I believe I am liking the results. I have a soil grow going on Next to it for a comparison and so far so good.
    Here are few pics in the name of science.. :):)

    I have another thread in aero ponics which goes into a bit more detail, but I can appreciate your experiments and am not trying to hijack your thread.
    Here’s 2 more pics of plants currently.

    I will be doing a few more experiments this next time. And will definitely keep
    You in mind exploring different media.

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    Larry3215 Active Member

    I have no problem with you jumping in. Please do let us know how it looks when you check the roots.
    Chris Edward

    Chris Edward Member

    I have toyed around with the idea of using Peltier junctions on a cooling block in-line with my modular Dutch bucket systems. But I am not sure what to use as the cooling block material... Plastic isn't the best thermal conductor and metal will corrode and could mess with the plants, so until I can find a suitable material I have pretty much shelved the idea.

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