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The heaviest yielder plant on the galaxy!!

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by dirtmcgirt, Aug 20, 2007.


    dirtmcgirt Active Member

    I don't need simple high yielding plant.

    I want the THE plant with the biggest buds, because i want only one or two plant.
    I want the biggest producer on the world, with the fattest colas!!!!

    Which plant produce the heaviest yield?

    Please share with me your experiencs, and informations, and images.
    What's the best plant and a reliable seed bank, or your personal crosses?

    I searched for big yielders, and i found some good plant.

    BUT which is the best?
    I think i want use lst or/and scrog -> so important hugest central bud?

    I think, the arjan's thai-tanic is very hard but not available.
    YouTube - Green House Arjan's Thai-Tanic Grow with Italian Subtitles

    super silver haze (greenhouse or mr. nice or reeferman is the better??)

    green giant(Spice brothers or Brothers Grimm is the better?)

    SSHXC99 (seed bank???????)

    Pot Of Gold (Flying Dutchmen)

    giant cindy (Spice Brothers)

    billbo's unknow "budzilla" plant (whats this plant name?????)

    Danky.dankee. Doodle (K.C. Brains)

    arjans ultra haze - greenhouse

    Ak99 (joey weed seeds) -SoQuicks plant

    Big Foot (Subcool TGA) - krusty's plant


    William's Wonder (Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC) or reeferman?)

    white rhino - greenhouse

    Nigerian_NightMare (reeferman)

    arjans ultra haze - greenhouse

    K.C. 42 (K.C. Brains)

    Full moon (sativa seedbank)

    himalaya gold (greenhouse)

    Williams Mango (reeferman)

    Thanks everythig, and sorry my shit english.

    nuhtz Active Member

    i got 6oz from 1 dutchmans royal orange female... 9-10weeks
    the widowman

    the widowman Well-Known Member

    northern lights is the plant you're lookin for #1 for yield and power it leaves the rest for dead.

    DOT5262 New Member

    umm possibly big bud or lowryder ? big bud = big yeild lowryder = fast n simple /w autoflower

    nongreenthumb Well-Known Member

    First you need to think about what space you have and what type you would like to grow, i.e. indica or sativa.

    Then you need to think about time frames, some strains can produce more but take maybe an extra 4 or 6 weeks to flower.

    Are you going to do one grow and then stop for a bit or are you going to continue to grow over the space of a year, because if you do that then it is important to figure out how much they say you will average per week.

    So say if a strain produces 1000g per sq meter and it takes 14 weeks to flower and another strain produces say 800g and it takes 10 weeks to flower over the space of a year your going to get more for the 10 week flowerer.

    With seed choice a lot comes down to preference and you need to figure out which bits are the most important to you.

    dirtmcgirt Active Member

    I have big space for the 1-2 plant. Indica/sativa?? I don't know. The flowering max. I want max 8-10 weeks flowerer.
    I want the highest possible yield with lst or/and scrog with a good plant.

    jUzSmokEIt Well-Known Member

    Im big on high yielding plants, not to interested in the quality.

    Recently i grew Big Bud and was very impressed with the results. There some pics on the below link, couldnt do final week pics as i was overseas, but apparently grew massive colas.


    If i was to buy seeds again i would definitely go back to the same supplier (Nirvana) and look into there feminized seeds and purchase Supergirl or Wonder-Woman. They look a treat.

    All the best.

    nuhtz Active Member

    try greenhouse seeds white rhino.. check youtube they got a good vid of it all the way through its life cycle heavy heavy yeilder...peace

    Mr.Pyrex Well-Known Member

    you forgot TNR says up to a kilo pet plant!

    dirtmcgirt Active Member

    I know K.C. TNR are in outdoor produce 1 kilo.

    purps777 Active Member

    Have you grown before?

    bud2befree Well-Known Member

    holy mac a rollie !!!

    TODDMCATEER Active Member

    i have learned on bag seeds. now, like you i want big yield, but i want real quality. i thought of lowrider. some say it's weak. also godbud, sweet god, the purps, or sunkist grapefrui diesel. i need short, fairly fast grow.

    Otis•Driftwood Well-Known Member

    IMO i would recommend Chronic from Serious Seeds.

    Chronic Serious Seeds or

    Dutch Passions Green Spirit or Power Plant

    Dutch Passion Seeds

    Or if you can find a Northern Lights x Skunk #1 cross that would be alright.
    Last edited: May 29, 2008

    TODDMCATEER Active Member

    I'll try that. thanks

    SmokenGirl Well-Known Member

    NO way!!!!!! a kilo per plant? OMG....let from hear from others owho think the same....you must be insane....luv it!!!!

    exzile Well-Known Member

    give me link to were i can buy those seeds for the kilo plant K.C.

    tommyfergie1 Well-Known Member

    orginal sinner

    orginal sinner New Member

    pretty funny how on your list you claim you can get seeds for many extinct or clone only strains. like williams wonder.; strain extinct for nearly 10 yrs. so i dont believe you will ever grow anything and are wasting peoples time

    Sexyfattops69 New Member

    What about Warlock? I heard of a case where one grew out 6lbs. Thats like what? a little under 3 kilos?

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