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this is what will happen if "they" find seeds in you mail

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by bigtomatofarmer, Jan 8, 2009.


    boyHaoleBigIslandBuds Well-Known Member

    Another GREAT statement. Makes alot of SENSE.

    DmnSpawn Well-Known Member

    100% agreed, I've heard 12 yr old kids talk hard ass shit (except for the fact you can hear there voice going up and down up and down like a cheap prostitute, heard them talk about how much money they got, how much play they get, how hard they are etc. etc. But you have to remember....there 12. So it's all a fucking lie!
    Grandma's boy

    Grandma's boy Active Member

    So did we decide if it was safe?

    I'm new to this.

    Got my seeds from a friend, who used to sell to me. My first try and seems to be going good after one month.

    Suppose to be good, but I'm dying to try some of the hybrids seeds I see for sale.

    IpFreely Well-Known Member

    yeah have we reached a verdict on the original topic..."What will happen if they find seeds in your mail"

    Siddhartha Well-Known Member

    You mean what is the verdict on - 1 package in a thousand is discovered and those get pulled and replaced with a letter,.. and of those discovered,.. and depending on where you live,. 1 in a thousand get a phone call to the local PD,.. and 1 in a thousand of those phone calls is to a cop who is so bored he decides to make something out of it.

    Of course those aren't the real numbers, but I say the odds are pretty slim anything happens at all. You have better odds getting pissed that the bank you ordered from forgets to send you the seed, unless you order from someplace with a good reputation. Think of the tens or hundreds of thousands of posts on various internet sites over the years and the percentage of those who had seeds confiscated.

    Rollitup wouldn't be here if the banks didn't know how to mail a seed.

    Get it stealth, and if you use a different name, realize your post office may send it back,.. may not. If they do, the reputable banks will refund or resend. Be patient,.. be happy.

    On the subject of bag seed,.. if I grow diesel and give someone an ounce and he gives someone a quarter and they give someone an eighth,.. that dude probably ain't gonna know the strain,.. smoke it and say, damn best bag weed I ever smoked,.. might find a seed,.. grow it and say,.. best weed I ever grew was bag weed. My point,.. you don't know what's in the bag and if it was awesome, I see no difference from growing that versus the latest cup winner. Who cares about the genetics at the end of the day. If it's a great high, great plant and yield,.. what the hell does it matter if you know it's name?
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    Siddhartha Well-Known Member

    To all newbies freaked out by this post, don't be. Realize my second point is an effect of the first. There are more growers in every community today and they're just multiplying,.. please become one of them. Feel free to spread the ganja.

    Google hydroponics store,.. I live in a fairly small city and there's one in mine for gods sake. Their business has to be 90% reefer growers and they're everywhere. Folks are getting the good strains to grow too. They don't spend all that money on equipment and then grow shwag. A friend of mine ordered from a bank and the seeds were sewn into the inside of an article of clothing,.. took him forever to even spot them. I've ordered from Attitude,.. even went with the non stealth cd case once, ordered on a friday and had it in hand on the following tuesday. Hempdepot and breedbay are trustworthy. If you're in the US expect the seeds within ten business days of sending them the money order more often than not. I've discovered half the delay I get is due to the US post office,.. not the bank.

    More seeds are getting ordered,.. more growers are coming out of the woodwork and more bag weed is actually a hybrid of a previous cup winner today than any other time. It's no wonder the Chicago customs are trying to crack down. They must realize for each package they find,.. thousands must be getting through.

    DEA agents are partially judged by the dollar amount of drugs they seize. If they start going after seeds,.. they'd be fired. The DEA has a limited budget and like any other business, they have to make every dollar spent on their efforts count. If you think an agent is going to be knocking on your door with your pack of ten seeds in hand,.. you've been watch too much tv, or talking to too many 12 year olds in internet games.

    dutchthreat New Member

    Ok so let me get this right. Because you saw a televison program, your going to take that as an absolute truth? Do not kid yourself they showed you what they wanted you to see and nothing more. Flawed logic.

    Bigrintxas Well-Known Member

    Yes, very safe.
    Like Nike says... just do it

    bigtomatofarmer Well-Known Member

    stupid is as stupid does brother

    Thank you Siddhartha +rep. We need more people like you, and less people like that sylvania jerk.

    Yes its safe. If you havent already ordered some seeds, oder some now!

    Im not sure why everyone decided to start arguing and getting all negative. I have ordered seeds a million times and I know almost everybody on here has ordered seeds too. I was just trying to help noobies who were scared about ordering for their first time.
    I remember my first time.... A few years ago a friend told me he ordered some seeds online, and they were the best smoke he's ever had. So I decided to order some seeds online as well. But I was worried that the seeds may not get to me. So I ordered seeds from 4 companies at the same time, hoping that atleast one package would arrive. Well damn I was in for a surprise, all 4 packages arrived on time! I was so excited. I have been happily growing ever since. I joined this site pretty recently to help other people out and to talk to fellow growers. I just wanted to share the good news with everybody.
    Good Luck growing all. Lets do our part to legalize marijuana!

    jenni8675309 Well-Known Member

    Thank you Bigtomatofarmer.
    +rep for your time. You seem like a nice dude who deserves some rep. Ive seen you on this forum helping people out in other threads.
    Tip the scales for this man
    Grandma's boy

    Grandma's boy Active Member

    Hey thanks for the replies.

    The guy I got my seeds from is leasing a storefront to someone who is going to sell hydroponic supplys.

    If I put the money into a setup like that, I'd like to use the best seeds I can find.

    It looks like this is going to be a really good year.:bigjoint:
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    orgnlmrwiggles Well-Known Member

    i think what your refering to are rats, or snitches.

    IpFreely Well-Known Member

    snitches get stitches

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