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The Weed Nerd~

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by subcool, Dec 16, 2011.

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    William Wonder

    William Wonder Active Member

    Check it out, here's my Gypsy imitation. This is what you say when you're really mad at someone and near water. "So ya wanna go fer a schwimm do ya sunshine?"

    Ya gotta say it sort of like Humphrey Bogart. :lol:

    Budologist420 Well-Known Member

    "Roll a big a fat joint."

    Thats my favorite part of every episode
    William Wonder

    William Wonder Active Member

    "Plug in yer Vaporizers, yer log vapes, yer heat guns, connect up yer whips...plug em into your percs, your glass...this here's the weed nerd"

    nugbuckets Well-Known Member

    ......but a wussy just isn't a pussy.....it just isn't..........gotta love a girl that loves the word pussy.

    thepaintedchef Well-Known Member

    that's right cool Guy thats all I do. That's must be why sub asked me to be a mod here. Fuckin ass hat.

    thepaintedchef Well-Known Member

    Big news in two weeks y'all. Stay tuned.

    asublimeutopia Member

    Lol I've never seen a pig grin so goofily...we gotta get outa this stupid apartment...

    burrr Active Member

    Sub, you'll never remove these dudes from your rectum if you keep rewarding their ass kissing behavior. I'm surprised we didn't see Chef, Coastal, and willie sticking their heads out when you showed your butt crack last week.
    Harry J Erbslinger

    Harry J Erbslinger Member

    well then be a mod and not a dad. i could mod this site with my eyes closed. hey news flash people. subcool takes a shit sitting down just like the rest of us. oh and chef once you have spent 5 years of your own life and 40+ thousand dollars on a degree in ethnobotany and biology, then you can tell me what i can and cant do. you guys are all over subs jock as if he magically waved his hands and poof!!!!! ( and on the 5 day subcool created supersoil.) guess what, there are lots of other people with accredited degrees that have spent there entire adult life studying this science. I'm not saying subcool is a flake because he is far from it. but, we all learned this shit from dr.elaine ingham just like the next person. its called the soil food web and if you haven't already read any books on it, like "teaming with microbes," then i suggest you all go back to kindergarten. i joined this website because i thought there was going to be edumacated discussion. i have been sharply proven wrong so far. just a bunch of dudes trying to see whose balls touch the ground first.

    BA142 Well-Known Member

    I liked the new one

    "crank up that leaf blower powered weed smoker"


    Ccoastal Active Member

    all u guys need to chill out.

    if you feel the need to bicker back and forth i encourage you to start a new thread titled 'trolling the weed nerd, totally irrelevant discussion'

    Keep it Constructive. Keep it Friendly. Keep it GREEN.


    Vick82 Well-Known Member

    I would like to see a sample of your work if it is possible? Not startin any shit, just curious what someone of your knowledge is capable of visually?

    thepaintedchef Well-Known Member

    Bro everyone has their own opinions I simply try to keep the discussion weednerd related that's all. I'm glad you got to go to college. Not everyone has that opportunity, some of us still attend hard knock university. Sorry to have offended you. On with the show folks.

    TorontoGQ Well-Known Member

    Hahahhahahhaha....i need me a chick like you....hahahhahahha....

    burrr Active Member

    hey sensimilla, I like the Avatar. :)
    William Wonder

    William Wonder Active Member

    I don't kiss anyones arse burr and do not mod anywhere. I don't get that. If I give someone a compliment, you can damn sure bet I mean it or I woudn't have said it. I consider Subcool a peer since I've been doing this at least as long as he has kid.

    whitey78 Well-Known Member

    Forgive me if this question has been asked but where do you guys buy the stuff like the fedor or whatever that thing is that sub uses to smoke with that uses no flame, I've never seen this kinda stuff before and kept seeing the term dabbing every where and was figuring on a weird response so I never bother asking. But the reason I ask is that a guy that I take care of with herb is really starting to fall into bad shape with his breathing (dudes in bad shape, hep c/cirrhosis so bad he has to take a pill at certain points of the day to use the bathroom because his liver is completely shut down, emphysema...bad bad shape) is tough, when he would come over I'd break out a bowl and break out the head stash stuff with him and he'd try to take one hit but it would just end up being too much for him and he'd choke and that would be the end, he'd be coughing for 15 minutes. He told me the last couple times he came over that it doesnt happen so bad when he smokes a joint and then I started putting 2 + 2 with the thing sub uses in the weed nerd once in a while.

    But I see sub saying that shit helps, I figured it has to be because of the butane lighters, he tried a vaporizer and couldnt get it right, I've never used one or seen one but I guess the one he had came with all sorts of adjustment and he's an older dude, he couldnt figure it out so he just gave up for a bit. But fuck it, it would be nice to make the guy be able to enjoy himself a little easier.

    I keep searching online head shops and nothing really comes up, I googled dabbing and 7 million video's of matt rize keep coming up...j/k lol..but is there a name for these things that I cant find?

    CreedTaylor Member

    This is a thread for the weed nerd. Your comments are arrogant. I'd not brag about losing 40K to a brainwashing factory.
    Another thing , I know of no other breeder who gives you an exact recipe for success as Subcool does. You grow his seeds in his soil you get results, I imagine thats why he gave out supersoil recipes in the first place.
    ps. People like Harry need to learn how to fight and get a girl. Life is so much better and sort of calmer.

    WEEDNERD QUESTION: When did sub learn how to fight?

    Ccoastal Active Member

    Dabbing just means smoking bho, it's almost a paste so you smoke a dab at a time

    As for the vaporizer, if it has temp settings set it to 365*F, that's where I keep mine and it works for almost all weed although some adjustment is needed sometimes.

    I'm not sure about the plug in, but I'm sure someone that paid a little closer attention can answer that one.

    Hope that helps some, if at all


    Ccoastal Active Member

    Ok you guys are just not getting it.

    Drop it. Leave the bickering at the curb. Points have been made, and some ignored.

    There will always be people that disagree with any opinion or proven fact. No matter what it is, remember the Internet is one of the only places people still think the lunar landing was faked.

    The point is, by allowing them to coerce a response from you, you are made the fool. It's called life.

    Keep it Friendly..

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