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Thinking about growing "DinaChem": anyone try this? Opinions welcome.

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Hal Incandenza, Oct 31, 2012.

    Hal Incandenza

    Hal Incandenza Active Member

    Dinafem Seeds recently released a new strain called "DinaChem" which is apparently a cross between a very strong and vigorous clone of ChemDawg and Guava Chem. I've smoked ChemDawg a few times before, and I really enjoy it, but I have no experience growing it. Any advice about growing ChemDawg or related strains? Or better yet, any experiences with this strain? Thanks!

    EDIT: Ordered 3 DinaChem seeds from Attitude. If anyone is interested, I can do a photo-journal.
    beans davis

    beans davis Well-Known Member

    I bought some so did my friend...they worked w chemdawg on it.

    They got the chem 91 cut and guava chem seeds from him...gonna be FIRE watch and see.

    They working on some old and new west coast strains w some old norcal growers right now.

    Swerve Well-Known Member

    well guava chem lol i highly doubt anyone but the crew has that.. hahahahaha dinafem working with norcal growers hahahaha bean no offence but i know the owner of the company and bro not at allllll

    HungryMan420 Well-Known Member

    Yep DinaFem Did not work with ChemDog him self he was locked up for a bit then got bailed and gave his stock to JJ NYC so yea DinaFem is working with some one else!
    Rising Moon

    Rising Moon Well-Known Member

    Guava Chem is one of my all time favorite strains. And, unless Dinafem is totally bullshitting I bet these will be great beans.

    Id trust Dinafem over Swerve any day...

    Even some random dispensaries in Michigan sometimes have Guava Chem, and it is the real deal straight FIRE.

    So I doubt that only a select few "elites" have the real Guava.
    Hal Incandenza

    Hal Incandenza Active Member

    Any evidence to support your claims? I think I trust Dinafem more than you, no offence.

    Swerve Well-Known Member

    yeah how can a spanish seed company be working with a guy who is in jail...aka chemdog my friend... dont you think he would work with me considering i ahve the entire chem family in seed thanks to him and us working together for years..
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    Hal Incandenza

    Hal Incandenza Active Member

    ChemDawg has been available internationally for over 20 years. GuavaChem isn't impossible to come by either, contrary to popular belief. And Dinafem never claimed to be working with the man called Chemdog. I think they were trying to say they are working with the original genetics, and some clarity was lost in translation. As for you my friend, never heard of you. I have no reason to believe you've actually met him, nor do I really care. I'm not being a dick, I'm just being honest.

    Anywho, just ordered DinaChem seeds from Attitude. I'll probably journal the grow, if no one else has by that point.

    berad4guvna Well-Known Member

    Man this Chemdog shit has got to stop! He's been busted he hasn't? DinaFem is not some pollen chucking program pick up the Skunk issue two months back or so. Their program is legit.

    And its insulting when I pay 70.00 bucks for DinaChem 5 pack Reg. seeds, and all this shit talking about how only one or two guys hold theses elite strains. And hear is the kicker why would DinaFem throw Chemdogs name on the strain? That's a huge fucking no no were I come from!

    Swerve Ive spent good money on your stock and plan to buy the VA seeds when they drop. Throw some proof out there, I mean you guys are straight calling a legit breeder a liar. And now you guys got me second guessing a strain and breeder once again.

    O, and were is ChemDog in all this? Can we get some confirmation on this instead of throwing blind accusations. Maybe you could shoot him a jailhouse letter Lol...

    Swerve Well-Known Member

    no im calling the person who said chemdog is working with them a liar. genetics are genetics if you got a fake and rock it real what can anyone do...
    Rising Moon

    Rising Moon Well-Known Member

    I read the skunk issue as well and can't really figure out what's going on, it does say they worked with chemdog, but it seems like they might have ment the real chem cut, as opposed to GHS which offers "chemdog" seeds not having anything to do with the real deal.

    I think in the end it comes down to research money,quality and prestige. Dinafem is +1 in all catigories and runs top notch growing/breeding facilities from what I have seen/read.

    Also Top Dawg seeds has been working with and releasing guava and Chem genetics for some time now.

    berad4guvna Well-Known Member

    Skunk to Senor DinaFem? Do you collaborate with other companies on projects or share genetics?
    "Yes we do, for example some Californian medical growers contacted us years ago to develop California strains and the fruit of this is being launched right now under another brand name, and we now have a project going on with the ChemDawg strain, and a variant called Guava Chem, produced by the breeder ChemDawg himself, great genetics by the way, we just love the so special taste it has, and this will be released in September under the name DinaChem. In general what we do is we receive genetics from people, we work them out, and market them."

    link/proof: https://www.dinafem.org/comprar-semillas/dinachem?locale=en
    is the latest version of the mythical elite clone ChemDog, in the seed form.

    To reproduce and enhance its vigor, we have used an original clone and we have crossed it with a select clone of Guava Chem, injecting new energy and vigor, yet preserving its delicious flavor of authentic original ChemDog.
    The ChemDog has an incredible pedigree, it is the mother of NYC Diesel, Sour Diesel and OG Kush. It´s an elite clone isolated in 1991, in the East Coast of the USA.
    The clone is 21 years old and has lost a lot of vigor, leading to a declining production.
    We found interesting the project of gathering the quality of ChemDog in the seed form and bring back the vigor and productivity that every grower wants.
    The GuavaChem (or GuayabaChem in Spanish), is the result of the 4th generation of ChemDog stabilized, grown by the same breeder for many years and is very close to be an IBL or Inbreeding Line, a genetic line very stable and uniform.
    It looks very much like the original clone, available in seed, which allows us to keep genetics for a long time and also select the best to cross with the mother.
    We have to acknowledge the participation in this project of the legendary breeder and creator of the strain, ChemDog, which has contributed with Guava Chem seeds and the elite clone.
    From this batch of seeds we selected the most stable plants and best quality to cross them with the original clone.
    Dinachem´s aroma and flavor is eye popping, getting your attention right away. It´s an unique taste, pungent and fragrant, like lemon mixed with petroleum and a hint of pine leaves.
    • Powerful, pleasant and relaxing.
    • Highlighting its capacity for pain and anxiety.
    • Moreover stimulates the appetite powerfully.
    All these features make it desirable for both, recreational and medicinal use.
    There is an extended believe, about this strain, that expresses its full potential when grown with chemical fertilisers, which we deny.
    In the hands of experienced growers and cultivated by biological means is simply delicious.
    Dinachem is a complex project made possible thanks to the work of many people in two continents, we hope you like it :)

    Now in your reading were does it say that ChemDawg did anything but provide elite genetics and Guava Chem seeds. He could of made a phone call and had the strain sent DinaFems way. Fuck he could of done this from jail.

    I wounder who fucking knows the true story of ChemDawg? this guy should right a book, and set all this shit straight. If anyone has answers do tell or refer me to a link that does tell.

    Thanks ~ The Guvna.

    shmokinzeeveed Member

    Good info here. I picked up a 3 pack of this one to give a try. I have no idea what "chem" tastes like but the Guavachem thing sealed it for me.
    Redeye Bri

    Redeye Bri Well-Known Member

    A bit off topic, but I find it interesting that they said they are releasing the California strains under a different brand name. I am guessing that brand is Humboldt Seed Organisation, since they have the exact same packaging and photo style as Dinafem. Plus, everything they are releasing are Cali strains. If so, in my opinion, that gives some credibility to HSO, since Dinafem is legit.

    Swerve Well-Known Member

    so chemdawg the strain hooked it up not chemdog the guy? interesting.. funny how something so simple as to how the guy wrote his name was overlooked in that lie.

    Swerve Well-Known Member

    HSO is an offshoot of dinafem like royal queen etc etc.i love people are working with cali people but they dont know any or actually work with any.. research guys.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    I have never (knock on wood) had a Dinafem seed fail to germinate and I know someday I will. But until then. I have a Dinafem White Widow Auto I got as a freebie from Attitude and, with no experience in DWC save for a clone I transplanted while flowering to my first DWC I popped her in rockwool, into my second DWC. This morning she is everything but 44" tall, over 3' wide I'll guarantee and smells so damned good!!!!!

    I also have some Blue Widow seedlings I planted on 20 October that are really booming and already need transplanting from the 4" planters I put them in. These are just the latest I have used of their strains and suggest Super Critical Haze and Industrial Plant. Don't know about indoors with those 2 but outside they rock and yield well. 100% germination and all survived being placed outdoors early year-before-last in western Montana!

    BTW for the uninitiated they survived outdoors there by placing 1 gallon milk jugs over them for a week or around there. Lids off in day time, on loosely at night. Mist in the early AM through the hole and forget her. In a week or so the stems are thick enough as vertical growth is limited and the Spring wind won't take her away so easily. Old desert trick where there the sand literally severs the stalk like a machine gun.
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    Swerve Well-Known Member

    no one is talking about growth or germ rates or anything to dow tih that. its the validity of the strain thats being claimed.

    berad4guvna Well-Known Member

    Hear Swerve, hears the strain in the buff/naked: [YOUTUBE]QMvlTc-X3G8[/YOUTUBE]

    Swerve, I asked you a few question about your promo "PM!" Why would you post three more times in this fourm about something that's been addressed. Its like you want to argue more than make a sale. Like Dr. Dre said "I love to see black's get money." Don't you like to see other breeders get money? Im just not sure why you think DinaFem couldn't have ChemDawg or the GuavaChem. Dinafem even said he got the Guava in seed form.

    So hears my question, again. Why does attitude say your Chem 91 is out of stock? I want to buy a pack of the Chem 91 and get a pack of Chem 91 for free. This would give me 20 Chem 91 seeds. Is this how the promo works? Because I have to wait till midnight "Cali west coast time" tonight just to make a purchase, and as sexy as those UK ladies sound I don't want to hear "sorry mate were all soldout." Now If I need to buy a pack of your other gear I have decided Dead Head OG. What do you think:confused: The only thing Im missing is a good Sour-D in my stock...

    Thanks the ~ Guvna.
    beans davis

    beans davis Well-Known Member

    Dinafem in Cali...you put up enough Swerve and i'll prove to you DF is working w old NorCal growers ..watch ya got? I have an old west coast breeder that will back me.


    Spain is where its going Some old NorCal breeders hookin them up...believe Swerve if you want ..i was just talking to Pato breeder/owner of Kannabia yesterday...& u say know the owner of Dinafem Swerve?...I'm going to ask him how well u know him.

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