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Thinking about growing "DinaChem": anyone try this? Opinions welcome.

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Hal Incandenza, Oct 31, 2012.


    kindnug Well-Known Member

    I felt Violated after spending that much time on a kush plant just to be dissapointed in the high/flavor
    Took 80 days to finish and had a sweet musky flavor that doesn't impress me and can't be more than 12%THC
    I've had Skunk #1 buds tested @ 15% THC that's more potent than the 10 different Violator Kush I grew(supposed to have 25%THC)
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    stonertech Member

    Just a couple of early budshots of the one Dinachem Im growing. No problems, vigorous, easy to clone, thick stem, big leaves, and a bit of stretch but not too bad. Its only at around 30 days since the flip, so the next month will be interesting as she fills out. She doesnt take alot of water so far, and lots of resin forming. The bud leaves have that frosted curl look, and smells sort of dank sour fruity, but not really.? I dont really know what "chem" supposed to smell like.. :roll:

    dc1002.jpg dc1001.jpg

    SlimJim503 Well-Known Member

    This was two weeks into 12/12.....
    IMG_3851.jpg IMG_3843.jpg IMG_3827.jpg IMG_3834.jpg

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    SlimJim503 Well-Known Member

    Dinachem Week 4
    IMG_3871.jpg IMG_3872.jpg IMG_3868.jpg IMG_3874.jpg IMG_3873.jpg IMG_3875.jpg
    Kush&cheese Week 4
    IMG_3869.jpg IMG_3870.jpg

    ironjustice Member

    week 4 of 12/12???? thats insane... four weeks of flower and i would be impressed :clap:

    any chance of an update on these as i am very interested in growing these beans myself... grew a far few dinafem strains and have never been disapointed in any of them, dont care about the politics of it all either before anyone else starts on at me about growing dnafem... lol


    Scroga Well-Known Member

    Dinachem one of the dankest ive run...not a big yielder...but sugar coated all over, leaves n all! I miss this one so much, took clone in flower/taking forever to reveg...but shes coming! Put another seed in cube other day, took 2 t crack ,3 and she was up...good vigour..leaves wil get that up cupped appearance...don't worry...
    Love that shit!

    ironjustice Member

    Cheers for that mate, got a pack of five here.... gonna do four on my next run so you saying that has made my day, well apart from the yield bit lmfao.... how long did she take to finish, and how did you grow them soild/hydro/coco etc...? just trying to get as much info as i can before i pop them lol


    ace720 Active Member

    I got a freebie myself and thinking about doing it.
    Please keep the updates coming. :)
    Thank you

    Scroga Well-Known Member

    No problems! In all fairness, I've only done the one pheno..in dwc under600hps, using cyco line + additives ... Yield probably not an issue if you do the usual manipulating..i think I let her rip early(meaning flowered really small/young)
    Flowers are a pleasure to look at! Really dark green leaves, gothic jagged/serrated, edges cup up, full frosty...like above the norm...this strain made me believe in dinafem..great stuff! Dropping a few skunks in favor of these type genetics ..

    ironjustice Member

    Cheers again for the response mate... i top and supercrop quite heavily and lst the shit out of my plants to get the most out of them so i will see what i can do with them... i have six dinafem og kush and a couple of critical sensi star at 35 days 12/12 now and the og kush are like fucking trees, both strais starting to frost up now as well... grown a shit load of dinafem autos and so have a few of my mates and they have all been bang on the money as well.. very under rated seedbank imo... and as i understand it humboldt seed org is the american branch of the company have heard nothing but good reports from them either..

    and i am with you on these kind if strains, smoking cheese in the uk for the last god knows how kong is a bit boring so i tent to go for something a little different.. although i have grows a few cheese as well... the dinafe diesel is meant to be very good as well from the limited reports i have seen.... oh, and if you fancy a couple if knockout kushes that out you on your ass and taste the bomb, then give DNA's canalope kush and Reserva privada's kandy kush a go, grew them both out and they were absolutely top shelf stuff...

    Peace.. and thanks for the replies... IJ

    ironjustice Member


    Scroga Well-Known Member

    O! You should do a journal IJ, they sound great! Always been curious about sensi star, and who doesnt love a good og?

    I am definitley looking for knock me on me ass! Did the kk once,, loved it, couldn't save it...
    tried another freebie about a week ago but she stalled on me.atm in my pursuit of "knock ass" I currently have mkultra,dinachem, critical jack, critical +, purple wreck,sleestack x skunk (last run)7/8 sour,ww/ww, cheese (last run),
    Germing godberry,dinachem,bubbakush,sweet deep grapefruit and berry bomb.

    stonertech Member

    I harvested the Dinachem a few months ago, here is how it turned out. Nice growing plant, average yield and potency. No problems growing it and I still have a couple beans left.

    dinachem1.jpg dinachem2.jpg dinachem3.jpg

    ironjustice Member

    Yeah i might throw one up as it goes... i got one going already on another board so wouldn't be to hard to do, ill see what i can do...

    well as far as knock out goes thats what im all about as well... strains you mentioned there i have grows some of them, some auto versions though and i don't know how they compare to the photo counterparts but i have found that the dinafems critical's have a nice tropical flavour, very fruity and yield well.. also purple up at the end allot of the time, i have grown their auto critical + critical 2.0 and critical jack, the weakest was the critical+ but the critical 2.0 auto was knock out, really reminded me of the old big bud i used to get but with a more fruity flavour and smell... as far as critical goes at the moment there are some really good good things being sad about the royal queen seeds offering, meant to be real potent and yields big too...
    the dinafem critical jack auto was a mixed bag, 3 taller plants and three shorter... the shorter of the two were more critcal leaning and so were two of the taller ones.. the tallest one, was much more sat dominant and i found it was ok for daytime smoke.. but they all had a very limey zest undertone that i think stems from the jack side of things.... also smoked some berry bomb and a close family member has some on the go now with some critical kush about 5 and a bit weeks into 12/12 now so will be getting some more of that, but had some before and the bud was a redish purple colour and realy put you on your ass, im hoping one of these turns this colour later in flower but we will see... i germed a SDG but was a bag of shit, and was all runty and shitty so i binned it after a couple of weeks lol and also done the bbc, left that go as long as the kk and was 50% amber when it came down so it put you on your ass a bit lol

    but yeah i will throw i diary up when i got time, i am currently battling humidity probs and am going to get that back to normal as its scarily high (been up to 90%) before i do anything else.. dehumidifier will be here tomorrow evening so will be off down there the get it sorted out as best i can... hopefully lol onef the CSS is getting big already so i want to get things sorted by the time the buds start getting dense...

    and yeah the kk is one of the nicest of smokes imo.. real quality shit you know, not as strong as the canalope kush by a country mile though so put that on your list :)


    Scroga Well-Known Member

    Haha...none of those in my garden are knock your socks off bar maybe the godberry and mkultra? Not finished but looks the shit with nice og buds ...
    But..next on my shopping list is amnesia,thc bomb and atomic bomb...so hopefully I can find a winner there...

    Functioninghigh New Member

    First off, Dinafam never claimed to be working with "chemdog" the person.. They refer to the original 91 cut. So there goes your whole argument out the door. And good for you brother if you actually have all the Og chem family, nobody cares tho.
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    Redeye Bri

    Redeye Bri Well-Known Member

    From Dinafem's website:
    "We have to acknowledge the participation in this project of the legendary breeder and creator of the strain, ChemDog, which has contributed with Guava Chem seeds and the elite clone."
    Growing guru

    Growing guru New Member

    Thanks hanks for the dinachem review i had to go through twenty fukn pages on this thread because these guys want to argue over who knows the breeder better and whether or not be went to jail. STFU man and stick to the topic ant nobody got time for all that but thanks to those who gave a good true review thank you good job
    Redeye Bri

    Redeye Bri Well-Known Member

    The thread is only 10 pages long. Are you between bags hommie? No need for that kind of anger here.

    midgetpawn New Member

    Well it took 10 pages to finally hear " average potency" which was all I wanted to know. Seems strange that a seed from a bag of weed would be behind so many strains. Why aren't people finding new "magic" seeds 20+ years later? idk but I'd really like to know which strain to grow for a premium high with a nice warm feeling, preferably not something from the chemdog since I smoked sour diesel for like 10 years and I'm sick of it. I could care less about the taste or any other details if it makes me feel good again and again when smoked. even if I have to smoke it every 20 min, since I would anyway. So far my strain choices from months of research are being shot down 1 by 1 and I'm almost completely out of choices. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it.

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