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The Weed Nerd~

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by subcool, Dec 16, 2011.

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    richmond423 Member

    Taste is my favorite too. i havent gotten the chance to sample many hazes yet..and i havent even seen a cindy...i cant afford cooperative prices anyways...Ill tell you what I CANT WAIT..now its like christmas everyday to me brother.

    smokinmayne Well-Known Member

    need a great tasting blueberry strain from ya sub. too much shiat on the market today that lacks that bluberry punch. love the grape and orange from the jill . :0

    GFOYLE Well-Known Member

    judging from the Bberry grow he posted on here not too long ago, I don't think he'll be breeding with dj short's genetics

    smokinmayne Well-Known Member

    ya them beans from the dj lately suck donkey beallz

    laxfiz New Member

    episode 15 and some yummy orange lavender tasting Agent Orange + some ganjacoffee. good morning.

    budwich Active Member

    love the weed nerd and everything you have done in your career. my questions is about water curing. Never tried it but I just read a thread on here about it. Have you ever tried it, what do you think?


    oldschooltofu Well-Known Member

    i think sub said ace of spades has a blueberry/berry taste.
    i was gonna ask this question too but then he said that, so i bought some AOS seeds, we will see

    thebigbuded1 Member

    Sub love the weed nerd one of the best shows on you tube I look for it every day.
    Stu Toned

    Stu Toned Well-Known Member

    great job on the weed nerd sub.
    you answer some great questions,I learn a lot.
    have a dank day!
    William Wonder

    William Wonder Active Member

    I've gotta throw down with Sub on the Butane hash. Until you can prove to me that Butane extracts are clean and safe they should be banned from the cups.

    tomscro Well-Known Member

    Epi. #9 ..... Flushing supersoil..... Funniest shit ever!!! Loved the rant .. I was toking a Chernobyl and teared up laughing!!

    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    Best and only show I watch on youtube man. I mostly just lurk though, I need to learn more and I don't have many questions I haven't found answers to. If I did have a question it would probably be what he thinks of other breeders gear, and I know he's given some opinions at times, but probably those aren't the kind of questions he's looking for.

    I wonder how he feels about Killing Fields for example from Sannie. It sounds like it's something exactly up his alley (fruity, strong sativa, plus it's got some serious bag appeal as a bonus!).

    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    For sure, 27%! Apparently that THCA mostly gets converted into THC upon heating :) I looked it up as I'd never heard of THCA before. I was a bit confused by the test though, was the 27% all inclusive (THCA+THC+THCV+CBD+CBN+other?) ? The gas chemography (sp?) was quite different numbers, is that closer to what you'd get upon smoking (given it requires some heat) and the other test that tested for THCA as well more of the entire picture? I think that's what's going on, but if anyone can provide clarity that would be cool.

    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    Looks like a hybrid to me slightly sativa leaning.

    poppybgood Member

    Hey Sub, long time fan, 1st post at rollitup!! The 1st question I have is regarding your comments about the old Panama Red on Weed Nerd 14. I can attest and agree it's the trippiest oldschool strain I've ever smoked, and the 1st strain I ever smoked. I have the original, uncrossed genetics that has been grown in the states for 30 to 35 generations and it's even more cerebral than the stuff from Panama was.

    The question is, what is your take on using these old strains for breeding with some of the newer school strains? I want to use a heavy indica dom male to pollenate some of the Panama girls, i.e., SS Chronic and keep the phenos that are a 50/50 of the parent plants in hopes of making a good, stabilized hybrid that will be more suited to indoors, but at the same time retain the myriad of aromas that the Panamas' are known for.

    asublimeutopia Well-Known Member

    Good stuff Sub lovin tha content...don't let tha microphone stress ya out brotha! I love it when you show us snapshots of your rooms... If you have time to briefly describe good ways to pick out the Romulan heavy phenos of the Flav that would be awesome. Lovin everything your puttin out and I'll fall on the floor laughin if you have to defend your choice not to blaze BHO...to each their own I say. Keep it up man! Peace! :clap:

    mega72 Member

    Whattup subcool good show man I have been going back and watching them all but can't find a morning show 1 2 or 3. Could somebody pass a link?

    DohioMAN Member

    man jus came by to show sum love after i heard u say on ep.15 brother Fin love the show great shit funny to keep doin wat ur doin wen i get my usb ill thro a pic up of MY RE-VEGG after HARVEST man i cant clone to save genetics so thts my solution lol!! but i never here of to many doing this

    asublimeutopia Well-Known Member

    The first few are called "the morning show" I believe...Sub didn't start callin it the weed nerd till the 3rd or 4th show...I'd throw in a link but I'm on my phone and it's a pain in the ass lol sorry...if u go to his YouTube home page n look at his uploads you should spot it though dude...peace

    mega72 Member

    I can find morning show #4 and weed nerd #1 just no morningshow 1 2 or 3 even tried to click user name for all uploads..
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